The New American Drug Lords

The New American Drug Lords
Title The New American Drug Lords PDF eBook
Author Daniel Hopsicker
Pages 480
Release 2012
ISBN 9781936296583

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The result of a two-year investigation, this study delves into the possible connection between international drug trafficking and the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. The smoking gun is the very plane the 9/11 hijackers learned to fly--a plane that had previously been seized by the DEA with 43 pounds of heroin on board. This inquiry into possible collusion begins with the 2001 attacks, but ends with a deeper inspection of the American drug trade and asks questions such as Who is the American Pablo Escobar? Once drugs are safely harbored into the United States, who distributes them, and how? and Are free passes given with a wink and a nod?

The Drug Lords

The Drug Lords
Title The Drug Lords PDF eBook
Author Tonda R. Bian
Publisher No Barriers Pub
Pages 192
Release 1997
Genre Medical
ISBN 9780965456807

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THE DRUG LORDS...AMERICA'S PHARMACEUTICAL CARTEL shoots a critical look at our over-prescribed, over-medicated society & the role the pharmaceutical industry plays in keeping us there. In just 17 years, the per capita expenditure on legal drugs has increased more than 400%, the pharmaceutical industry exploding from a $20.7 billion industry in 1981 to a projected 103.25 billion industry in 1997. Yet, the fact is, with more people taking drugs than ever before, the health of this country continues to decline. The rate of chronic & debilitating disease is increasing faster than ever. The blame falls, in large part, on the shoulders of the pharmaceutical industry that reaps huge profits by maintaining a sick & dying society. THE DRUG LORDS also accuses medicine of preventing non-medical avenues of health care from competing--all with the full approval of the United States Government. U.S. $12.95 retail. Author, Tonda R. Bian. For discount information call or write: No Barriers Publishing, 1201 S. Westnedge Ave., Kalamazoo, MI 49008-1349. (800) 828-3057.

American Cartel

American Cartel
Title American Cartel PDF eBook
Author Scott Higham
Publisher Hachette UK
Pages 394
Release 2022-07-12
Genre True Crime
ISBN 1538737191

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The definitive investigation and exposé of how some of the nation's largest corporations created and fueled the opioid crisis—from the Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporters who first uncovered the dimensions of the deluge of pain pills that ravaged the country and the complicity of a near-omnipotent drug cartel. AMERICAN CARTEL is an unflinching and deeply documented dive into the culpability of the drug companies behind the staggering death toll of the opioid epidemic. It follows a small band of DEA agents led by Joseph Rannazzisi, a tough-talking New Yorker who had spent a storied thirty years bringing down bad guys; along with a band of lawyers, including West Virginia native Paul Farrell Jr., who fought to hold the drug industry to account in the face of the worst man-made drug epidemic in American history. It is the story of underdogs prevailing over corporate greed and political cowardice, persevering in the face of predicted failure, and how they found some semblance of justice for the families of the dead during the most complex civil litigation ever seen. The investigators and lawyers discovered hundreds of thousands of confidential corporate emails and memos during courtroom combat with legions of white-shoe law firms defending the opioid industry. One breathtaking disclosure after another—from emails that mocked addicts to invoices chronicling the rise of pill mills—showed the indifference of big business to the epidemic’s toll. The narrative approach echoes such work as A Civil Action and The Insider, moving dramatically between corporate boardrooms, courthouses, lobbying firms, DEA field offices, and Capitol Hill while capturing the human toll of the epidemic on America’s streets. AMERICAN CARTEL is the story of those who were on the front lines of the fight to stop the human carnage. Along the way, they suffer a string of defeats, some of their careers destroyed by the very same government officials who swore to uphold the law before they begin to prevail over some of the most powerful corporate and political influences in the nation.

