Life Changing Tidbits

Life Changing Tidbits
Title Life Changing Tidbits PDF eBook
Author Tammy Stocker
Publisher Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Pages 146
Release 2018-09-17
Genre Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN 1642582646

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You know how you go through everyday life and it is the little things that need to be changed? This book will help you get past those little things. It is the little pieces in your daily walk that will lead to life-changing and great accomplishments. Sharing is giving. When I was little, my father would pick me up from school, and when I got in his car, he would pull out his lunch pail and out came a candy bar. My father would share his favorite candy bar, almond joy bar, with me. That is what we need to do with God. We need to share bits and pieces with one another. This book will be a life-changing tool that you can apply in your daily living.

Life Changing Verses

Life Changing Verses
Title Life Changing Verses PDF eBook
Author Carlton Lee Arnold
Publisher WestBow Press
Pages 154
Release 2012-12-26
Genre Religion
ISBN 1449779212

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Life-Changing Verses is not your typical devotional book. Its objective is to enable Christians to personally apply specific Bible verses to their personal lives. At the same time, you will learn more about your Bible as well as receive an in-depth discussion of the verses selected. The objective is to encourage you to become more Christlike in your living. Through reading Life-Changing Verses, you will become very familiar with God’s story in the Bible. Life-Changing Verses has been used in Bible study groups to generate discussion over specific topics.

Life-Changing Miracles

Life-Changing Miracles
Title Life-Changing Miracles PDF eBook
Publisher Bethany House
Pages 240
Release 2017-09-19
Genre Religion
ISBN 1441231188

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Inspiring Collection of Life-Transforming Stories from a Bestselling Author God is near and desires to change our lives, and then change us--from the inside out. In this new collection, ordinary people share stories of how God has used miracles to change their lives. They tell how God's display of power helped them overcome weakness, sin, and unbelief. These accounts will bring you hope that you aren't defined by your past. This book will encourage your belief in God's power on earth. More important, it will show that he wants to do more than demonstrate his might--he wants to have a closer relationship with you.

Real Life Love

Real Life Love
Title Real Life Love PDF eBook
Author Michael Gibson
Publisher Hachette UK
Pages 208
Release 2019-08-27
Genre Religion
ISBN 1546009914

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From the grandson of world-famous marriage expert Gary Smalley comes a practical and hope-filled guide to building great relationships. No one in history has seen a world like this. Never before has information been so accessible. Never before have people lived as long, enjoyed fuller bank accounts, or been more connected. Yet, we live in a world where relationships remain unfulfilled. People aren't happy. Marriages are falling apart. And the so-called "strongest relationships" we have are built on a simple swipe to the right. So, what's the problem? If anyone can answer this impending question, it's Michael Gibson. Growing up with a front row seat to the life and marriage of his grandfather, best-selling author and speaker Gary Smalley, Michael witnessed firsthand what it truly takes to build a life filled with great relationships. Providing a modern take on time-tested wisdom for a new generation, Michael challenges us to push past the fake, heal the pain in our hearts, and move into a love that is real through 7 practical principles: Honor others Identify anger Forgive Celebrate in the midst of trials Understand the power of God's Word Be second in a world of firsts Identify the personalities of others to foster understanding By the end of REAL LIFE LOVE, you will learn to love and be loved like never before, understand why you've been holding back on experiencing amazing relationships from the beginning, and ensure that the love of your life won't just come into your life but stay in your life.

Loving The Game When The Game Doesn't Love You Back

Loving The Game When The Game Doesn't Love You Back
Title Loving The Game When The Game Doesn't Love You Back PDF eBook
Author Brandon Sweeney
Publisher Brandon Sweeney
Pages 196
Release 2014-05-06
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 0989136752

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Each year, thousands of athletes work hard to excel at their sport, while sacrificing their time in hopes of one day playing professionally. Some make it but many do not. Most often we hear the stories of athletes that have succeeded. However there are many more untold stories of great athletes who did not. Brandon Sweeney shares his story of the setbacks he had to overcome when his dream of going to the NFL was shattered by a career ending injury. It was a long process of readjustment for Brandon but he ultimately discovers his true identity, and God-given purpose. Brandon wrote this book to motivate, inspire and challenge athletes to recognize the importance of preparing for life on and off the field, but ultimately to help others discover their full potential and their God-given purpose beyond the game.

