The Mayday Rampage

The Mayday Rampage
Title The Mayday Rampage PDF eBook
Author Clayton Bess
Pages 212
Release 1993
Genre AIDS (Disease)

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High school journalists Jess and Molly create an upheaval at school and in their community as they strive to write and publish a series of frank articles about AIDS for their school newspaper.

Using Literature to Help Troubled Teenagers Cope with Health Issues

Using Literature to Help Troubled Teenagers Cope with Health Issues
Title Using Literature to Help Troubled Teenagers Cope with Health Issues PDF eBook
Author Cynthia Ann Bowman
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages 336
Release 2000-03-30
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 0313007365

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Today, traditional illnesses and high risk behaviors of adolescents have become interrelated through the multitude of physical, social and emotional changes young people experience. Good literature which gives adolescents the truth has incredible power to heal and to renew. This reference resource provides a link for teachers, media specialists, parents, and other adults to those novels that can help adolescents struggling with health issues. Educators and therapists explore novels where common health issues are addressed in ways to captivate teens. Using fictional characters, these experts provide guidance on encouraging adolescents to cope while improving their reading and writing skills. With the advancement in medicine, traditional types of health issues such as birth defects, cancer, and sensory impairment have shifted to more behavior related problems such as depression, alcoholism, and eating disorders. All of these issues and others are examined from both a literary and psychological perspective in thirteen chapters that explore health issues through fiction. Each chapter confronts a different health issue and is written by a literature specialist who has teamed up with a therapist. In each novel, these experts define the central character's struggle in coming to terms with an issue and growing in response to their difficulties. Annotated bibliographies of other works, both fiction and nonfiction, explore these same issues give readers insight into helping teenagers with similar problems, and provide the tools with which to get teenagers reading and addressing these problems.

HIV/AIDS in Young Adult Novels

HIV/AIDS in Young Adult Novels
Title HIV/AIDS in Young Adult Novels PDF eBook
Author Melissa Gross
Publisher Scarecrow Press
Pages 247
Release 2010
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 0810874431

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Not long after becoming public health concerns in the 1980s, HIV and AIDS were featured in a number of works of fiction, though such titles were written primarily for adult readers. Mirroring the disease's indiscriminate nature, however, the subject would soon be incorporated into novels aimed at young adults. Despite a need for accessible information on the subject, it is difficult to identify fiction that contains material about HIV/AIDS, as these books are seldom catalogued for this content, nor is this content consistently acknowledged in published reviews. In HIV/AIDS in Young Adult Novels: An Annotated Bibliography, the authors address this gap by identifying and assessing the full range of young adult novels that include HIV/AIDS content. This resource is comprised of two major parts. The first part summarizes findings from a content analysis performed on novels written for readers aged 11-19, published since 1981, and featuring at least one character with HIV/AIDS. The second part is an annotated bibliography of the more than 90 novels identified for use in the study. Each entry in the bibliography contains an annotation that summarizes the plot and how HIV/AIDS is depicted in the story, an indication of the accuracy of the HIV/AIDS content, a note on how central HIV/AIDS is to the story, and an evaluation of the literary quality of the book. This work will assist readers in collecting, choosing, evaluating, and using these works to educate readers about HIV/AIDS.


Title Mayday PDF eBook
Author Chris Strange
Publisher Chris Strange
Pages 294
Release 2014-05-15
Genre Fiction
ISBN 0473285398

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WE WON THE WAR, BUT CAN WE SURVIVE THE NIGHT? Nineteen years ago, the Maydays attacked. Five colossal monsters rose from the earth and laid waste to cities around the globe, pushing humanity to the brink of extinction. Now those monsters are our slaves, fighting each other for our amusement in brutal matches broadcast across the world, courtesy of the Volkov Media Corporation. A MONSTER LIES DEAD. Maydays have proven themselves indestructible. So when a Mayday is found dead with no cause and no witnesses, Volkov's staff detective Jay Escobar is tasked with uncovering the truth before it can cripple the company. THE MAYDAYS WILL RISE AGAIN. This is the case that will make Escobar's career. But the investigation soon spirals wildly out of control. As he races to solve the case before it's too late, Escobar discovers that the Mayday's death is only the first step in a plot that will see humanity plunged back into an unwinnable war. And he'll be at ground zero when it begins. MAYDAY is a genre-bending mash-up of hardboiled crime fiction and Japanese kaiju (giant monster) cinema. Sam Spade meets Godzilla in a gripping mystery of monstrous proportions.

The Heart Has Its Reasons

The Heart Has Its Reasons
Title The Heart Has Its Reasons PDF eBook
Author Michael Cart
Publisher Scarecrow Press
Pages 230
Release 2006-03-30
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 1461734207

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Society does not make it easy for young people, regardless of their sexual orientation, to find accurate, nonjudgmental information about homosexuality. It makes it even more difficult for young homosexuals to find positive role models in fiction either written or published expressly for them or—if published for adults—relevant to them and their lives. The Heart Has Its Reasons examines these issues and critically evaluates the body of literature published for young adults that offers homosexual themes and characters. Cart and Jenkins chart the evolution of the field of YA literature having GLBTQ (gay/lesbian/bisexual, transgendered, and/or queer/questioning) content. They identify titles that are remarkable either for their excellence or failures, noting the stereotypic, wrongheaded, and outdated books as well as the accurate, thoughtful, and tactful titles. Useful criteria for evaluating books with GLBTQ content are provided. Books and resources of all types are reviewed based on a model that uses the category descriptors of Homosexual Visibility, Gay Assimilation, and Queer Consciousness/Community. An annotated bibliography and a number of author-title lists of books discussed in the text arranged by subject round out this valuable reference for teachers, librarians, parents, and young adults.

Liberating Minds

Liberating Minds
Title Liberating Minds PDF eBook
Author Norman G. Kester
Publisher McFarland
Pages 282
Release 1997-01-01
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 9780786403639

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In this work, over 30 librarians (such as James V. Carmichael, Jr., Sanford Berman, Martha E. Stone, Gerald Perry, Barbara Gomez and Martha Cornog) address gay and lesbian issues facing the profession, and in some cases offer their own stories of understanding their sexuality and its implications on their professional lives. Some of the issues addressed are the need to uphold intellectual freedom, challenging the censorship of gay materials in libraries, AIDS material in the library, the information needs of gay and lesbian patrons, collection development, and confronting homophobia.

Telling Time

Telling Time
Title Telling Time PDF eBook
Author Lisa Frieden
Publisher Lisa Frieden
Pages 128
Release 2020-06-01
Genre Literary Criticism

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Telling Time is a scholarly book that explores how novelists wrote about AIDS during the first decade of the epidemic, when HIV and AIDS were considered death sentences and most often associated with homosexuality and the gay community. The book explores the different narrative strategies used by novelists to represent the temporality of AIDS, looking at Paul Reed’s Facing It: a Novel of AIDS, David Feinberg’s Eighty-Sixed and Spontaneous Combustion, and Paul Monette’s Afterlife and Halfway Home, and how a few novels did manage to resist the apocalyptic dominant rhetoric of AIDS. The book also discusses the difficulties of publishing AIDS novels by people of color and such writers as E. Lynn Harris and Steve Corbin. Telling Time includes a comprehensive annotated bibliography of all American AIDS novels published from 1982-1992 as a reference guide for further reading.