Title Voices PDF eBook
Author Beatrice Sparks
Publisher Crown
Pages 264
Release 1978
Genre Conflict of generations

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Vital Voices

Vital Voices
Title Vital Voices PDF eBook
Author A. Nelson
Pages 215
Release 2020-09
ISBN 9781614289784

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Vital Voices: 100 Women Using Their Power to Empower celebrates 100 global female leaders who are redefining power. Candid and compelling, each leader shares personal stories, insights and ideas, showing us that women lead differently and that this difference is sorely needed in our world today. While each woman is path-breaking in her own right, it's together that these 100 voices illustrate the transformative power of women's leadership across cultures, industries and generations. A celebration of women's suffrage and gender equality through the use of visual and anecdotal story-telling as told through the eyes of 100 global women leaders who are redefining power, and using their power to strengthen female relationships across the globe. Some of the women featured in the book include Serena Williams, Hillary Clinton, Christine Legarde, Greta Thunberg, and Samar Minall Ah Khan.

The Four Voices

The Four Voices
Title The Four Voices PDF eBook
Author Patrick Morley
Publisher Higherlife Development Service
Pages 160
Release 2022-03
Genre Religion
ISBN 9780578308876

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You Can Take Control of Your Thoughts! Confused by the competing voices in your head? You're not alone! Not mastering your thought life will eat away at your self-worth, poison your relationships, stunt your growth, and complicate your life. In The Four Voices, best-selling author and Bible teacher Patrick Morley will show you how to conquer those thoughts and feelings that keep dragging you down. With God's help, you can set your heart free and find peace of mind. The Loudest Voice Doesn't Have to Win!

The Voice Book

The Voice Book
Title The Voice Book PDF eBook
Author Michael McCallion
Publisher Routledge
Pages 320
Release 2013-09-13
Genre Performing Arts
ISBN 1135861986

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First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Leadership Wisdom from Unlikely Voices

Leadership Wisdom from Unlikely Voices
Title Leadership Wisdom from Unlikely Voices PDF eBook
Author Dave Fleming
Publisher Harper Collins
Pages 218
Release 2004
Genre Leadership
ISBN 0310258006

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For leaders who've read every leadership book (or just feel like they have) Most leaders feel like they've read all there is to read about leadership but are still frustrated when the tools of 'professionals' fail to work. Leadership Wisdom from Unlikely Voices takes leaders off the frustrating path of doing leadership and into the more meaningful place of being a leader. Rather than focusing on new tools or techniques, author Dave Fleming draws on the 'voices' of contemplative thinkers and their views on issues that affect leaders today. Nouwen, Augustine, Underhill, Benedict, and others offer readers insight from outside the world of leadership on how to regain the humanity of being a leader. Each chapter includes interactive exercises that allow readers to reflect on what they're learning, evaluate ideas, and then implement those ideas that resonate most.

Voices in the Media

Voices in the Media
Title Voices in the Media PDF eBook
Author Gaƫlle Planchenault
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Pages 224
Release 2015-10-22
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 1472588045

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Verbal performances are often encountered in the media where they are used to embody characters or social archetypes. Performed voices define the norm as well as the linguistic Others and by doing so circulate associated values and linguistic ideologies. This book explores the idea that, far from simply being exercises in verbal skill and flair, performances of social, ethnic or gendered voices in the media not only have the power to accomplish ideological work, they are also sites of linguistic tension and negotiation. Critically examining performances of French voices in the media, this book raises the following questions: - How are repertoires of voices constructed and subsequently perpetuated in the media? - How do the stereotypic personae these voices contribute to build become familiar to national as well as transnational audiences? - How do such performed voices reproduce hegemonic ideologies of standard and non-standard languages and participate in the perpetuation of social discriminations? - How are these performed voices commodified into cultural products of otherness that may later be reclaimed by stigmatized communities? Following an innovative framework which allows for analysis of performances of varied voices and their impact in the media sphere, Voices in the Media offers a new approach to the linguistics of media performance.

Women's Voices and the Practice of Preaching

Women's Voices and the Practice of Preaching
Title Women's Voices and the Practice of Preaching PDF eBook
Author Nancy Lammers Gross
Publisher Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
Pages 182
Release 2017-07-01
Genre Religion
ISBN 1467447854

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Expert, practical help for women who preach or lead worship Many women preachers and worship leaders have trouble speaking; they struggle to fully use their physical voices. Maintaining that there is often a disconnect between the woman's self-understanding as a preacher and her own body, Nancy Lammers Gross presents not only techniques but also a theologically empowering paradigm shift to help women fully embody their God-given preaching vocations. Grounding her work in the biblical story of Miriam, Gross begins with a discussion of how women are instrumental in the work of God. She then tells stories, including her own, of women's experiences in losing connection to their bodies and their physical voices. Finally, Gross presents a constructive resolution with exercises for discovering and developing a full-body voice.