Saint Maybe

Saint Maybe
Title Saint Maybe PDF eBook
Author Anne Tyler
Publisher Random House
Pages 58
Release 2016-05-26
Genre Fiction
ISBN 140904517X

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'Compulsively readable, realistic, funny, touching' The Times When eighteen-year-old Ian Bedloe pricks the bubble of his family's optimistic self-deception, his brother Danny drives into a wall, his sister-in-law falls apart, and his parents age before his eyes. Consumed by guilt Ian finds the hope of forgiveness at the Church of the Second Chance, and leaves college to cope with the three children he has inherited and his own embarrassing religion. Twenty years on, Ian's prospects of a second chance are receding fast when, out of the heart of the domesticity that has engulfed him, strides a new figure who will bring him new life. **ANNE TYLER HAS SOLD OVER 8 MILLION BOOKS WORLDWIDE** 'Anne Tyler takes the ordinary, the small, and makes them sing' Rachel Joyce 'She knows all the secrets of the human heart' Monica Ali 'A masterly author' Sebastian Faulks 'I love Anne Tyler. I've read every single book she's written' Jacqueline Wilson

Visual Aggression

Visual Aggression
Title Visual Aggression PDF eBook
Author Assaf Pinkus
Publisher Penn State Press
Pages 215
Release 2021-02-04
Genre Art
ISBN 0271087692

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Why does a society seek out images of violence? What can the consumption of violent imagery teach us about the history of violence and the ways in which it has been represented and understood? Assaf Pinkus considers these questions within the context of what he calls galleries of violence, the torment imagery that flourished in German-speaking regions during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Exploring these images and the visceral bodily responses that they produced in their viewers, Pinkus argues that the new visual discourse on violence was a watershed in premodern conceptualizations of selfhood. Images of martyrdom in late medieval Germany reveal a strikingly brutal parade of passion: severed heads, split skulls, mutilated organs, extracted fingernails and teeth, and myriad other torments. Stripped from their devotional context and presented simply as brutal acts, these portrayals assailed viewers’ bodies and minds so violently that they amounted to what Pinkus describes as “visual aggressions.” Addressing contemporary discourses on violence and cruelty, the aesthetics of violence, and the eroticism of the tortured body, Pinkus ties these galleries of violence to larger cultural concerns about the ethics of violence and bodily integrity in the conceptualization of early modern personhood. Innovative and convincing, this study heralds a fundamental shift in the scholarly conversation about premodern violence, moving from a focus on the imitatio Christi and the liturgy of punishment to the notion of violence as a moral problem in an ethical system. Scholars of medieval and early modern art, history, and literature will welcome and engage with Pinkus’s research for years to come.

Veil of the Goddess

Veil of the Goddess
Title Veil of the Goddess PDF eBook
Author Rob Preece
Pages 300
ISBN 1411694236

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The Humour of Ireland

The Humour of Ireland
Title The Humour of Ireland PDF eBook
Author David James O'Donoghue
Pages 472
Release 1894
Genre Irish wit and humor

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Codex Lesbiacus Leimonos 11

Codex Lesbiacus Leimonos 11
Title Codex Lesbiacus Leimonos 11 PDF eBook
Author Orthodox Eastern Church
Publisher Walter de Gruyter
Pages 493
Release 2010
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 3110221292

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The book is an annotated critical edition of an unpublished collection of hymnographical texts, preserved in the eleventh-century Greek manuscript 11 of the library of Leimonos monastery, Lesbos, Greece. This important codex is a Menaion for June comprising thirty akolouthiai on saints; nineteen of them are hitherto unpublished. The edition of the texts is accompanied by an introduction, a liturgical, palaeographical, and hymnographical commentary, appendices of unpublished hymns preserved in manuscripts other than Lesbiacus Leimonos 11, and indices. The introduction examines codex Lesbiacus Leimonos 11 and its importance from a liturgical, hymnographical, and palaeographical perspective. It is divided into four chapters. The first presents the liturgical environment of the period from the ninth century, when most of the texts edited were composed, to the eleventh, when the production of the codex could be placed, and the liturgical books used in the period, the structure of the akolouthiai and the festal calendar of the Byzantine church. The second chapter deals with the content of the texts edited. Chapter Three presents briefly the life and the hymnographical work of the authors of the texts. The last chapter of the introduction is devoted to the manuscript tradition of the texts.

The Ninth Nightmare

The Ninth Nightmare
Title The Ninth Nightmare PDF eBook
Author Graham Masterton
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Pages 349
Release 2024-01-18
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1035905159

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'Truly creepy' Kirkus The original and terrifying conclusion to a supernatural horror series from the master of horror himself, Graham Masterton. TO SLEEP For eight hundred years, Albrecht's Travelling Circus has been trapped in the realm of dreams. Its creator was thwarted in his mission to corrupt all who saw him and his carnival of oddities. TO DREAM Now, a serial killer has found a way to unleash the carnival into the real world and only the Night Warriors can stop it from happening. TO DIE They are used to confronting evil in dreams but this enemy is of the waking world, where their strength is greatly diminished. And with power unlike any they have seen before, they will soon learn that this killer is very much more than a nightmare... Praise for Graham Masterton: 'One of the most original and frightening storytellers of our time' Peter James 'Suspenseful and tension-filled... all the finesse of a master storyteller' Guardian 'One of Britain's finest horror writers' Daily Mail

Where Have You Gone Without Me?

Where Have You Gone Without Me?
Title Where Have You Gone Without Me? PDF eBook
Author Peter Bonventre
Publisher Turner Publishing Company
Pages 186
Release 2021-03-30
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1684426219

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"Where Have You Gone Without Me? is a wildly entertaining romp across the gritty sidewalks of New York with a streetwise newspaperman. Bonventre is a compelling storyteller. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop. It's one hell of a yarn!" -Howard Blum, New York Times bestselling author of The Last Goodnight and Dark Invasion "Let’s see: There’s a religious miracle (maybe) and a headline-grabbing murder (definitely), a psycho gangster with a bizarre dream and a long-lost love who suddenly makes the scene. And that’s not all. Where Have You Gone Without Me? is a Must Read—so what’re you waiting for?" -Maxine Paetro, co-author with James Patterson of No. 1 New York Times Best Sellers In the heart of New York City, newspaper columnist Eddie Sabella stumbles into the biggest story of his life when a statue is stolen from a church. Not just any statue, but one that was reported to have miraculously wept real tears only the day before—an event that made headlines. As Eddie pursues the story behind the theft, he begins unravelling a mystery that leads him to cross paths with a cast of unusual suspects: a respected restauranteur with a secret past, a cantankerous priest with expensive tastes, a legendary hitman, and a still-volatile Mafia soldier hungry for revenge. As Eddie rushes to track down the mastermind behind the statue’s theft, his investigation takes him deeper than he could have ever imagined into murders, mobsters, and head-spinning crimes. But nothing could have prepared him for Phyllis—Eddie’s first love who disappeared without a trace fifteen years before—an enigma in her own right who makes a startling return and upends his personal life. A mystery with non-stop twists and suspense, Where Have You Gone Without Me? is a story of lovers and losers, revenge, and second chances.