The Art of Dreaming

The Art of Dreaming
Title The Art of Dreaming PDF eBook
Author Carlos Castaneda
Publisher Harper Collins
Pages 276
Release 1994-05-19
Genre Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN 006092554X

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Bestselling author Carlos Castaneda introduces readers to the worlds that exist within their dreams.

A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming

A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming
Title A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming PDF eBook
Author Dylan Tuccillo
Publisher Workman Publishing Company
Pages 288
Release 2013-09-10
Genre Self-Help
ISBN 0761178627

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Imagine being able to fly. Walk through walls. Shape-shift. Breathe underwater. Conjure loved ones—or total strangers—out of thin air. Imagine experiencing your nighttime dreams with the same awareness you possess right now—fully functioning memory, imagination, and self-awareness. Imagine being able to use this power to be more creative, solve problems, and discover a deep sense of well-being. This is lucid dreaming—the ability to know you are dreaming while you are in a dream, and then consciously explore and change the elements of the dream. A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming, with its evocative retro illustrations, shows exactly how to do it. Written by three avid, experienced lucid dreamers, this manual for the dream world takes the reader from step one—learning how to reconnect with his or her dreams— through the myriad possibilities of what can happen once the dreamer is lucid and an accomplished oneironaut (a word that comes from the Greek oneira, meaning dreams, and nautis, meaning sailor). Readers will learn about the powerful REM sleep stage—a window into lucid dreams. Improve dream recall by keeping a journal. The importance of reality checks, such as “The Finger”—during the day, try to pass your finger through your palm; then, when you actually do it successfully, you’ll know that you’re dreaming. And once you become lucid, how to make the most of it. Every time you dream, you are washing up on the shores of your own inner landscape. Learn to explore a strange and thrilling world with A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming.


Title Oneirognosis PDF eBook
Author Stephen Barnwell
Pages 94
Release 2018-04
ISBN 9780991321629

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In this book, you will learn the art of Dream Seeding, where you ask your dreams questions and receive answers in return. But it delves deeper than that. Oneirognosis explores concepts of where dreams come from, and what the mechanics of dreaming are. How do dreams work? How are these experiences created? This book is a poetic and lyrical exploration of the mystery of dreaming, and its essentially spiritual nature. Oneirognosis is not your usual book about dreaming because the author is primarily a visual artist, seeing and understanding the world through the lens of symbols and icons. Dreams use the language of symbols to teach our conscious minds through the use of story and parable. The more you understand symbols and their uses, the better you can understand your dreams. This book is a meditation on the origins of dreams, the wellspring of creativity, and the interconnection between the mind, body, and soul. It will inspire you to see your dreams from an entirely new perspective. To find out more about this book, please go to the publisher's website:

The Art of Lucid Dreaming

The Art of Lucid Dreaming
Title The Art of Lucid Dreaming PDF eBook
Author Clare R. Johnson
Publisher Llewellyn Worldwide
Pages 205
Release 2020-03-08
Genre Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN 0738762970

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Learn how to wake up in your dreams for creative insights and beautiful spiritual adventures The Art of Lucid Dreaming is a quick and easy guide to help you get lucid fast. Dr. Clare Johnson, world-leading expert on lucid dreaming, shares her best practical tips and a unique Lucidity Quiz that identifies your personal sleeper-dreamer type so you can fast-track to the techniques that work best for you. When you are lucid in a dream, you can choose to ask your unconscious mind for guidance, perform healing magic, seek creative solutions to problems, and explore the dream realm more profoundly than ever before. With over sixty practices and fifteen tailor-made lucidity programs to get you started, this hands-on guide helps you set up your own custom program for achieving lucidity as quickly as possible. Focusing on how to get lucid, stay lucid, and guide your dreams, this book shows how to transform your nightly slumber into an exciting spiritual adventure that fills your life with meaning.

The Art of Dreaming

The Art of Dreaming
Title The Art of Dreaming PDF eBook
Author Jill Mellick
Publisher Conari Press
Pages 228
Release 2001-01-01
Genre Self-Help
ISBN 9781573245746

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Encourages readers to integrate dreaming and creativity by playing with their dreams across a range of media, including painting, ceramics, dancing, mask making, and poetry.

Painting the Dream

Painting the Dream
Title Painting the Dream PDF eBook
Author Daniel Bergez
Publisher National Geographic Books
Pages 0
Release 2018-10-16
Genre Art
ISBN 0789213133

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The first-ever history of the representation of dreams in Western painting, illustrated with works by more than 130 artists Organized by period, from the Middle Ages to the present, this engaging book shows how the idea of the dream, and its depictions, have shifted throughout history, from the biblical dream—a communication from God—to the deeply personal dream, the lighthearted fantasy, the nightmare. Sometimes these ideas have existed simultaneously: thus we have, only a few years apart, Raphael’s limpid High Renaissance composition of Jacob dreaming his Ladder; Albrecht Dürer’s watercolor of a mysterious deluge that he saw in his own slumbers; and Hieronymus Bosch’s nightmarish hellscapes. More recently, movements such as Symbolism and Surrealism have taken the dream as a primary source of inspiration, even conflating dreaming and the creative process itself. This rich vein of visionary art runs from Gustave Moreau and Odilon Redon, through De Chirico and Dalí, down to the present—demonstrating, as Bergez reminds us, that Morpheus was a god of form as well as of dreams.

The Secret History of Dreaming

The Secret History of Dreaming
Title The Secret History of Dreaming PDF eBook
Author Robert Moss
Publisher New World Library
Pages 354
Release 2010
Genre Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN 157731901X

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Dreaming is vital to the human story. It is essential to our survival and evolution, to creative endeavors in every field, and, quite simply, to getting us through our daily lives. All of us dream. Now Robert Moss shows us how dreams have shaped world events and why deepening our conscious engagement with dreaming is crucial for our future. He traces the strands of dreams through archival records and well-known writings, weaving remarkable yet true accounts of historical figures who were influenced by their dreams. In this wide-ranging, visionary book, Moss creates a new way to explore history and consciousness, combining the storytelling skills of a bestselling novelist with the research acumen of a scholar of ancient history and the personal experience of an active dreamer.