The Lady Doctor

The Lady Doctor
Title The Lady Doctor PDF eBook
Author Ian Williams
Publisher Myriad Editions
Pages 254
Release 2019-01-31
Genre Medical
ISBN 0993563376

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The Lady Doctor is the follow-up companion graphic novel to Ian Williams's critically acclaimed debut, The Bad Doctor (Myriad, 2014). Dr Lois Pritchard is a salaried partner at Llangandida Health Centre with Drs Iwan James (subject of The Bad Doctor) and Robert Smith. She also works two days a week in the local Genitourinary Medicine (GUM) clinic. She is 40, currently single, despite the attentions of her many admirers, and is, by her own admission, 'not very good with relationships'. When her estranged mother makes a dramatic appearance on the scene, demanding a liver transplant, Lois has to confront her loyalties and make some hard decisions. From the moment we see Dr Lois nipping out behind the surgery for a fag, we know we are in for a behind-the-scenes warts-and-all comedy drama. We meet a patient who regrets the Pinocchio face he had tattooed on his genitals; a man who resorts to desperate measures after being driven mad by his neighbours' cats, and a prescription drug addict who plans to sue his previous doctors for failing to refuse him the drugs he demanded. Drugs – prescription, recreational, legal (coffee, alcohol, tobacco) – and behaviours and attitudes surrounding them – are a hot topic at Llangandida Health Centre. Hardening government attitudes towards drugs and addiction, and patients' demands to benefit from the re emergence of psychedelic therapeutic research, don't make a doctor's life any easier, but Williams explores current medical issues and ethics with his trademark lightness of touch and wonderfully sly sense of humour, using his own experience as a practising GP to recreate the lives of both patients and health service practitioners.

The lady doctor

The lady doctor
Title The lady doctor PDF eBook
Author Charles Herbert
Release 1949

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The Life of a Russian Woman Doctor

The Life of a Russian Woman Doctor
Title The Life of a Russian Woman Doctor PDF eBook
Author Anna Bek
Publisher Indiana University Press
Pages 180
Release 2004-11-10
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 9780253217172

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The story of an idealistic Russian woman doctor in pre- and postrevolutionary Siberia.

Elizabeth Glen, M.B.

Elizabeth Glen, M.B.
Title Elizabeth Glen, M.B. PDF eBook
Author Annie S. Swan
Publisher W. Briggs ; London : Hutchinson
Pages 313
Release 1895

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The Woman Doctor's Guide to Overcoming Cystitis

The Woman Doctor's Guide to Overcoming Cystitis
Title The Woman Doctor's Guide to Overcoming Cystitis PDF eBook
Author Kathryn Schrotenboer Cox
Publisher Signet Book
Pages 164
Release 1989-06-06
Genre Cystitis
ISBN 9780451160065

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Next to the common cold, cystitis is the leading cause of absenteeism among working women. Now, an experienced woman obstetrician/gynecologist explains in sympathetic and easy-to-understand language the causes, symptoms and treatments of cystitis.

The Doctor in the Victorian Novel

The Doctor in the Victorian Novel
Title The Doctor in the Victorian Novel PDF eBook
Author Dr Tabitha Sparks
Publisher Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
Pages 186
Release 2013-04-28
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 1409475409

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With the character of the doctor as her subject, Tabitha Sparks follows the decline of the marriage plot in the Victorian novel. As Victorians came to terms with the scientific revolution in medicine of the mid-to-late nineteenth century, the novel's progressive distance from the conventions of the marriage plot can be indexed through a rising identification of the doctor with scientific empiricism. A narrative's stance towards scientific reason, Sparks argues, is revealed by the fictional doctor's relationship to the marriage plot. Thus, novels that feature romantic doctors almost invariably deny the authority of empiricism, as is the case in George MacDonald's Adela Cathcart. In contrast, works such as Wilkie Collins's Heart and Science, which highlight clinically minded or even sinister doctors, uphold the determining logic of science and, in turn, threaten the novel's romantic plot. By focusing on the figure of the doctor rather than on a scientific theme or medical field, Sparks emulates the Victorian novel's personalization of tropes and belief systems, using the realism associated with the doctor to chart the sustainability of the Victorian novel's central imaginative structure, the marriage plot. As the doctors Sparks examines increasingly stand in for the encroachment of empirical knowledge on a morally formulated artistic genre, their alienation from the marriage plot and its interrelated decline succinctly herald the end of the Victorian era and the beginning of Modernism.

Lady Doctor

Lady Doctor
Title Lady Doctor PDF eBook
Author Peggy Gaddis
Release 1994-01-01
Genre Large type books
ISBN 9780786200474

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