The Esoteric Apprentice

The Esoteric Apprentice
Title The Esoteric Apprentice PDF eBook
Author Steven Chernikeeff
Publisher Outskirts Press
Pages 171
Release 2018-09-21
Genre Religion
ISBN 1977202543

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Students of the Ageless Wisdom brought together for dynamic group work in Twelve Formation. This is their story… A story of hope, frustration and achievement. This is the story of the Twelves Group and I was the Esoteric Apprentice. “The Esoteric Apprentice offers a fascinating look into the world of inner group work and meditation, the challenges involved with group cooperation and working in the subtle realms.” Phillip Lindsay, author ‘Unveiling Genesis’, ‘The Initiations of Krishnamurti’ etc. “The first thing that impressed me reading Steven’s account is that his experience is a confirmation of the ‘externalization’ process itself as well as certain predictions Master D.K. made regarding esoteric groups.” Patrick Chouinard, esotericist, teacher and author “A captivating personal recount of an occult experiment in group work consciously aligned with a group of Masters on the inner planes. Highly recommended” Stephane Chollet, CEO Surya World, teacher and esotericist

The Apprentice’s Sorcerer

The Apprentice’s Sorcerer
Title The Apprentice’s Sorcerer PDF eBook
Author Ishay Landa
Publisher BRILL
Pages 384
Release 2009-11-23
Genre Social Science
ISBN 9047443810

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This book contends incisively that fascism, far from being the antithesis of liberalism, ought to be seen centrally as an effort to unknot the longue durée tangle of the liberal order, as it finally collided, head on, with mass democracy.

The Sociology of Mathematics Education

The Sociology of Mathematics Education
Title The Sociology of Mathematics Education PDF eBook
Author Paul Dowling
Publisher Routledge
Pages 352
Release 2002-11-01
Genre Education
ISBN 1135710031

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Until the 1960s, maths was studied as an academic subject in a desire to have more mathematicians. The current trend, however, has moved away from viewing maths as a purely intellectual endeavour and towards developing a more mathematically competent workforce and citizenry. This trend has seen a large increase in the number of maths schemes being produced by the major educational publishers, which attempt to make maths easier and more approachable by using language instead of symbols. So why do so many children still fail at maths? The author contends that to understand this, teachers need to analyze and evaluate the maths textbooks they are currently using. The author shows the reader how to systematically analyze and evaluate these textbooks. This interrogation of classroom resources, should have important implications for teaching strategies and for textbook design and use.

Esoteric Handbook for the Entered Apprentice Mason

Esoteric Handbook for the Entered Apprentice Mason
Title Esoteric Handbook for the Entered Apprentice Mason PDF eBook
Author Robert Lund
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages 184
Release 2018-08-20
ISBN 9781723252792

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This book is aimed, primarily, at the newly initiated Mason, but it is also for those older Masons who have not delved into the depth of meaning in Masonic ceremonies. As Freemasonry is a system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols, this book takes a look at what those allegories and symbols are hinting at. The creators of the amazing Masonic degree ceremonies have added a layer of meaning that goes beyond the obvious moral lessons and starts to point the Mason who seeks light towards a more spiritual understanding of himself and the reason for his existence in this world. This is the first of three volumes, each aimed at one of the three Craft Degrees.


Title Apprenticeship PDF eBook
Author Michael William Coy
Publisher SUNY Press
Pages 332
Release 1989-01-01
Genre Social Science
ISBN 9780791400609

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This book examines the phenomenon of apprenticeship by exploring it as a social, economic, and educational institution. Studies of apprenticeship in both craft occupations and supernatural specializations in Africa, Latin America, North America, and Asia are offered. The authors also look at apprenticeship as a method in anthropological field research. Many of the contributors have apprenticed themselves in other-cultural settings, providing a unique marriage of subject and method in cross-cultural research. Esther N. Goody provides a summary look at learning, apprenticeship and the division of labor.

Diagramming the Social

Diagramming the Social
Title Diagramming the Social PDF eBook
Author Russell Dudley-Smith
Publisher Routledge
Pages 181
Release 2020-09-13
Genre Social Science
ISBN 0429574762

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This book challenges the hyper-production and proliferation of concepts in modern social research. It presents a distinctive methodological response to this tendency through an exploration of one of the most underappreciated yet widely deployed conventions for the analysis of social processes: the creation of diagrammatic relational spaces. Designed to capture social processes in a way that resists reductive and essentialist categories, such spaces have the capacity to produce powerful, systematic analyses that break the spell of concept proliferation and its resultant naively realist approach to explaining the world. Through an exploration of key examples and series of original case studies, the authors demonstrate the application of this approach across a variety of empirical settings and academic disciplines. They thus offer a relational and pragmatic approach to social research that resists current trends characterised by supposedly self-evident data and/or disconnected theory. As such, the book constitutes an important contribution to some of the central questions in current social research, and promises to unsettle and reinvigorate considerations of method across different fields of practice.

Alice A. Bailey

Alice A. Bailey
Title Alice A. Bailey PDF eBook
Author Isobel Blackthorn
Publisher Next Chapter
Pages 452
Release 2022-01-28
Genre Body, Mind & Spirit

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"A must-read for any Bailey student, anyone interested in the New Age movement, and for those who wonder, amidst our confused and divided world, where will it all end?" - Steven Chernikeeff, author of Esoteric Apprentice From tragic beginnings as an aristocratic orphan to becoming the mother of the New Age spiritual movement, Alice A. Bailey is one of the modern era's most misunderstood occult figures. Bailey's journey is a story of faith, from orthodox Christian beginnings, through a protracted spiritual crisis, to a newfound belief in Theosophy. A mystic and a seeker, a founder of global spiritual organizations, and a surmounter of adversity, Bailey's past is rife with injustices, myths, and misconceptions - including that she was an anti-Semite and a racist with a dark agenda. With scandals and controversies laid bare, Bailey's extraordinary life is revealed as a powerful, remarkable legacy.