My Many Colored Days

My Many Colored Days
Title My Many Colored Days PDF eBook
Author Dr. Seuss
Publisher Knopf Books for Young Readers
Pages 32
Release 1998-09-08
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 067989344X

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Dr. Seuss's youngest concept book is now available in a sturdy board book for his youngest fans! All of the stunning illustrations and imaginative type designs of Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher are here, as are the intriguing die-cut squares in the cover. A brighter, more playful cover design makes this board book edition all the more appropriate as a color concept book to use with babies or a feelings and moods book to discuss with toddlers.

Dr. Seuss's Book of Colors

Dr. Seuss's Book of Colors
Title Dr. Seuss's Book of Colors PDF eBook
Author Dr. Seuss
Publisher Random House Books for Young Readers
Pages 21
Release 2024-07-16
Genre Juvenile Fiction

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An easy-to-read book about color, inspired by Dr. Seuss and illustrated with artwork from his books! This simple rhymed riff about color is illustrated with art from some of the most beloved—and colorful—works by Dr. Seuss, including The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, and One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. Great for the earliest reader, it is a perfect companion to Dr. Seuss concept books like Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?, The Shape of Me and Other Stuff, and Dr. Seuss's ABC. Nurture a love of reading—and of the many colorful characters created by Dr. Seuss—with this great new concept book for beginning readers! Bright and Early Books are perfect for beginning beginner readers! Launched by Dr. Seuss in 1968 with The Foot Book, Bright and Early Books use fewer and easier words than Beginner Books. Readers just starting to recognize words and sound out letters will love these short books with colorful illustrations.

Mean Soup

Mean Soup
Title Mean Soup PDF eBook
Author Betsy Everitt
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Pages 36
Release 1995-03
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 9780152002275

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Horace feels really mean at the end of a bad day, until he helps his mother make Mean Soup.

Racial Innocence

Racial Innocence
Title Racial Innocence PDF eBook
Author Robin Bernstein
Publisher NYU Press
Pages 318
Release 2011-12-01
Genre Social Science
ISBN 0814789781

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2013 Book Award Winner from the International Research Society in Children's Literature 2012 Outstanding Book Award Winner from the Association for Theatre in Higher Education 2012 Winner of the Lois P. Rudnick Book Prize presented by the New England American Studies Association 2012 Runner-Up, John Hope Franklin Publication Prize presented by the American Studies Association 2012 Honorable Mention, Distinguished Book Award presented by the Society for the Study of American Women Writers Part of the American Literatures Initiative Series Beginning in the mid nineteenth century in America, childhood became synonymous with innocence—a reversal of the previously-dominant Calvinist belief that children were depraved, sinful creatures. As the idea of childhood innocence took hold, it became racialized: popular culture constructed white children as innocent and vulnerable while excluding black youth from these qualities. Actors, writers, and visual artists then began pairing white children with African American adults and children, thus transferring the quality of innocence to a variety of racial-political projects—a dynamic that Robin Bernstein calls “racial innocence.” This phenomenon informed racial formation from the mid nineteenth century through the early twentieth. Racial Innocence takes up a rich archive including books, toys, theatrical props, and domestic knickknacks which Bernstein analyzes as “scriptive things” that invite or prompt historically-located practices while allowing for resistance and social improvisation. Integrating performance studies with literary and visual analysis, Bernstein offers singular readings of theatrical productions from blackface minstrelsy to Uncle Tom’s Cabin to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz; literary works by Joel Chandler Harris, Harriet Wilson, and Frances Hodgson Burnett; material culture including Topsy pincushions, Uncle Tom and Little Eva handkerchiefs, and Raggedy Ann dolls; and visual texts ranging from fine portraiture to advertisements for lard substitute. Throughout, Bernstein shows how “innocence” gradually became the exclusive province of white children—until the Civil Rights Movement succeeded not only in legally desegregating public spaces, but in culturally desegregating the concept of childhood itself. Check out the author's blog for the book here.

Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!

Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!
Title Hooray for Diffendoofer Day! PDF eBook
Author Jack Prelutsky
Publisher Knopf Books for Young Readers
Pages 57
Release 1998-04-20
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 0679890084

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Started by Dr. Seuss, finished by Jack Prelutsky, and illustrated by Lane Smith, Hooray for Diffendoofer Day! is a joyous ode to individuality starring unsinkable teacher Miss Bonkers and the quirky Diffendoofer School (which must prove it has taught its students how to think--or have them sent to dreary Flobbertown). Included is an introduction by Dr. Seuss's longtime editor explaining how the book came to be and reproductions of Dr. Seuss's original pencil sketches and hand-printed notes for the book—a true find for all Seuss collectors! Jack Prelutsky and Lane Smith pay homage to the Good Doctor in their own distinctive ways, the result of which is the union of three one-of-a-kind voices in a brand-new, completely original book that is greater than the sum of its parts. For all of us who will never forget our school days and that special teacher, here is a book to give and to get.

My Many Coloured Days

My Many Coloured Days
Title My Many Coloured Days PDF eBook
Author Dr. Seuss
Publisher Arrow/Children's (a Division of Random House Group)
Pages 40
Release 2001
Genre Color
ISBN 9780099266594

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You'd be surprised how many waysI change on Different Coloured Days.'Maybe on some days you feel sort of brown, like a bear; you feel slow and low, low down. But then comes a yellow day and wheeeeeeeee! you feel like a busy, buzzy bee. Dr. Seuss takes the reader on a journey through many different moods in this vibrant and highly original book.

The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss

The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss
Title The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss PDF eBook
Author Audrey Geisel
Publisher Random House
Pages 100
Release 1995-10-03
Genre Art
ISBN 0679434488

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These fabulous, whimsical paintings, created for his own pleasure and never shown to the public, show Geisel (a.k.a. Dr. Seuss) in a whole new light. Depicting outlandish creatures in otherworldly settings, the paintings use a dazzling rainbow of hues not seen in the primary-color palette of his books for children, and exhibit a sophisticated and often quite unrestrained side of the artist. 65 color illustrations.