Rebels, Reds, Radicals

Rebels, Reds, Radicals
Title Rebels, Reds, Radicals PDF eBook
Author Ian McKay
Publisher Between The Lines
Pages 265
Release 2005
Genre Canada
ISBN 1896357970

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An engaging introduction to the vibrant history of the political left in Canada

101 Changemakers

101 Changemakers
Title 101 Changemakers PDF eBook
Author Michele Bollinger
Publisher Haymarket Books
Pages 226
Release 2012-11-06
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 1608461564

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101 profiles of social justice leaders that changed the world, made accessible for students in grades 5-9.

Rebels and Radicals

Rebels and Radicals
Title Rebels and Radicals PDF eBook
Author Anthony J. Papalas
Publisher Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers
Pages 367
Release 2005
Genre Ikaria (Greece : Municipality)
ISBN 0865166064

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Icaria, a long, craggy and destitute isle in the Aegean Sea is visible from Turkey. The toil and travail of its people symbolizes the journey all Greek People made to achieve a modern society. But unlike other Greeks the Icarians often chose a dead end path. Never in agreement with those around them, the story of the Icariaians shows the best and the worst of Greek society. The Icarians were loyal subjects of the Ottoman Empire who, because of poverty and lack of resources, were not expected to pay heavy taxes while most Ottoman Greeks were dissatisfied with Turkish rule and dreamed of independence. But just before World War I, when the Greek government did not want to annex the island because of international complications, the Icarians expelled the Turks and demanded inclusion in the Greek State. At that time the bulk of the young men were escaping the grinding poverty of the island by immigrating to the United States. Although the majority of these men stayed in America and brought wives from the island to the New World, they maintained local ties. Their influence, both positive and negative, affected many qualities of Icarian life. The Icarians did not find their expectations fulfilled as part of Greece and remained disenchanted with their conditions through the twenties and thirties of the 20th century. The forties brought first, the Italians, then the Germans, and finally the British. After the turmoil, many Icarians supported radical political solutions to their problems, sympathizing with a native a guerrilla movement and rejecting efforts to improve their island, seeing only the great Capitalistic conspiracy at work. In the last decades of the 20th century the Icarians finally entered the modern but at a too rapid rate leaving the people unable to cope with some aspects of modernity. Anthony J. Papalas has assembled a true "peoples" history by bringing together unusual documents such as dowry agreements and Ottoman court records, memoirs, and accounts of Icaria by people who were involved in the events he describes, all interwoven with informative and perceptive descriptions from forty years of interviews with Icarians from all areas and conditions. Here is a history on the social level, not grand politics or great battles, but rather the everyday existence and immediate choices which, once made, shape succeeding events.

Rebels in Bohemia

Rebels in Bohemia
Title Rebels in Bohemia PDF eBook
Author Leslie E. Fishbein
Pages 0
Release 2010-11-12
Genre History
ISBN 9780807896631

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Rebels in Bohemia: The Radicals of The Masses, 1911-1917

Zen Radicals, Rebels, and Reformers

Zen Radicals, Rebels, and Reformers
Title Zen Radicals, Rebels, and Reformers PDF eBook
Author Perle Besserman
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pages 264
Release 2011
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 0861716914

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"The Guys in this Book are my Heroes, and Perle Besserman and Manfred Steger have done a tremendous job of bringing their stories to life. It's important to put a spotlight on the radical, rebellious characters who have shaped the Zen Buddhist lineage. I really like this book."---Brad Warner, Author of Hardcore Zen --

Tales for Little Rebels

Tales for Little Rebels
Title Tales for Little Rebels PDF eBook
Author Julia L. Mickenberg
Publisher NYU Press
Pages 309
Release 2008-11
Genre History
ISBN 0814757200

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A rarely discussed aspect of children's literature--the politics behind a book's creation--has been thoroughly explored in this intelligent, enlightening, and fascinating account.

A Price Below Rubies

A Price Below Rubies
Title A Price Below Rubies PDF eBook
Author Naomi Shepherd
Publisher Harvard University Press
Pages 360
Release 1994
Genre Jewish radicals
ISBN 9780674704114

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Why, in the late nineteenth century, did Jewish women suddenly march en masse into the pages of radical history? A Price Below Rubies explores this question and introduces us to these women--particularly, Anna Kuliscioff, Rosa Luxemburg, Esther Frumkin, Manya Shochat, Bertha Pappenheim, Rose Pesotta, and Emma Goldman. Naomi Shepherd's collective biography of these seven women and others tells the story of a revolution that began at home, in communities whose limits stirred women to rebel.