To Educate the Human Potential

To Educate the Human Potential
Title To Educate the Human Potential PDF eBook
Author Maria Montessori
Publisher Ravenio Books
Release 2015-10-12
Genre Education

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This book is intended to follow Education for a New World and to help teachers to envisage the child’s needs after the age of six. We claim that the average boy or girl of twelve years who has been educated till then at one of our schools knows at least as much as the finished High School product of several years’ seniority, and the achievement has been at no cost of pain or distortion to body or mind. Rather are our pupils equipped in their whole being for the adventure of life, accustomed to the free exercise of will and judgment, illuminated by imagination and enthusiasm. Only such pupils can exercise rightly the duties of citizens in a civilised commonwealth. The first four chapters are mainly psychological, showing the changed personality with which the teacher has to deal at six years of age, and the need for a corresponding change of approach. The secret of success is found to lie in the right use of imagination in awakening interest, and the stimulation of seeds of interest already sown by attractive literary and pictorial material, but all correlated to a central idea, of greatly ennobling inspiration—the Cosmic Plan, in which all, consciously or unconsciously, serve the great Purpose of Life. It is shown how the conception of evolution has been modified of late through geological and biological discoveries, so that self-perfection now has to yield precedence to service among the primary natural urges. The next eight chapters show how the Cosmic Plan can be presented to the child, as a thrilling tale of the earth we live in, its many changes through slow ages when water was Nature’s chief toiler for accomplishment of her purposes, how land and sea fought for supremacy, and how equilibrium of elements was achieved, that Life might appear on the stage to play its part in the great drama. Illustrated as it must be by fascinating, charts and diagrams, the creation of earth as we now know it unfolds before the child’s imagination, and always with emphasis on the function each agent has to perform in Nature’s household, whether consciously or unconsciously, failure in this alone leading to extinction. So the talc proceeds till Palaeolithic Man appears, most significantly traced by the tools he used on his environment rather than by physical remains of so slight a creature. The new element of mind is brought to creation by man, and from that time the children are helped to see the great acceleration that has taken place in evolution. They learn to reverence the earliest pioneers, who toiled for purposes unknown to them but now to be recognised. Nomadic men and settlers alike contributed to build up early communities, and by interchanges of war and peace to share and spread social amenities. From chapter thirteen brief descriptions are given of some of the earliest civilizations, particularly with a view to their impacts on each other, showing human society as slowly organising itself towards unity, just as, in the individual human being, organs are built around separate centres of interest, to be later connected by the blood-circulatory system and the nerves, into an integrated human organism. So the child is led, by review of some of the most thrilling epochs of world-history, to see that so far humanity has been in an embryonic stage, and that it is just now emerging into true birth, able to consciously realise its true unity and function. The last chapters go back to the psychological point of view, urging on educators the supreme importance, to the nation and to the world, of the tasks imposed on them. Not in the service of any political or social creed should the teacher work, but in the service of the complete human being, able to exercise in freedom a self-disciplined will and judgment, unperverted by prejudice and undistorted by fear.

Understanding Montessori

Understanding Montessori
Title Understanding Montessori PDF eBook
Author Dana Schmidt
Publisher Dog Ear Publishing
Pages 282
Release 2009-04
Genre Education
ISBN 1598589741

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In Understanding Montessori: A Guide for Parents Maren Schmidt explains the how's and why's of Montessori education while asserting that authentic Montessori education is the most effective way for children to learn. What is Montessori Education? Montessori education, more than anything, is about understanding and aiding the child's natural process of growth and learning. The principles, methods, and materials that Dr. Montessori pioneered over one-hundred years ago are not only scientifically supported and researched, they are based on common sense. Understanding Montessori: A Guide for Parents will help parents understand the stages of childhood growth and learning and how Montessori education uniquely meets each child's learning needs. Understanding Montessori draws on the author's twenty-five years of working with children to explain in simple language what neuropsychologists are now finding that--children learn faster and more easily in a properly prepared Montessori classroom than in traditional settings. Montessori classrooms all over the world have proven that, when implemented faithfully, Dr. Maria Montessori's philosophy works for children at all levels of ability and socio-economic circumstance. Montessori education offers an unmatched complement of principles, methods and materials that develop a child's mind like no other educational method. Understanding Montessori busts twelve major myths that prevent clear understanding of what Montessori education is and is not. The underlying principles of Montessori education are explained alongside children's developmental needs and how these two ideas create the foundations of Montessori methods, techniques and learning communities. Two chapters of the book provide in depth questionnaires for finding and assessing a quality Montessori school, along with details for accessing downloadable copies of these questionnaires. Every group has their own set of key words and Montessori educators are no exception. Chapter 10 explains basic childhood development and Montessori terms with clear and easy to understand definitions. Three key ways to assure your child's success are offered in Chapter 8, followed in the next chapter with ten ways that we as parents benefit from considering a child's point of view. Understanding Montessori promises to explain the basics of Montessori education so that you can make informed decisions about this powerful learning method when a parent's time is in short supply. Montessori education may be the most important choice you make for your child. Learn more by reading Understanding Montessori: A Guide for Parents.

