Title Warning PDF eBook
Author Sophie Cunningham
Publisher Text Publishing
Pages 328
Release 2014-07-23
Genre History
ISBN 192196152X

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Warning is the definitive account of one of the most frightening extreme weather events our country has ever seen. When Cyclone Tracy swept down on Darwin at Christmas 1974, the weather became not just a living thing but a killer. Tracy destroyed an entire city, left seventy-one people dead and ripped the heart out of Australia's season of goodwill. For the fortieth anniversary of the nation's most iconic natural disaster, Sophie Cunningham has gone back to the eyewitness accounts of those who lived through the devastation, and those who faced the heartbreaking clean-up and the back-breaking rebuilding. From the quiet stirring of the service-station bunting that heralded the catastrophe to the wholesale slaughter of the dogs that followed it, Cunningham brings to the tale a novelist's eye for detail and an exhilarating narrative drive. And a sober appraisal of what Tracy means to us now, as we face more - and more destructive - extreme weather with every year that passes. Compulsively readable and undeniably moving, Warning is the essential non-fiction book of 2014. Sophie Cunningham is the author of two novels, Geography (2004) and Bird (2008) and the non-fiction Melbourne (UNSW Press, 2011). She is a former editor of Meanjin and was until recently the chair of the Australia Council's Literature Board. ‘The strength and beauty of this book is the way it delves into the lives of the people affected and tries to understand their responses, their courage and their failings. Cunningham argues that these kinds of natural disasters are going to become more prevalent as the effects of climate change make extreme weather conditions more likely. This book is no polemic: it’s a gripping and visceral tale.’ Mark Rubbo, Readings ‘Highly accomplished...compelling.’ Age/SMH ‘Cunningham has pieced together a pacey and energetic insight into the build up, experience and aftermath of the cyclone...It’s a great read and, given the subject, it is strangely hopeful.’ Big Issue ‘Along with an eye for good stories and a knack for telling them, Sophie Cunningham brings a contextualising political intelligence. What she is interested in is how natural disasters are also social and political events, and the period details amount to more than the sideburns and lairy shirts...What happens in natural disasters depends on how communities work; the effects and aftermaths of those disasters are in fact man-made. As the future promises more and more extreme weather events whose causes as well as effects are anthropogenic, Cunningham’s gripping book contributes to new ways of thinking about them.’ Sunday Age/Sun Herald ‘Sophie Cunningham has done a tremendous job in gathering the voices - from then and now - of those who were there and during the clean-up [of Cyclone Tracy]. The result is vivid storytelling, gripping from beginning to end.’ Townsville Bulletin/Cairns Post ‘Warning: The Story of Cyclone Tracy is a brilliant book and on the anniversary of such devastation, it is a timely reminder to cherish everything you have in your life because in one night it could all be blown away.’ Salty Popcorn

Cyclone Country

Cyclone Country
Title Cyclone Country PDF eBook
Author Chrystopher J. Spicer
Publisher McFarland
Pages 211
Release 2020-09-15
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 1476681562

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The storm has become a universal trope in the literature of crisis, revelation and transformation. It can function as a trope of place, of apocalypse and epiphany, of cultural mythos and story, and of people and spirituality. This book explores the connections between people, place and environment through the image of cyclones within fiction and poetry from the Australian state of Queensland, the northern coast of which is characterized by these devastating storms. Analyzing a range of works including Alexis Wright's Carpentaria, Patrick White's The Eye of the Storm, and Vance Palmer's Cyclone it explains the cyclone in the Queensland literary imagination as an example of a cultural response to weather in a unique regional place. It also situates the cyclones that appear in Queensland literature within the broader global context of literary cyclones.

Planning for Community-based Disaster Resilience Worldwide

Planning for Community-based Disaster Resilience Worldwide
Title Planning for Community-based Disaster Resilience Worldwide PDF eBook
Author Adenrele Awotona
Publisher Routledge
Pages 555
Release 2016-10-14
Genre Science
ISBN 1317080130

