So I Am Glad

So I Am Glad
Title So I Am Glad PDF eBook
Author A. L. Kennedy
Publisher Vintage
Pages 289
Release 2007-12-18
Genre Fiction
ISBN 0307427838

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The ferociously talented author of Original Bliss and On Bullfighting offers this haunting tale of two forlorn people who find in each other a hope and love as genuine and original as this marvelous book in which they come to life. M. Jennifer Wilson is a mid-thirties radio announcer living in Glasgow. She shares a house with Art and Liz, two typical Scotland thirtysomethings, but her life takes a drastic turn with the arrival of her new housemate, an elusive man who glows in the dark and can't remember his name. He soon reveals himself to be none other than Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac, the famed writer and duelist of eighteenth-century France, and what unfolds is a love story stark and surreal, tender and humane.

I'm So Glad You Found Me In Here

I'm So Glad You Found Me In Here
Title I'm So Glad You Found Me In Here PDF eBook
Author Matthew Hobson
Pages 194
Release 2020-02-13
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 0359962211

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I'm So Glad You Found Me in Here, co-written by college graduate Matt Hobson, a nonverbal young man living with autism, and his mother, Nancy, is a touching story about Matt's disability and the obstacles he and his family have faced and are still encountering today. Being diagnosed as severely mentally handicapped until the age eleven, the Hobsons' story is an inspirational one and will serve to provide insight, support, and comfort to the parents of autistic and other disabled children. �So few try to see what is actually inside my heart and my mind.� --Matthew Hobson �I think the greatest thing that I can do with my life is to help parents see that you have to have faith that God will help you do your best to support your child.� --Matthew Hobson

I'm Glad About You

I'm Glad About You
Title I'm Glad About You PDF eBook
Author Theresa Rebeck
Publisher Penguin
Pages 301
Release 2016-02-23
Genre Fiction
ISBN 0698182960

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“Crazy, Stupid, Love meets Notting Hill. About an actress making it big and the complicated relationship she has with the guy she met as a teenager. You’ll read it in two days” —The Skimm Their meeting in a parking lot outside a high school football game was both completely forgettable and utterly life-changing. Because no matter how you look at it, it is piss-poor luck to meet the love of your life before your life has even started. Fierce and ambitious, Alison transforms into a rising TV star in New York City while her first love, Kyle, all heart and spiritual yearning, becomes a pediatrician in suburban Cincinnati, married to the wrong woman. What could these mismatched souls have to do with each other? Everything and nothing. Even as their fates rocket them forward and apart, neither can fully let go of the past. As their lives inevitably intersect, Alison and Kyle must face each other in the revealing light of their decisions. I’m Glad About You is a glittering study of how far the compromises two people make will take them from the lives they were meant to live.

I'm Glad My Mom Died

I'm Glad My Mom Died
Title I'm Glad My Mom Died PDF eBook
Author Jennette McCurdy
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pages 320
Release 2022-08-09
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1982185821

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A memoir by American former actress and singer Jennette McCurdy about her career as a child actress and her difficult relationship with her abusive mother who died in 2013

I'm Glad I Did

I'm Glad I Did
Title I'm Glad I Did PDF eBook
Author Cynthia Weil
Pages 273
Release 2015
ISBN 161695356X

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It's the summer of 1963 and JJ Green is a born songwriter - which is a major problem, considering that her family considers the music business to be a cesspool of lowlifes and hustlers. Defying all the naysayers, JJ takes an internship at the Brill Building, the epicentre of a new sound that is rapidly changing the world: rock and roll. JJ is finally living her dream. She even finds herself a writing partner in Luke Silver, a boy with mesmerising green eyes who seems to connect instantly with her music.

Glad No Matter What

Glad No Matter What
Title Glad No Matter What PDF eBook
Author SARK
Publisher New World Library
Pages 226
Release 2011-12-16
Genre Self-Help
ISBN 1608680347

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Though SARK has empowered millions to live their creative dreams, manage their businesses, and savor personal connections, the deaths of her mother and cat and the end of a treasured relationship tested her ability to walk her talk. But as Glad No Matter What shows, she journeyed through the spirals and layers of grief and loss and emerged stronger and more whole. In this inspiring book, she shares the insights she found along the way — practical strategies we can all use to cultivate profound, positive transformation through, rather than despite, life’s inevitable travails.

I'm Glad You Asked

I'm Glad You Asked
Title I'm Glad You Asked PDF eBook
Author Kenneth Boa
Publisher David C Cook
Pages 290
Release 1995-03
Genre Religion
ISBN 9781564763877

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How does one effectively deal with the tough questions which arise when one is asked to defend Christianity? How do we learn to speak the truth effectively? This bestselling book, published in 1982, will not only help believers understand the strength of their position, but will ultimately help those who are searching to discover Christ.