Montessori Today

Montessori Today
Title Montessori Today PDF eBook
Author Paula Polk Lillard
Publisher Schocken
Pages 241
Release 2011-09-07
Genre Education
ISBN 0307761320

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Paula Lillard, director of a Montessori school ranging in age from 18 months to fifteen years, provides a clear and cogent introduction to the Montessori program for the elementary and later years. In detailed accounts, Lillard shows how children acquire the skills to answer their own questions, learn to manage freedom with responsibility, and maintain a high level of intellectual stimulation by using the Montessori method. This is an essential handbook for parents and teachers who have chosen the Montessori alternative for the older child.

The Romance of Teaching

The Romance of Teaching
Title The Romance of Teaching PDF eBook
Author Ann V. Angell
Publisher Wheatmark, Inc.
Pages 172
Release 2014-09-23
Genre Education
ISBN 1627871535

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A year before she was to retire, Dr. Ann Angell volunteered to start a new class at the Montessori public school where she'd been teaching for a decade. Her mission was to guide and encourage her students -- second, third, and fourth graders with a wide variety of strengths and weaknesses -- as they pursued their own paths of self-directed learning. How would she inspire Maya, obsessed with multiplication tables, to get excited about fractions and decimals? How would she help Blake become interested in something other than reading, and was that even a good idea? How could she persuade Hayden, a gifted artist, to interact more peacefully with his classmates? The Colorado Student Assessment Program, which originated from No Child Left Behind legislation, presented further challenges. Ann would have to prepare her students for standardized testing while at the same time nurturing a mind-set that doesn't assume there's only one way to absorb information, only one correct answer to every question. The Romance of Teaching: Montessori in the Elementary School chronicles a school year filled with growth and joyful learning. If you've ever wondered how education can be effective when kids are free to explore whatever subjects they choose, you'll find Ann's account enchanting.

Thieves of Innocence

Thieves of Innocence
Title Thieves of Innocence PDF eBook
Author John Ankerberg
Publisher ATRI Publishing
Pages 345
Release 2012-06-20
Genre Religion
ISBN 1937136728

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This provocative expose documents the occult/New Age influence that has invaded the public school system and what parents and educators can do about it. Chronicles the people and philosophies that have set the course for current educational trends. This book shows how our children are being turned away from traditional values. They are taught to make decisions with the help of inappropriate or occult practices such as hypnosis or visualization, meditation, yoga, altered states of consciousness, imaginary "friends" or inner guides.

Teaching Children

Teaching Children
Title Teaching Children PDF eBook
Author Ann El-Moslimany
Publisher International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT)
Pages 137
Release 2018-01-01
Genre Religion
ISBN 1642052159

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The author explores education from the essential principles of Tawhid (Oneness of God, humanity, knowledge); fitrah (concept of human nature); and the role of humans as vicegerents of God on earth (responsibility and stewardship). The current education system dates back a hundred years or more, and is in desperate need of a 'reboot'. In developing the industrialized society, the education system itself became like a factory, the end product being pupils who merely regurgitate facts, and themselves end up as cogs in the machine that is the wider industrial complex. The legacy of this is a soulless ‘functional’ educational system that fails to develop pupils to meet the present and future needs of individuals and their expectations. This failure inevitably impacts on society and humanity at large. Society has long since moved beyond the industrial revolution and into an age of global connectedness where the sum of human knowledge is freely available via the internet. It is an age where people are generally more well informed and on a variety of issues. An effective holistic educational philosophy is required, one that gives full spiritual meaning to all that a child learns. It should equip children with spiritual awareness, morals and values, social responsibility and accountability, self-discipline and self-determination, self-confidence and empowerment, ambition and aspiration tempered with thoughtfulness and a sense of gratitude.

Assassination of Human Potential

Assassination of Human Potential
Title Assassination of Human Potential PDF eBook
Author Ph. D. Oscar J. Underwood
Publisher Xulon Press
Pages 142
Release 2009-09
Genre Education
ISBN 1607910284

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In 1998, Dr. Oscar J. Underwood appeared before the United States Congressional Committee on Small Businesses to testify regarding his proven strategies for maximizing competence and scholastic achievement among K-12 students. This book summarizes these strategies. Here, Dr. Underwood outlines methods for creating learning environments that engage students' entire person and unlock their inherent power to achieve exponentially.