Cézanne and the Apple Boy

Cézanne and the Apple Boy
Title Cézanne and the Apple Boy PDF eBook
Author Laurence Anholt
Publisher B.E.S. Publishing
Pages 0
Release 2009
Genre Art, French
ISBN 9780764162824

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Young Paul Cézanne goes on an expedition in the south of France with his artist father who shares his name, where the two encounter an art dealer named Vollard, and the elder Paul paints a portrait of his son.

Cezanne and the Apple Boy

Cezanne and the Apple Boy
Title Cezanne and the Apple Boy PDF eBook
Author Laurence Anholt
Publisher White Lion Publishing
Pages 32
Release 2009
Genre Picture books for children
ISBN 9781845079109

Download Cezanne and the Apple Boy Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Paul Cezanne was one of the greatest of the French impressionist painters. This delightful book follows his son, also called Paul, as he travels to the mountains to spend a summer with his father. He discovers that his father, a very large man, paints the natural world with a passion that few can understand. But one day they meet an art dealer in a village who offers to try to sell some of the paintings in Paris ... the rest is history. The reader gains a real insight into Cezanne the man through the eyes of a child - sometimes frightening, fastidious (he won't touch other people), warm-hearted, driven by a passion for his art. And it provides a vivid introduction to Cezanne's work, with reproductions of his most famous paintings incorporated in the illustrations.

The Mediatization of the Artist

The Mediatization of the Artist
Title The Mediatization of the Artist PDF eBook
Author Rachel Esner
Publisher Springer
Pages 269
Release 2018-01-31
Genre Social Science
ISBN 3319662309

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This book offers trans-historical and trans-national perspectives on the image of “the artist” as a public figure in the popular discourse and imagination. Since the rise of notions of artistic autonomy and the simultaneous demise of old systems of patronage from the late eighteenth century onwards, artists have increasingly found themselves confronted with the necessity of developing a public persona. In the same period, new audiences for art discovered their fascination for the life and work of the artist. The rise of new media such as the illustrated press, photography and film meant that the needs of both parties could easily be satisfied in both words and images. Thanks to these “new” media, the artist was transformed from a simple producer of works of art into a public figure. The aim of this volume is to reflect on this transformative process, and to study the specific role of the media themselves. Which visual media were deployed, to what effect, and with what kind of audiences in mind? How did the artist, critic, photographer and filmmaker interact in the creation of these representations of the artist’s image?

Mastering Primary Languages

Mastering Primary Languages
Title Mastering Primary Languages PDF eBook
Author Paula Ambrossi
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Pages 232
Release 2018-03-22
Genre Education
ISBN 1474296629

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Mastering Primary Languages introduces the primary languages curriculum and helps trainees and teachers learn how to plan and teach inspiring lessons that make language learning irresistible. Topics covered include: · Current developments in languages · Languages as an irresistible activity · Languages as a practical activity · Skills to develop in languages · Promoting curiosity · Assessing children in languages · Practical issues This guide includes examples of children's work, case studies, readings to reflect upon and reflective questions that all help to exemplify what is considered to be best and most innovative practice. The book draws on the experience of two leading professionals in primary languages, Paula Ambrossi and Darnelle Constant-Shepherd, to provide the essential guide to teaching languages for all trainee and qualified primary teachers.

Picture Books for Children

Picture Books for Children
Title Picture Books for Children PDF eBook
Author Mary Northrup
Publisher American Library Association
Pages 202
Release 2012-03-12
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 0838911447

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Revised edition of: Picture books for children / Patricia J. Cianciolo. Fourth edition. 1997.

The Joy of Children's Literature

The Joy of Children's Literature
Title The Joy of Children's Literature PDF eBook
Author Denise Johnson
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Pages 619
Release 2023-12-18
Genre Education
ISBN 1003817521

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• Fully updated research and inclusion of recent children’s book titles, including more diverse and inclusive literature such as LGBTQ children’s books • New Read, Watch, Listen resources within each chapter; new Activities for Professional Development and Print and Online Resources sections • New emphases and expanded attention to censorship and diversity.

The Publishers Weekly

The Publishers Weekly
Title The Publishers Weekly PDF eBook
Pages 692
Release 2009
Genre American literature

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