333 Powerful Life Changing Affirmations Get the Absolute Most Out of Your Life

333 Powerful Life Changing Affirmations Get the Absolute Most Out of Your Life
Title 333 Powerful Life Changing Affirmations Get the Absolute Most Out of Your Life PDF eBook
Author GJ Barabino
Pages 72
Release 2017-08-28
Genre Self-Help
ISBN 1387109421

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333 Powerful Life Changing Affirmations ""Getting The Absolute Most Out Of Your Life"" Is one the most powerful guides out on positive repetitive spoken word! The book is specially designed to help people of all faiths & walks of life reach their highest life envisioned potentials. This book focuses on improving ones positive outlook with powerful positive affirmations that train the brain to only desire the good out of life. Are you getting negative results when you feel you should receive positive ones? Are you in a negative state of mind & need something positive to lift you up? Do you know someone that is negative & need a positive outlook? Or Are your just attempting to create a positive environment? Give 333 Powerful Life Changing Affirmations a opportunity to help you create a more dynamic, energetic & profuse lifestyle.

Life Changing

Life Changing
Title Life Changing PDF eBook
Author Alasdair Thompson
Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Pages 339
Release 2013-09
Genre Businesspeople
ISBN 148366841X

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In Life Changing, Alasdair Thompson outlines the events surrounding his sacking as chief executive of the Employers and Manufacturers Association, New Zealand's largest business membership organisation, after twelve years of reorganisation and rebuilding the Association. He reveals his upbringing, the people and events that shaped him, his views on business, economics and public policy, and outlines a career in local government and in various local authorities and boards. We see the man behind the media target, and he shares his beliefs and values, his crises, as well as personal transformation and newfound faith and peace. Thompson's was at the centre of a media maelstrom that led to his downfall. This book describes how he and his family coped with the aftermath and ultimately moved on, happier and stronger. Life Changing learning from the past fixing the future By Alasdair Thompson Life Changing is what I have called my book due out early October. It is partly autobiographical and partly a commentary on a wide range of political, business, and media issues including the ethics of some leaders in those fields. It's also about my transformation from having been publicly disgraced and humiliated to a happy new and much better person with a wonderful new life. Much of what I have written written will be controversial, although I did not write it to be so. I had some important things to say about business, political even media ethics including those of some important leaders in those field.; The media too rightly comments on such things like the collapse of finance companies and the many billions of dollars that many retirees have consequently suffered, and the increase in the suicide rate among baby boomers. The media is constantly covering such things but there are some things they do not hear the whole story about. It's a few of these I felt compelled to write about. I take responsibility for my fall from public grace; for my bad behaviour towards Mihingarangi Forbes, the interviewer from Campbell Live, ;when I lost my cool with her; this was the; bit that Campbell Live producer, Pip Keane, chose to broadcast on that programme on June 23 2011. Nevertheless I do call Mihingarangi Forbes, John Campbell and Pip Keane for what media commentator, Dr Brian Edwards, at the time called 'dishonest journalism.' The book, in five parts, covers in parts 2 and 3 my downfall as the Employer and Manufacturers (EMA) CEO in June 2011 which led to my sacking for allegedly bringing the EMA into disrepute on 6 July 2011, even though I had offered my resignation almost immediately. It covers how my wife Joan and I coped and ultimately dealt with the maelstrom that followed my comment, first made on Mike Hosking's NewstalkZB breakfast show, that some women's 'monthly; sickness' problems affected their productivity and earnings. This escalated when later that afternoon I ;was interviewed by Mihi Forbes, in a 27 minute interview, the last 4 minutes of which were chosen by producer Pip Keane, as the 'best bits' (most controversial) to be broadcast that evening on Campbell Live. It is mainly parts 2 and 3 of my 5 part book, ;that are the basis of an in depth TV3 3rd Degree programme to be screened on Wednesday 2nd October. The programme also looks at my life now, my transformation, having researched feminism and Christian theology, leading to me becoming a Christian, travelling extensively overseas and to again become a self-employed business advisor and tourist business operator. Life Changing is about much more than all this though, although it does reveal so much more than was ever made public at the time of my demise, mainly because I was barred, at the time, ;from talking to the media and my employer