Images of American Radicalism

Images of American Radicalism
Title Images of American Radicalism PDF eBook
Author Paul Buhle
Pages 560
Release 1998
Genre Political Science

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Woody Guthrie, American Radical

Woody Guthrie, American Radical
Title Woody Guthrie, American Radical PDF eBook
Author Will Kaufman
Publisher University of Illinois Press
Pages 306
Release 2011
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 0252036026

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Although Joe Klein's Woody Guthrie and Ed Cray's Ramblin' Man capture Woody Guthrie's freewheeling personality and his empathy for the poor and downtrodden, Kaufman is the first to portray in detail Guthrie's commitment to political radicalism, especially communism. Drawing on previously unseen letters, song lyrics, essays, and interviews with family and friends, Kaufman traces Guthrie's involvement in the workers' movement and his development of protest songs. He portrays Guthrie as a committed and flawed human immersed in political complexity and harrowing personal struggle. Since most of the stories in Kaufman's appreciative portrait will be familiar to readers interested in Guthrie, it is best for those who know little about the singer to read first his autobiography, Bound for Glory, or as a next read after American Radical.

Intellectual Origins of American Radicalism

Intellectual Origins of American Radicalism
Title Intellectual Origins of American Radicalism PDF eBook
Author Staughton Lynd
Pages 210
Release 1982
Genre Radicalism

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American Radicalism

American Radicalism
Title American Radicalism PDF eBook
Author Daniel Pope
Publisher Wiley-Blackwell
Pages 368
Release 2001-02-08
Genre History
ISBN 9780631218982

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This collection contains ten of the best scholarly essays on significant events and figures over the last two hundred years of the radical tradition in American history. Arranged chronologically, each chapter contains an introduction and one major article, plus four primary documents that bring to vivid life the ideas and people involved in particular radical struggles. Concise introductions to all articles and documents, chronologies, and suggested reading lists place this book at the forefront of student guides to American Radicalism.

American Radicals

American Radicals
Title American Radicals PDF eBook
Author Holly Jackson
Publisher Crown
Pages 402
Release 2019-10-08
Genre History
ISBN 0525573097

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A dynamic, timely history of nineteenth-century activists—free-lovers and socialists, abolitionists and vigilantes—and the social revolution they sparked in the turbulent Civil War era “In the tradition of Howard Zinn’s people’s histories, American Radicals reveals a forgotten yet inspiring past.”—Megan Marshall, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Margaret Fuller: A New American Life and Elizabeth Bishop: A Miracle for Breakfast NAMED ONE OF THE TEN BEST HISTORY BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY SMITHSONIAN On July 4, 1826, as Americans lit firecrackers to celebrate the country’s fiftieth birthday, both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were on their deathbeds. They would leave behind a groundbreaking political system and a growing economy—as well as the glaring inequalities that had undermined the American experiment from its beginning. The young nation had outlived the men who made it, but could it survive intensifying divisions over the very meaning of the land of the free? A new network of dissent—connecting firebrands and agitators on pastoral communes, in urban mobs, and in genteel parlors across the nation—vowed to finish the revolution they claimed the founding fathers had only begun. They were men and women, black and white, fiercely devoted to causes that pitted them against mainstream America even while they fought to preserve the nation’s founding ideals: the brilliant heiress Frances Wright, whose shocking critiques of religion and the institution of marriage led to calls for her arrest; the radical Bostonian William Lloyd Garrison, whose commitment to nonviolence would be tested as the conflict over slavery pushed the nation to its breaking point; the Philadelphia businessman James Forten, who presided over the first mass political protest of free African Americans; Marx Lazarus, a vegan from Alabama whose calls for sexual liberation masked a dark secret; black nationalist Martin Delany, the would-be founding father of a West African colony who secretly supported John Brown’s treasonous raid on Harpers Ferry—only to ally himself with Southern Confederates after the Civil War. Though largely forgotten today, these figures were enormously influential in the pivotal period flanking the war, their lives and work entwined with reformers like Frederick Douglass, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Henry David Thoreau, as well as iconic leaders like Abraham Lincoln. Jackson writes them back into the story of the nation’s most formative and perilous era in all their heroism, outlandishness, and tragic shortcomings. The result is a surprising, panoramic work of narrative history, one that offers important lessons for our own time.

The Death and Rebirth of American Radicalism

The Death and Rebirth of American Radicalism
Title The Death and Rebirth of American Radicalism PDF eBook
Author Stanley Aronowitz
Publisher Routledge
Pages 233
Release 2013-09-13
Genre Art
ISBN 1136660437

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The Death and Rebirth of American Radicalism differentiates the "Social Justice Left" from "Cultural Radicalism" and the various social movements for individual freedom. In The Death and Rebirth of American Radicalism, Stanley Aronowitz asks the question, "Is there anything left of the Left?" With the rise of Newt Gingrich and his "Contract With America," how is it that conservativism staged such a remarkable recovery after being discounted in the turbulent 1960s? Aronowitz addresses these and other burning issues of contemporary politics.

The Radical Reader

The Radical Reader
Title The Radical Reader PDF eBook
Author Timothy McCarthy
Publisher The New Press
Pages 688
Release 2011-05-10
Genre History
ISBN 159558742X

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Radicalism is as American as apple pie. One can scarcely imagine what American society would look like without the abolitionists, feminists, socialists, union organizers, civil-rights workers, gay and lesbian activists, and environmentalists who have fought stubbornly to breathe life into the promises of freedom and equality that lie at the heart of American democracy. The first anthology of its kind, The Radical Reader brings together more than 200 primary documents in a comprehensive collection of the writings of America’s native radical tradition. Spanning the time from the colonial period to the twenty-first century, the documents have been drawn from a wealth of sources—speeches, manifestos, newspaper editorials, literature, pamphlets, and private letters. From Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” to Kate Millett’s “Sexual Politics,” these are the documents that sparked, guided, and distilled the most influential movements in American history. Brief introductory essays by the editors provide a rich biographical and historical context for each selection included.