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We are witnessing an ever-increasing level and intensity of disasters from Ecuador to Ethiopia and beyond, devastating millions of ordinary lives and causing long-term misery for vulnerable populations. Bringing together 26 case studies from six continents, this volume provides a unique resource that discusses, in considerable depth, the multifaceted matrix of natural and human-made disasters. It examines their bearing on the loss of human and productive capital; the conduct of national policies and the setting of national development priorities; and on the nature of international aid and bilateral assistance strategies and programs of donor countries. In order to ensure the efficacy and appropriateness of their support for disaster survivors, international agencies, humanitarian and disaster relief organizations, scholars, non-governmental organizations, and members of the global emergency management community need to have insight into best practices and lessons learned from various disasters across national and cultural boundaries. The evidence obtained from the numerous case studies in this volume serves to build a worldwide community that is better informed about the cultural and traditional contexts of such disasters and better enabled to prepare for, respond to, and finally rebuild sustainable communities after disasters in different environments. The main themes of the case studies include: • the need for community planning and emergency management to unite in order to achieve the mutual aim of creating a sustainable disaster-resilient community, coupled with the necessity to enact and implement appropriate laws, policies, and development regulations for disaster risk reduction; • the need to develop a clear set of urban planning and urban design principles for improving the built environment’s capacities for disaster risk management through the integration of disaster risk reduction education into the curricula of colleges and universities; • the need to engage the whole community to build inclusive governance structures as prerequisites for addressing climate change vulnerability and fostering resilience and sustainability. Furthermore, the case studies explore the need to link the existence and value of scientific knowledge accumulated in various countries with decision-making in disaster risk management; and the relevance and transferability from one cultural context to another of the lessons learned in building institutional frameworks for whole community partnerships.

Cultural Sustainability in Rural Communities

Cultural Sustainability in Rural Communities
Title Cultural Sustainability in Rural Communities PDF eBook
Author Catherine Driscoll
Publisher Routledge
Pages 345
Release 2017-07-06
Genre Social Science
ISBN 1317156188

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There has been a recent expansion of interest in cultural approaches to rural communities and to the economic and social situation of rurality more broadly. This interest has been particularly prominent in Australia in recent years, spurring the emergence of an interdisciplinary field called 'rural cultural studies'. This collection is framed by a large interdisciplinary research project that is part of that emergence, particularly focused on what the idea of 'cultural sustainability' might mean for understanding experiences of growth, decline, change and heritage in small Australian country towns. However, it extends beyond the initial parameters of that research, bringing together a range of senior and emerging Australian researchers who offer diverse approaches to rural culture. The essays collected here explore the diverse forms that rural cultural studies might take and how these intersect with other disciplinary approaches, offering a uniquely diverse but also careful account of life in country Australia. Yet, in its emphasis on the simultaneous specificity and cross-cultural recognisability of rural communities, this book also outlines a field of inquiry and a set of critical strategies that are more broadly applicable to thinking about the "rural" in the early twenty-first century. This book will be valuable reading for students and academics of Geography, History, Literary Studies, Cultural Studies, Anthropology and Sociology, introducing rural cultural studies as a new dynamic and integrative discipline.

When the Sky Breaks

When the Sky Breaks
Title When the Sky Breaks PDF eBook
Author Simon Winchester
Publisher Penguin
Pages 96
Release 2017-01-31
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 0425288056

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New York Times bestselling author Simon Winchester looks at which way the wind blows in this exciting book about giant storms. Simon Winchester is an avid weather watcher. He’s scanned the skies in Oklahoma, waiting for the ominous “finger” of a tornado to touch the Earth. He’s hunkered down in Hong Kong when typhoon warning signals went up. He’s visited the world’s hottest and wettest places, reported on fierce whirlpools, and sailed around South Africa looking for freak winds and waves. He knows about the worst weather in the world. A master nonfiction storyteller, Winchester looks at how, when, where, and why hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, and tornadoes start brewing, how they build, and what happens when these giant storms hit. His lively narrative also includes an historical look at how we learned about weather systems and where we’re headed because of climate change. Stunning photographs illustrate the power of these giant storms.

Memoirs of Many in One

Memoirs of Many in One
Title Memoirs of Many in One PDF eBook
Author Patrick White
Publisher Text Publishing
Pages 222
Release 2019-06-04
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1925774422

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An essential late novel from one of the foremost novelists of the twentieth century, now a part of the Text Classics series


Title 1974 PDF eBook
Author Nick Rennison
Publisher Oldacastle Books
Pages 172
Release 2023-11-13
Genre History
ISBN 0857305832

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1974 was a year of major changes around the world. Presidents resigned, emperors were deposed and new governments came to power. In society, the second wave of feminism grew in strength and the rights of gays and ethnic minorities were more powerfully asserted. The arts and the entertainment industry were in the midst of a period of great creativity and innovation. The roots of many aspects of today's societies which we take for granted lie in the 1970s and particularly in this, the pivotal year of the decade.