What Happens When We Die?

What Happens When We Die?
Title What Happens When We Die? PDF eBook
Author Sam Parnia, M.D.
Publisher Hay House, Inc
Pages 240
Release 2007-01-01
Genre Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN 9781401933548

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Dr. Sam Parnia faces death every day. Through his work as a critical-care doctor in a hospital emergency room, he became very interested in some of his patients’ accounts of the experiences that they had while clinically dead. He started to collect these stories and read all the latest research on the subject, and then he conducted his own experiments. That work has culminated in this extraordinary book, which picks up where Raymond Moody’s Life After Life left off. Written in a scientific, balanced, and engaging style, this is powerful and compelling reading. This fascinating and controversial book will change the way you look at death and dying.

Reasonable Faith

Reasonable Faith
Title Reasonable Faith PDF eBook
Author William Lane Craig
Publisher Crossway
Pages 418
Release 2008
Genre Religion
ISBN 1433501155

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This updated edition by one of the world's leading apologists presents a systematic, positive case for Christianity that reflects the latest work in the contemporary hard sciences and humanities. Brilliant and accessible.

What Really Happens After We Die

What Really Happens After We Die
Title What Really Happens After We Die PDF eBook
Author James Papandrea
Publisher Sophia Institute Press
Pages 113
Release 2019-10-06
Genre Religion
ISBN 1622826396

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Here professor of Church history Dr. James Papandrea gathers in one place all that is known about the afterlife — drawn from the teachings of Jesus, the Apostles, the Church Fathers, and the Church's Magisterium — affording, for the first time ever, a complete, authoritative, detailed portrait of the state of souls after death and the realms we enter. The following are among the many questions he answers: If, as St. Paul says, “flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God,” how can our bodies enter Heaven? After death but before the final resurrection, are we simply unconscious? What is our resurrection like? (And does it differ from Jesus' Resurrection?) Are ghosts real? (You'll be surprised at what the Church Fathers have to say.) What is the difference between Heaven and Paradise? Which of our parts will accompany us to Heaven (and which must be left behind)? In Heaven, do we still eat and dri

Annabelle and Aiden

Annabelle and Aiden
Title Annabelle and Aiden PDF eBook
Author Joseph Becker
Release 2017-02-01
ISBN 9780997806625

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What Happens When We Die?

What Happens When We Die?
Title What Happens When We Die? PDF eBook
Author Thomas G. Long
Publisher Church Publishing, Inc.
Pages 65
Release 2017-08-17
Genre Religion
ISBN 0898692334

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A straightforward treatment of the only existential issue that matters from the Christian perspective. In What Happens When We Die? Tom Long provides information about the promises and convictions of the Christian gospel concerning death and life after death. He surveys in simple terms the major themes surrounding death, dying, and hope for an afterlife.

After We Die

After We Die
Title After We Die PDF eBook
Author Norman L. Cantor
Publisher Georgetown University Press
Pages 384
Release 2010-11-11
Genre Medical
ISBN 1589017137

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What will become of our earthly remains? What happens to our bodies during and after the various forms of cadaver disposal available? Who controls the fate of human remains? What legal and moral constraints apply? Legal scholar Norman Cantor provides a graphic, informative, and entertaining exploration of these questions. After We Die chronicles not only a corpse’s physical state but also its legal and moral status, including what rights, if any, the corpse possesses. In a claim sure to be controversial, Cantor argues that a corpse maintains a “quasi-human status" granting it certain protected rights—both legal and moral. One of a corpse’s purported rights is to have its predecessor’s disposal choices upheld. After We Die reviews unconventional ways in which a person can extend a personal legacy via their corpse’s role in medical education, scientific research, or tissue transplantation. This underlines the importance of leaving instructions directing post-mortem disposal. Another cadaveric right is to be treated with respect and dignity. After We Die outlines the limits that “post-mortem human dignity” poses upon disposal options, particularly the use of a cadaver or its parts in educational or artistic displays. Contemporary illustrations of these complex issues abound. In 2007, the well-publicized death of Anna Nicole Smith highlighted the passions and disputes surrounding the handling of human remains. Similarly, following the 2003 death of baseball great Ted Williams, the family in-fighting and legal proceedings surrounding the corpse’s proposed cryogenic disposal also raised contentious questions about the physical, legal, and ethical issues that emerge after we die. In the tradition of Sherwin Nuland's How We Die, Cantor carefully and sensitively addresses the post-mortem handling of human remains.

What Happens After You Die

What Happens After You Die
Title What Happens After You Die PDF eBook
Author Randy Frazee
Publisher Thomas Nelson
Pages 222
Release 2017-05-02
Genre Religion
ISBN 0718086031

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Popular pastor Randy Frazee answers perennial questions about life after death with an accessible exploration of what the Bible has to say on the subject. In both Christian and pop culture, there is a certain fascination with the afterlife. What happens after you die? What happens if you die with Christ or without Christ? What happens when Jesus returns if you have or haven’t accepted Christ? What exactly comes next? Randy Frazee, popular pastor of Oak Hills Church and general editor of the wildly successful Believe and The Story programs, answers these questions and more. Born out of a deeply personal search for truth after the death of his mother, What Happens After You Die is a straightforward exploration of what the Bible says about life after death. From heaven and hell to the Lake of Fire and the actual presence of God, Frazee uncovers what is simply cultural tradition and what is truly biblical. He shows readers not only the death Jesus came to save us from but the life he came to save us for. Based on a teaching series that has had more online views than any other series Frazee has done to date, What Happens After You Die is a guide to the perennial questions about life and death, what comes next, and how we should live until then.