Forgotten Fire

Forgotten Fire
Title Forgotten Fire PDF eBook
Author A. Bagdasarian
Publisher Turtleback Books
Pages 0
Release 2002-04
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 9780613494144

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For use in schools and libraries only. Twelve-year-old Vahan Kenderian, the son of an influential Armenian family in Turkey, struggles to survive alone after witnessing the deaths of many of his family and friends during the Armenian massacres of the early twentieth century.

Forgotten Fires

Forgotten Fires
Title Forgotten Fires PDF eBook
Author Omer Call Stewart
Publisher University of Oklahoma Press
Pages 388
Release 2002
Genre History
ISBN 9780806134239

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A common stereotype about American Indians is that for centuries they lived in static harmony with nature, in a pristine wilderness that remained unchanged until European colonization. Omer C. Stewart was one of the first anthropologists to recognize that Native Americans made significant impact across a wide range of environments. Most important, they regularly used fire to manage plant communities and associated animal species through varied and localized habitat burning. In Forgotten Fires, editors Henry T. Lewis and M. Kat Anderson present Stewart's original research and insights, written in the 1950s yet still provocative today. Significant portions of Stewart's text have not been available until now, and Lewis and Anderson set Stewart's findings in the context of current knowledge about Native hunter-gatherers and their uses of fire.

The South's Forgotten Fire-Eater

The South's Forgotten Fire-Eater
Title The South's Forgotten Fire-Eater PDF eBook
Author Chris McIlwain
Publisher NewSouth Books
Pages 366
Release 2020-12-05
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1588384128

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The story of the American Civil War is typically told with particular interest in the national players behind the war: Davis, Lincoln, Lee, Grant, and their peers. However, the truth is that countless Americans on both sides of the war worked in their own communities to sway public perception of abolition, secession, and government intervention. In north Alabama, David Hubbard was an ardent and influential voice for leaving the Union, spreading his increasingly radical view of states' rights and the need to rebel against what he viewed an overreaching federal government. You have likely never heard of Hubbard, the grandson of a Revolutionary War soldier who fought under Andrew Jackson in the War of 1812. He was much more than that stereotype of antebellum Alabama politicians, being an early speculator in lands coerced from Native Americans; a lawyer and cotton planter; a populist; an influential member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama; and a key promoter of the very first railroad built west of the Allegheny mountains. Alabama's Forgotten Fire Eater is the story of Hubbard's radicalization, describing his rise to becoming the most influential and prominent secessionist in north Alabama. Despite growing historical interest in the "fire eaters" who whipped the South into a frenzy, there has been little mention until now of Hubbard's integral involvement in Alabama's relationship with the Confederacy. Now historian Chris McIlwain offers Hubbard's story as a cautionary tale of radical politics and its consequences.

Fire Making

Fire Making
Title Fire Making PDF eBook
Author Daniel Hume
Publisher The Experiment
Pages 256
Release 2018-05-15
Genre Sports & Recreation
ISBN 1615194673

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A Richly Illustrated Guide to Making Fire Without a Lighter If you ask outdoorsman Daniel Hume for the fastest, most practical way to start a fire, he’ll tell you: Use a match. But he probably won’t stop there. For Hume, conjuring flame is an art form, and seeking out the old ways is a passion that has led him the world over. Fire Making is your guide to techniques Hume has learned firsthand—from the San people in Namibia, the Mangyan of the Philippines, and other masters. You’ll fall in love with the craft of coaxing spark into flame using only handmade tools. Learn about: The bow drill, the fire plow, and other traditional fire–starters Every type of tinder, from birch bark to fungus Overcoming strong winds, freezing cold, and other challenges Plus modern fire–making hacks, such as using foil and a battery. Hume’s crystal clear steps, all helpfully illustrated, make it easy to start and maintain the perfect fire for any need—from quickly boiling a pot of water, to setting up camp . . . to the sheer joy of seeing your efforts rewarded with a blaze of warmth and light.

Map of Flames (The Forgotten Five, Book 1)

Map of Flames (The Forgotten Five, Book 1)
Title Map of Flames (The Forgotten Five, Book 1) PDF eBook
Author Lisa McMann
Publisher Penguin
Pages 385
Release 2022-02-22
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 0593325419

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X-Men meets Spy Kids in this instant New York Times bestseller! Here’s the first book in a new middle-grade fantasy/adventure series from the author of The Unwanteds. Fifteen years ago, eight supernatural criminals fled Estero City to make a new life in an isolated tropical hideout. Over time, seven of them disappeared without a trace, presumed captured or killed. And now, the remaining one has died. Left behind to fend for themselves are the criminals’ five children, each with superpowers of their own: Birdie can communicate with animals. Brix has athletic abilities and can heal quickly. Tenner can swim like a fish and can see in the dark and hear from a distance. Seven’s skin camouflages to match whatever is around him. Cabot hasn’t shown signs of any unusual power—yet. Then one day Birdie finds a map among her father’s things that leads to a secret stash. There is also a note: Go to Estero, find your mother, and give her the map. The five have lived their entire lives in isolation. What would it mean to follow the map to a strange world full of things they’ve only heard about, like cell phones, cars, and electricity? A world where, thanks to their parents, being supernatural is a crime?

Hand of Fire

Hand of Fire
Title Hand of Fire PDF eBook
Author Ed Greenwood
Pages 377
Release 2005
Genre Fiction
ISBN 9780786936465

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Shandril Shessair continues her epic battle against the dark forces of evil in the conclusion of the trilogy that began with Spellfire and Crown of Fire. Reprint.


Title Spellfire PDF eBook
Author Ed Greenwood
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Pages 416
Release 2011-11-15
Genre Fiction
ISBN 0786961732

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A mass market expanded edition of Ed Greenwood’s first Forgotten Realms novel. Author Ed Greenwood has returned to his first novel set in the Forgotten Realms world. Working from his original notes, he has revised and expanded the novel, developing characters and scenes that were cut from the original edition published in 1988. Fans will enjoy this mass market edition of the “director’s cut” of the first novel in Greenwood’s story of Shandril of Highmoon. AUTHOR BIO: A resident of Ontario, Ed Greenwood created the Forgotten Realms setting nearly 30 years ago and has written hundreds of novels, articles, and game products in the setting. His most recent novel is Elminster’s Daughter From the Paperback edition.