Streams to the River, River to the Sea

Streams to the River, River to the Sea
Title Streams to the River, River to the Sea PDF eBook
Author Scott O'Dell
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Pages 214
Release 1986
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 9780395404300

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A young Indian woman, accompanied by her infant and her cruel husband, experiences joy and heartbreak when she joins the Lewis and Clark expedition seeking a way to the Pacific.

Death on the River

Death on the River
Title Death on the River PDF eBook
Author John Wilson
Publisher Orca Book Publishers
Pages 204
Release 2009-10
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 1554691117

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A young soldier survives a Confederate prison camp during the Civil War.

Between the Rivers

Between the Rivers
Title Between the Rivers PDF eBook
Author Harry Turtledove
Publisher Macmillan
Pages 415
Release 2007-04-01
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1429914963

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At the sun-drenched dawn of human history, in the great plain between the two great rivers, are the cities of men. And each city is ruled by its god. But the god of the city of Gibil is lazy and has let the men of his city develop the habit of thinking for themselves. Now the men of Gibil have begun to devise arithmetic, and commerce, and are sending expeditions to trade with other lands. They're starting to think that perhaps men needn't always be subject to the whims of gods. This has the other god worried. And well they might be...because human cleverness, once awakened, isn't likely to be easily squelched.

The RiverThe River

The RiverThe River
Title The RiverThe River PDF eBook
Author Patricia Hegarty
Publisher Caterpillar Books
Pages 24
Release 2018-02-08
Genre Fishes
ISBN 9781848576667

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Follow a little fish on her epic journey downriver as she travels out into the unknown. With stunning artwork from Hanako Clulow, a lyrical narrative and a magical 'swimming fish' on every page, this is a book to treasure and revisit time and again.

California Rivers and Streams

California Rivers and Streams
Title California Rivers and Streams PDF eBook
Author Jeffrey F. Mount
Publisher Univ of California Press
Pages 378
Release 2023-09-01
Genre Nature
ISBN 052091693X

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California Rivers and Streams provides a clear and informative overview of the physical and biological processes that shape California's rivers and watersheds. Jeffrey Mount introduces relevant basic principles of hydrology and geomorphology and applies them to an understanding of the differences in character of the state's many rivers. He then builds on this foundation by evaluating the impact on waterways of different land use practices—logging, mining, agriculture, flood control, urbanization, and water supply development. Water may be one of California's most valuable resources, but it is far from being one we control. In spite of channels, levees, lines and dams, the state's rivers still frequently flood, with devastating results. Almost all the rivers in California are dammed or diverted; with the booming population, there will be pressure for more intervention. Mount argues that Californians know little about how their rivers work and, more importantly, how and why land-use practices impact rivers. The forceful reconfiguration and redistribution of the rivers has already brought the state to a critical crossroads. California Rivers and Streams forces us to reevaluate our use of the state's rivers and offers a foundation for participating in the heated debates about their future.

Like Streams to the Ocean

Like Streams to the Ocean
Title Like Streams to the Ocean PDF eBook
Author Jedidiah Jenkins
Publisher Convergent Books
Pages 272
Release 2021-02-02
Genre Literary Collections
ISBN 0593137248

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • “As inviting, wide-ranging, and philosophical as an all-night conversation with a best friend, and as revealing and thought-provoking as the diary of a curious adventurer.”—Sasha Sagan, author of For Small Creatures Such as We You can travel the world looking for yourself, but if you don't know what you're looking for, how can you find it? Like Streams To The Ocean is about examining the things that make us who we are and getting to know ourselves, our stories, and the decisions that shape our one and only life. Writing with the passion and clarity that made his debut, To Shake the Sleeping Self, a national bestseller, Jedidiah Jenkins brings together new and old writings to explore the eight subjects that give life meaning: ego, family, home, friendship, love, work, death, the soul. Who am I? What am I made of? How much of how I act boils down to avoiding the things that make me feel small? As he examines the experiences that shape our conscious and subconscious answers to these questions, Jenkins leads readers in a wide-ranging conversation about finding fulfillment in the people and places around us and discovering the courage to show our deepest selves to the world.

The River Book

The River Book
Title The River Book PDF eBook
Author James Grant MacBroom
Pages 272
Release 1998
Genre Nature

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