NEA, Trojan Horse in American Education

NEA, Trojan Horse in American Education
Title NEA, Trojan Horse in American Education PDF eBook
Author Samuel L. Blumenfeld
Publisher Boise, Idaho : Paradigm Company
Pages 310
Release 1984
Genre Public schools

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Tax-funded Politics

Tax-funded Politics
Title Tax-funded Politics PDF eBook
Author James T. Bennett
Publisher Routledge
Pages 279
Release 2017-12-02
Genre Political Science
ISBN 135148690X

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"The past two decades have seen the growth of well-coordinated networks of political activists who have managed to obtain hundreds of millions of taxpayers' dollars for political lobbying. Although federal regulations prohibit such activities, loopholes in the law allow these monies to be masked as private resources. State and federal taxpayers, monies fund the lobbying efforts of private advocacy groups on both the political left and the right.In Tax-Funded Politics, James Bennett argues that governmental agencies, rather than combating theses abuses, aid and abet them in order to increase their own size and scope. Drawing on a broad range of examples, Bennett shows how the ideals of the nation's Founding Fathers have been subverted by molding and manipulating the will of the people through government-orchestrated propaganda. Government agencies, far from being indifferent to self-aggrandizement and the consolidation of wealth and power, are concerned with their own self-interest, whether it is enhancing their budget or supporting a particular political agenda. Likewise, nonprofit entities claim to operate solely in the ""public interest"" but also engage in political advocacy and lobbying activities. But when charities do the lobbying, blatant self-interest is wrapped in the halo of the ""public interest.""Tax-Funded Politics exposes dozens of mutually beneficial arrangements between government and charities involving hundreds of millions of dollars. It then explores their implications. Groups that receive government funds are loath to criticize failed government programs and are advocates for the expansion of the agencies that provide their support. Even charities learn not to bite the hand that feeds them. Although the vast majority of the funds are directed to nonprofit groups on the left of the political spectrum, so-called conservative organizations have also sought and received taxpayers' funds, despite promise to get g"

Inequity in Education

Inequity in Education
Title Inequity in Education PDF eBook
Author Debra Meyers
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Pages 288
Release 2009
Genre Education
ISBN 9780739133972

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Inequity in Education represents the latest scholarship investigating issues of race, class, ethnicity, religion, gender, and national identity formation that influenced education in America throughout its history. Targeting sophisticated undergraduates along with graduate students and specialists, this exciting new collection will capitalize on the growing interest in the historical foundations of the problems facing our schools today. This collection of cutting-edge essays and primary source documents represents a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives that will appeal to both social and cultural historians as well as those who teach education courses, including introductory surveys and foundations courses.

Illiteracy in America

Illiteracy in America
Title Illiteracy in America PDF eBook
Author United States. Congress. House. Committee on Education and Labor. Subcommittee on Elementary, Secondary, and Vocational Education
Pages 244
Release 1986
Genre Literacy

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Power Grab

Power Grab
Title Power Grab PDF eBook
Author G. Gregory Moo
Publisher Regnery Publishing
Pages 372
Release 1999-09-01
Genre Education
ISBN 9780895263155

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Exposes the National Education Association (NEA) for what it really is and provides a hands-on guide for teachers, parents, and communities to increase their voices in bringing education back to the children

Work in America [2 volumes]

Work in America [2 volumes]
Title Work in America [2 volumes] PDF eBook
Author Carl E. Van Horn
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages 780
Release 2003-12-15
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1576076776

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The first comprehensive analysis of work and the workforce in the United States, from the Industrial Revolution to the era of globalization. This comprehensive two-volume reference book is the first to analyze the central role of work and the workforce in U.S. life from the Industrial Revolution through today's information economy. Drawing on a variety of disciplines—economics, public policy, law, human and civil rights, cultural studies, and organizational psychology—its 256 entries examine key events, concepts, institutions, and individuals in labor history. Entries also tackle tough contemporary questions that reflect the conflicts inherent in capitalism. What is the impact of work on families and communities? On minority and immigrant populations? How shall we respond to changing work roles and the growing influence of the transnational corporation? Work in America describes and evaluates attempts to address social and class issues—affirmative action, occupational health and safety, corporate management science, and trade unionism and organized labor—and offers the kind of comprehensive understanding needed to discover workable solutions.

The Long War Against God

The Long War Against God
Title The Long War Against God PDF eBook
Author Henry Morris
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group
Pages 464
Release 2019-05-21
Genre Religion
ISBN 1614587035

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Darwin Challenged God's Word With Evolution...But Was He The Only One? Discover the old, ongoing war against biblical truth Dissect the origins of and arguments for atheistic thought Determine what you can do to defend your faith The denial of God is the root of every human problem, taking many forms over time — one of which is evolution. And this concept goes much farther back in time than we think. In The Long War Against God, the late Dr. Henry Morris, a renowned creationist, delves into the history of modern atheistic worldviews. Drawing from the writings of the Greeks, Babylonians, and other ancient philosophers, Morris demonstrates the long history and age of the plan to undermine God’s Word. Whether it’s evolutionism, humanism, pantheism, or atheism, Morris illuminates the past and present of these belief systems that seek to eliminate God. The Long War Against God will give you the tools you need to strengthen your own — and others’ — faith in the battle for God’s truth.