Why Should I Listen to My Bus Driver?

Why Should I Listen to My Bus Driver?
Title Why Should I Listen to My Bus Driver? PDF eBook
Author Christine Honders
Publisher The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
Pages 24
Release 2019-07-15
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 1538341514

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Many children take the bus to school every day. To ensure a safe ride, there are rules they need to follow. One of the most important rules is to listen to the bus driver. It's important to stay seated and wait until the driver tells the riders it's OKAY to get up. Riders need to stay quiet so they don't distract the driver. The driver also uses hand signals as kids enter or exit the bus to let them know when to cross the street. This must-have book teaches readers that bus safety depends on listening to the bus driver. Colorful photographs provide readers with close textual correlations.

Lessons from the Driver's Seat_Wanda Bishop

Lessons from the Driver's Seat_Wanda Bishop
Title Lessons from the Driver's Seat_Wanda Bishop PDF eBook
Author Wanda Bishop
Publisher Hybrid Global Publishing
Pages 61
Release 2021-05-21
Genre Social Science
ISBN 1951943570

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DID YOU KNOW THAT school busing is America’s largest transit system? According to the American School Bus Council, 26 million students ride a school bus every day. School bus drivers across the country are entrusted with the care and safety of more than 25 million children as they are transported to and from school and school-related activities. School buses provide 10 billion annual student rides. Each school bus carries fifty to sixty-five passengers per route, per school. Most drivers have three daily pickup routes in the morning and afternoons. The first route picks up elementary school children, the second route picks up middle school children, and the third route picks up high schoolers.

School Bus Wisdom

School Bus Wisdom
Title School Bus Wisdom PDF eBook
Author Barry Dorshimer
Publisher AuthorHouse
Pages 230
Release 2012-01-30
Genre Transportation
ISBN 9781468538700

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The purpose of this book, "SCHOOL BUS WISDOM," is to aid the new school bus driver as well as the seasoned school bus driver in keeping their attitude, skills, safety performance and their interaction with students positive, professional, and sharp. Every School Bus driver who transports a part of that precious cargo of 24 million students to and from schools across this vast nation every day, of each school year, will benefit from this book. This book has a massive audience: Every School District throughout this country, as well as the contractors who serve School Districts which do not operate their own School Transportation. The audience also includes Parents and Guardians of students who ride a School Bus and the combination of material would be valuable information for the students themselves. Much of the information found in this book is not included in current school bus driving manuals or training materials. This is a collection of thoughts and ideas to help school bus drivers achieve positive results. This safety tool would make an excellent gift for all school bus drivers who qualify for a safety award at the end of the school year. Read a blog about the book through this link: http://schoolbuswisdom.com/blog/

Fun for Movers Student's Book

Fun for Movers Student's Book
Title Fun for Movers Student's Book PDF eBook
Author Anne Robinson
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Pages 129
Release 2010-03-04
Genre Foreign Language Study
ISBN 0521748283

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SECOND EDITION of the full-colour Cambridge Young Learners Test preparation activities for each level of the test (Starters, Movers, Flyers).

The Bus Driver’s Mother

The Bus Driver’s Mother
Title The Bus Driver’s Mother PDF eBook
Author Beverly Pridgen
Publisher Izzard Ink
Pages 404
Release 2022-01-25
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1642280739

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The footpath of a special child becoming a special man, and the challenges met and surmounted by his mother, form the core of this captivating narrative. As we shift between the perspectives of Ella, the mother, and Andrew, the son, we touch down in different time frames, capturing unfettered glimpses into his simple outlook and guileless character, in contrast to Ella’s complicated and multifaceted emotions. Ella juggles poverty, divorce, health crises, remarriage, and tragedy while raising six young children and struggling to navigate Andrew’s special needs. Through her journey, she discovers that life is as much about opposition and extremity as it is about smooth sailing. The story underscores common challenges of raising special-needs children, such as confusing medical diagnoses, problematic glitches in the educational system, and unsolicited opinions and judgments offered liberally by well-meaning outsiders. Far from clinical, the story is poignant and emotional, with some surprising twists and turns. Throughout, we become acquainted with the sincere and unassuming man that is Andrew as he embarks upon a surprisingly fortuitous career as a tour bus driver, one who genuinely cares about each passenger. The Bus Driver’s Mother portrays the pain, challenges, and disappointments integral to life. It also depicts the wonder, surprises, and blessings which come, when least expected, along the way. It proposes that every level of intellect should be esteemed, and that indeed, every child ought to be cherished.

Understanding The Complex Reality Of The School Bus Driver's Job

Understanding The Complex Reality Of The School Bus Driver's Job
Title Understanding The Complex Reality Of The School Bus Driver's Job PDF eBook
Author Roman Blaise
Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Pages 208
Release 2011-12-12
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1465391983

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ROMAN BLAISE BLAISE “Understanding the Complex Reality of the SCHOOL BUS DRIVER’S JOB” is the testimony of a school bus driver named Roman Blaise. Throughout the school year, trying to please everyone and answer every question; screaming at the students for their safety on the bus, also smiling, playing and even dancing for them. When necessary, requiring order out of troublemakers, caution out of harassment of other drivers, fairness out of indifference. This book contains important tools of prevention, asks for more children’s understanding, talks about what Roman Blaise has seen and heard, raises various problems encountered by school bus drivers, laments the loss of a colleague. It also questions the system of things and is waiting for answers, forces drivers to learn to adapt to students, raises the barrier of communication between immigrant drivers and students, and tests the driver’s conscience. It ends the last school day with the tears of a black kindergartener who will miss forever the affection of his dear white female teacher. Everyone endowed with the passion to know, should reserve in his libray a space for this fascinating book, “Understanding the Complex Reality of the SCHOOL BUS DRIVER’S JOB”. ROMAN

Learning from Lincoln

Learning from Lincoln
Title Learning from Lincoln PDF eBook
Author Harvey Alvy
Publisher ASCD
Pages 206
Release 2010-08-15
Genre Education
ISBN 1416612394

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What can 21st century educators learn from the example of a 19th century president? In this intriguing and insightful book, Harvey Alvy and Pam Robbins show how the legacy of Abraham Lincoln can guide today's education leaders—principals, teachers, superintendents, and others—as they tackle large-scale challenges, such as closing the achievement gap, and everyday issues, such as communicating with constituents. The authors identify 10 qualities, attributes, and skills that help to explain Lincoln's effectiveness, despite seemingly insurmountable odds: 1. Implementing and sustaining a mission and vision with focused and profound clarity 2. Communicating ideas effectively with precise and straightforward language 3. Building a diverse and competent team to successfully address the mission 4. Engendering trust, loyalty, and respect through humility, humor, and personal example 5. Leading and serving with emotional intelligence and empathy 6. Exercising situational competence and responding appropriately to implement effective change 7. Rising beyond personal and professional trials through tenacity, persistence, resilience, and courage 8. Exercising purposeful visibility 9. Demonstrating personal growth and enhanced competence as a lifetime learner, willing to reflect on and expand ideas 10. Believing that hope can become a reality Chapters devoted to each element explore the historical record of Lincoln's life and actions, then discuss the implications for modern educators. End-of-chapter exercises provide a structure for reflection, analysis of current behaviors, and guidance for future work, so that readers can create their own path to success—inspired by the example of one of the greatest leaders of all time.