The New American Revolution

The New American Revolution
Title The New American Revolution PDF eBook
Author Kayleigh McEnany
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pages 336
Release 2018-01-09
Genre Political Science
ISBN 1501179705

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In this essential exploration of the American heartland, Kayleigh McEnany presents an eye-opening collection of interviews and stories about the powerful grassroots populist movement of frustrated Americans left behind by the government that changed the landscape of political campaigns forever Kayleigh McEnany spent months traveling throughout the United States, conducting interviews with citizens whose powerful and moving stories were forgotten or intentionally ignored by our leaders. Through candid, one-on-one conversations, they discussed their deeply personal stories and the issues that are most important to them, such as illegal immigration, safety from terrorist attacks, and religious freedom. The New American Revolution chronicles both the losses of these grassroots voters, as well as their ultimate victory in November 2016. Kayleigh also includes interviews with key figures within President Trump’s administration—including Ivanka Trump, Secretary Ben Carson, Jared Kushner, and many more—and their experiences on the road leading up to President Trump’s historic win. Kayleigh’s journey takes her from a family cabin in Ohio to the empty factories in Flint, Michigan, from sunny Florida to a Texas BBQ joint—and, of course, ends up at the White House. The collective grievance of the American electorate reveals a deep divide between leaders and citizens. During a time of stark political division, Kayleigh discovers a personal unity and common thread of humanity that binds us nevertheless. Through faith in God and unimaginable strength, these forgotten men and women have overcome, even when their leaders turned their heads. An insightful book about the triumph of this powerful movement, The New American Revolution is a potent testament to the importance of their message.

America and the New American Century

America and the New American Century
Title America and the New American Century PDF eBook
Author Chris Wogan
Pages 313
Release 2004-11-20
Genre Social Science
ISBN 1411617592

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The explosive new book exposing the hidden history behind America's War on Terror and the unnerving secrets of the Bush administration. This book reveals the truth behind the neoconservative hijacking of American foreign policy and the shocking details of the Bush administration and its War on Terror. As one of the most comprehensive books on America's War on Terror and the history leading up to this perpetual war, America and the New American Century will open your eyes and change the way you see the world around you. Be sure to check out to take a sneak peak of the book and to find supporting files, documentation, sources, and other information. This version of the book is cheaper because it doesn't contain the dozens of pages of sources. The sources are available for review at

Obama's Unending Wars

Obama's Unending Wars
Title Obama's Unending Wars PDF eBook
Author Jeremy Kuzmarov
Publisher SCB Distributors
Pages 348
Release 2019-07-20
Genre Political Science
ISBN 1949762017

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Many academics consider Obama to have been a master foreign policy strategist and shrewd practitioner of the art of realpolitik. This book demonstrates, however, that Obama in reality helped to institutionalize a permanent warfare state that resulted in gross human rights violations and contributed to America's strategic decline. His perpetuation of the War on Terror created more enemies and prompted the United States to lose influence in the Middle East. His Pivot to Asia policy intensified prospects for regional war while his unnecessary and willful military intervention destroyed Libya and drew the Russians in to protect Bashir al-Assad who won Syria's civil war. The Obama administration's heavy-handed interference in Ukraine led to effective Russian counter-moves, promoting a strategic alliance with China and regional integration that is moving the world towards multi-polarity. Obama's Unending Wars provides the first critical, comprehensive and highly documented history of the foreign policy of America's forty-fourth president - the drone king who ordered the bombing of seven Muslim countries, backtracked on a pledge to reduce America's nuclear arsenal, and helped fuel a new Cold War with Russia. During his years in office Obama provided billions of dollars in arms sales to Saudi Arabia as it assisted in the crushing of pro-democracy demonstrators in Bahrain and invaded Yemen. He sanctioned a coup in Honduras which plunged that country into chaos, perpetuated a failed drug war policy and contributed to the recolonization of Africa. While any Democratic Party president would have faced peril in confronting the Pentagon which had carried out a slow coup d'etat over the decades, Obama was rather, in many ways, the most perfect spokesman for the military-industrial complex. Who else but this articulate constitutional law professor could pull off a pro-war speech after winning the Nobel Peace Prize while ramping up drone assassinations and America's network of military bases in Africa and still retain the support of liberal-progressives? As many in the time of Trump now glance nostalgically back to the Obama presidency, this book will help them to see the continuity -- and continuous failure -- of American foreign policy irrespective of the party or figurehead representing it.

The New American Cinema

The New American Cinema
Title The New American Cinema PDF eBook
Author Jon Lewis
Publisher Duke University Press
Pages 420
Release 1998
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 9780822321156

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Deliberately eclectic and panoramic, THE NEW AMERICAN CINEMA brings together thirteen leading film scholars who present a range of theoretical, critical, and historical perspectives on a rich and pivotal time in American cinema--that from the mid 1960s to the present. With its range of topics and breadth of critical approaches, this anthology illuminates the volatile mix of industrial process and artistic inspiration that comprises American moviemaking. 46 photos.