Science Magic Tricks for Kids

Science Magic Tricks for Kids
Title Science Magic Tricks for Kids PDF eBook
Author Kathy Gendreau
Publisher Z Kids
Pages 226
Release 2023-10-17
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 0593689968

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Is it magic? Or is it science? Amaze family and friends with these 50 science experiments designed to work as magic tricks! Make a flame jump from candle to candle, create a cloud in a bottle, and keep water from pouring out of an upside-down container in this exciting science book for kids! Young magicians will thrill to these age-appropriate tricks—and gain confidence in their scientific knowledge and abilities at the same time. Science Magic Tricks for Kids features: 50 magic tricks based on science for kids ages 8−12 using common household materials A new way of learning science, with clear explanations of the scientific principles behind the magic Easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and a helpful photo for every trick Detailed directions for putting on a spectacular magic show “Ask the Audience” questions that help kids involve their audience (and learn the science before the performance) “Run with It!” sections that suggest ways to try each trick with different materials and instructions: How will the results of the trick change? Written by the owner and founder of STEAMboat Studio, a children’s education center dedicated to bringing fun, hands-on, STEAM-focused learning experiences to students of all ages, Science Magic Tricks for Kids is the perfect science book for budding scientists and magicians.

The Everything Kids' Magical Science Experiments Book

The Everything Kids' Magical Science Experiments Book
Title The Everything Kids' Magical Science Experiments Book PDF eBook
Author Tom Mark Robinson
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pages 144
Release 2007-10
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 159869426X

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Presents more than fifty science experiments to help readers unlock the mysteries of science and "magic," including how to create invisible ink, how to make a person stay seated with just using your pinky finger, and how to seal a punctured balloon with a penny.

Science is Magic

Science is Magic
Title Science is Magic PDF eBook
Author Steve Mould
Publisher Penguin
Pages 98
Release 2019-03-05
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 1465487859

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Packed with over 40 magical science tricks for kids using simple experiments! Join comedian and author Steve Mould, #1 bestselling author of How to be a Scientist, and learn the secrets behind some of the most famous magic tricks and illusions (and learn some of your own). Learn how to bend water with a balloon, turn water into juice, make a glass beaker disappear in oil, and wow your friends with levitating tinsel! Packed with optical illusions, pranks, and fun facts, this ebook is a must-have for any aspiring scientist or magician (the two aren't as different as you might think)! Each trick is explained using step-by-step photographs, and the science behind each one is showcased clearly and simply. Sprinkled throughout the ebook are profiles of famous magicians and illusionists, such as Harry Houdini and David Blaine, and stories of how they used science to create their most famous tricks. Science is Magic is the perfect addition to any family bookshelf or classroom, putting a fresh spin on science for kids. What's fantastic about this kids’ activity ebook is that many of the magic tricks or experiments are something you learn to perform on a friend and require practice. Thus, (the genius bit) it’s not something kids will just do once and then turn the page. Think Magic Is Just An Illusion? Think again! Discover science - REAL magic at your fingertips. Learn some amazing experiments to wow your friends, find out how magicians use science in their most famous tricks, and discover the magic of the world around you. Packed with activities for kids from magic tricks to optical illusions, and peppered with fascinating facts, this educational ebook is a must-have for scientists and magicians alike. Added bonus, each ‘trick’ or experiment in the ebook uses simple items that can be grabbed from home or a hardware store. Get ready to wow your friends with some cool science-backed magic like: - Magnetic fingers - Reading minds - Color changing potion - Guess the coin - Floating ping pong ball and much more! Add other fun-filled Steve Mould titles in the DK collection to your bookshelves, like How To Be A Scientist and The Bacteria Book.

Science Magic

Science Magic
Title Science Magic PDF eBook
Author Peter Eldin
Pages 32
Release 2002
Genre Magic tricks
ISBN 9780749644925

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Magic tricks that are based on science principles introduce children to a world of science in a fun way. Each trick, and how to perform it, is explained in clear steps, while science panels go into the scientific principle that made the fun trick work. Age 8+.

Science Magic Tricks

Science Magic Tricks
Title Science Magic Tricks PDF eBook
Author Nathan Shalit
Publisher Courier Corporation
Pages 127
Release 2012-12-27
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 0486157318

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Easy-to-follow instructions, clear illustrations for 50 safe, science-related tricks: making squares and lines disappear, creating a magical doorway out of paper, cutting glass with scissors, and much more.

71+10 Magic Tricks for Children

71+10 Magic Tricks for Children
Title 71+10 Magic Tricks for Children PDF eBook
Author Malhotra Nisha
Publisher V&s Publishers
Pages 126
Release 2013-04-15
Genre Games & Activities
ISBN 9789350570210

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While ""magic"" has lots of meanings to different people, for our purposes here in this all new exciting and interesting book, 71+10 Magic Tricks for Children, it is referred to as the art of illusion or the process of making something appear to be happening that actually isn't. So children, if you have been wondering what's so unique and special about the world of Magic and harnessing an earnest desire in your hearts to become a Magician -- here are some amazing secrets or exclusive tips to perform various types of Magical Tricks described in the book. With these secrets or tips, you can not only excel in performing the tricks explained in the book, but also create some new ones on your own with the skills, techniques and knowledge gained from the book and of course, a bit of your imagination! The salient features of the book include - - How to get started in the world of Magic - Basic Tips for Beginners - Famous Magicians of the world and their Contributions - Mesmerise your family, friends and teachers with 71 Simple and Amazing Magic Tricks to read, understand and then perform - Ten most appealing and outstanding Tricks in Colour The book with all its unique features mentioned above and much more will fascinate all its readers, particularly the children, who are thrilled and enjoy the most, while watching a magic show. And now, when they know how to perform a magic, or the secret behind performing a magic - the book will become all the more interesting and worth reading!

Science Magic to Surprise and Captivate

Science Magic to Surprise and Captivate
Title Science Magic to Surprise and Captivate PDF eBook
Author Jessica Rusick
Publisher ABDO
Pages 35
Release 2019-12-15
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 1532178344

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Budding magicians will love exploring the art of magic with Science Magic to Surprise and Captivate. They will read how famous illusionists fooled their audiences. Then learn how to trick an audience of their own! Kids will follow simple instructions and photos to make cups melt, water bend, and more. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Super Sandcastle is an imprint of Abdo Publishing, a division of ABDO.