What High School Didn't Teach Me

What High School Didn't Teach Me
Title What High School Didn't Teach Me PDF eBook
Author Rajat Bhageria
Publisher Rajat Bhageria
Pages 118
Release 2014-08-23
Genre Education
ISBN 1500870056

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What High School Didn't Teach Me is a recent graduate’s perspective on how high school is killing creativity by forcing students to memorize factoids, rather than inspiring them to pursue creative endeavors and teaching them how to problem solve. The author—Rajat Bhageria—describes how too many high school students today focus all of their efforts on maintaining high grades, rather than on developing intrinsic motivation for their passions. Bhageria addresses many major subjects in education reform: English, social studies, mathematics, sciences, research/engineering, entrepreneurship, computer science, liberal arts, the college process. Additionally he proposes a full revamp of the high school experience.

Teach Me!

Teach Me!
Title Teach Me! PDF eBook
Author Murray Burton Levin
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Pages 198
Release 2001
Genre Education
ISBN 9780742501744

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This expanded edition of Teach Me! has a new chapter that guides teachers on how to work with urban students to enrich their education.

What They Didn't Teach at the Academy

What They Didn't Teach at the Academy
Title What They Didn't Teach at the Academy PDF eBook
Author Dale L. June
Publisher CRC Press
Pages 398
Release 2013-09-10
Genre Computers
ISBN 1439869219

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While professional courses and how-to manuals can prepare us for expected events that will occur in the course of our careers, there remains an untapped reservoir of life experience that cannot be prepared for in training or study. These events and experiences give texture and meaning to our work and shape our character. Filled with stories of courage and inspiration, What They Didn't Teach at the Academy: Topics, Stories, and Reality Beyond the Classroom looks at experiences encountered by public safety and military professionals that were not necessarily encompassed in their training or realistically portrayed in simulations. Topics raised in the stories include: A doctor confronting her own debilitating and potentially fatal disease Cultural awareness and safe travel Suicide among law enforcement officers Departmental harassment of a new police recruit Coping with an addicted spouse Posttraumatic stress disorder Life as a K-9 handler The effect of work obligations on marriage and family Conflicts between moral beliefs and professional principles Debunking myths about Islam The book also examines coping mechanisms for stress and discusses the importance of observation, perception, and communication in facing challenging encounters. Through this collection of vignettes and philosophies, the contributors demonstrate that the lessons of life are not taught in colleges, universities, and academies but through hard experience.

Getting to Excellence

Getting to Excellence
Title Getting to Excellence PDF eBook
Author James A. Johnson
Publisher AuthorHouse
Pages 283
Release 2013-03
Genre Education
ISBN 1481713930

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This book is about a journey with the Center for Strategic Alliances in Education for School and District Improvement with stakeholders in a school targeted for school improvement. The first chapter puts into context the notion of school, its purpose and the incumbent variables of values, attitudes, organizational and leadership behaviors and instructional practices. Throughout the book, the authors look at three contextual boundaries: (1) historical, (2) the lens of former students and their perceptions of the presence or absence of those variables and (3) a comparison of labeled schools and the views and perceptions of stakeholders with regard to quality, equity and adequacy. This is a compelling journey which utilizes quantitative and qualitative data to take a critical look at the processes involved and the strategies used in America's journey in the quest for excellence. The authors' story is one of the pursuits of innovation, reinvention, equity, excellence and culturally relevant education experiences that inspire and reframe the discussion about "getting to excellence". The book is replete with illustrations of weaknesses hidden in abstract policies, institutional persistence, and culturally void programs, methodologies and practices. It advocates a methodology for arriving at well-conceived processes for achieving acceptance and academic excellence through collaboration among those to whom education is important - the children and the communities where they live.

Key West

Key West
Title Key West PDF eBook
Author Richard "Conch Boy" Gomez
Publisher Dorrance Publishing
Pages 207
Release 2023-08-29
Genre Fiction

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In Key West: A Smuggler’s Tale, we meet Bobby Campo, a journalist and native of Key West who is writing his first novel about a subject that has interested him for a number of years. His interview begins with a legendary Key West smuggler, a childhood friend of his very straight-laced father and mother (or so he thought). In the early 1970s until the early 1980s, Norberto Belafonte Diaz smuggled marijuana into the Keys. During the interview he takes Bobby on a winding trail, not only down the backroads of their island home but also down the backroads of that dark history. Bobby is introduced to some of the most memorable characters of that time, each with their own adventure-filled stories. But unbeknownst to Bobby, Norberto is leading him down a path that he has chosen carefully. Key West: A Smuggler’s Tale teaches us in the end that under the watchful eye of fate, old wounds can be finally healed. About the Author Richard now resides with the love of his life Michelle, in Jensen Beach, Fl. They both enjoy the retired life. When not traveling they wake each morning to the sound and sight of the ocean as it touches the shore. Life's adventures have turned to memories of a life worth living. Richard plans to continue to write about life on a spit of land surrounded by ocean far far away from normal, but always his idea of paradise. Key West, the place where his dreams became realities.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis
Title Bruce Willis PDF eBook
Author Sandy Asirvatham
Publisher Infobase Learning
Pages 102
Release 2001
Genre Actors
ISBN 1438141254

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Presents the life and career of Bruce Willis, who overcame stuttering as a child to become an award-winning actor.

Learning How to Learn

Learning How to Learn
Title Learning How to Learn PDF eBook
Author Barbara Oakley, PhD
Publisher Penguin
Pages 256
Release 2018-08-07
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 052550446X

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A surprisingly simple way for students to master any subject--based on one of the world's most popular online courses and the bestselling book A Mind for Numbers A Mind for Numbers and its wildly popular online companion course "Learning How to Learn" have empowered more than two million learners of all ages from around the world to master subjects that they once struggled with. Fans often wish they'd discovered these learning strategies earlier and ask how they can help their kids master these skills as well. Now in this new book for kids and teens, the authors reveal how to make the most of time spent studying. We all have the tools to learn what might not seem to come naturally to us at first--the secret is to understand how the brain works so we can unlock its power. This book explains: • Why sometimes letting your mind wander is an important part of the learning process • How to avoid "rut think" in order to think outside the box • Why having a poor memory can be a good thing • The value of metaphors in developing understanding • A simple, yet powerful, way to stop procrastinating Filled with illustrations, application questions, and exercises, this book makes learning easy and fun.