Tug O' War and Other Drinking Games

Tug O' War and Other Drinking Games
Title Tug O' War and Other Drinking Games PDF eBook
Author Solomon Robert
Pages 316
Release 2013-03
ISBN 9780615760766

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Out of a blackout, Nathan and his best friend, Riley, find themselves on a road trip down the west coast with two complete strangers. Continuing to party, she and Nathan tug back and forth with the other's emotions on a journey to figure out their feelings for each other amidst alcohol and other confusion. Preview Of The First Chapter: It may be the burn of the vodka traveling down my insides, but a flutter of excitement spreads across my chest and out to the rest of my body as she smiles. "How ridiculous are we?" she asks, her smile still painted across her voluminous lips. She puts down her shot glass and proceeds to pour another shot. I place my shot glass on the rickety table next to hers, so she can refill mine as well. Riley grabs the full shot glasses from the table and hands one to me. "It's your turn. What's this to?" The spark in her eye spreads across her face in a glimmer. I can't get over how beautiful she looks. Time doesn't seem to exist in this dimension, our dimension. A tickling sensation proliferates across my back, reminding me not to get lost in my emotions. I knock my shot glass against hers and lean in towards her glowing auburn eyes and her tiny wave of a nose. "To prefunking dinner!" I throw back the vodka and let the liquid cool my insides a couple degrees. "I'm pretty sure we've said that one four times already. Come on, Nathan..." Riley's knees press into my thighs. She turns toward me and leans her smirking lips closer, whether to kiss me or to bite me is unclear. She hovers at this distance with her sandy hair falling on her cheeks. "You're more creative than that. Come up with a better one." I pour more poison into our glasses, spilling some of the cherished liquor onto the floor while I maintain her eye contact. I wish her eyes would stop their dazzling. "To the most attractive person ever." I watch as she bites her bottom lip in an effort not to grin. Her eyes flutter between mine. I can't let her have the satisfaction of knowing she has me. That will end our game of tug o' war and neither of us wants that. "Me," I say. I let the alcohol flow down into my stomach and eye Riley as she does the same. . . .

Perfect Party Games

Perfect Party Games
Title Perfect Party Games PDF eBook
Author Stephen Curtis
Publisher Random House
Pages 232
Release 2010-07-06
Genre Games & Activities
ISBN 1409063003

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Perfect Party Games is essential reading for anyone who has a party to plan. Whether you need some ideas to keep everyone entertained at a family get-together or you're organising a big do for your child's whole primary school class, you're bound to find inspiration in this collection of over 200 fun-filled games. With easy-to-follow instructions for everything from 'Alphabet tales' to 'Yes or no', and an indispensable guessing games section offering film, book and TV programme titles, Perfect Party Games will help provide hours of fun for everyone. The Perfect series is a range of practical guides that give clear and straightforward advice on everything from getting your first job to choosing your baby's name. Written by experienced authors offering tried-and-tested tips, each book contains all you need to get it right first time.

The World's Best Party Games

The World's Best Party Games
Title The World's Best Party Games PDF eBook
Author Sheila Anne Barry
Publisher Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
Pages 132
Release 1987
Genre Games & Activities
ISBN 9780806964843

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Presents instructions for more than 100 easy-to-play party games for all ages.

501 TV-Free Party Games for Kids

501 TV-Free Party Games for Kids
Title 501 TV-Free Party Games for Kids PDF eBook
Author Hinkler Books
Publisher Penton Overseas, Inc
Pages 462
Release 2005
Genre Games & Activities
ISBN 9781741218688

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501 Party Games for Kids gives you all the ideas and advice you need to ensure your child's next party is perfect. Whether your kids like fashion, fossils or football, there's sure to be an ideal game for them. The 501 games contained in this book are TV-free and encourage children to be creative, imaginative and active.

The Servants of the House

The Servants of the House
Title The Servants of the House PDF eBook
Author Tina Jensen
Publisher Lulu.com
Pages 320
Release 2017-02-27
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1365788083

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The Servants of the House: Forbidden Love-A love romance between a poor servant girl and a gentleman who it would be very forbidden for her to be in love with--When Julia and Sharron who come from a poor but loving and Christian family was sent away from their loving family to work as little servants girls for some rich strangers, they were scared and went into the big unknown all alone not knowing how their life would turn out, it would seem that there was many challenges for them even from the beginning, especially with the fact that Julia at first resents being away from her beloved parents and brothers especially Jack, the brother who she adored. Lots of feelings of hurt, fear, betrayal and confusion came upon them. But without them knowing what their future held and they knew both sorrow and joy, with friendships in places in which they would expect the least. Throughout the story the sister's relationship with each other remain firm, strong and inseparable, with Sharron has always been the stronger sister, having to lift up Julia's emotions even though she was the younger sister. Sharron would always come to the rescue against her sister's bullies, console her in her heartaches, pick her up when she was lacking self-esteem, but at the same time could give her good sound advice and be slightly on the bossy side towards her sister Julia at times. As the precious girls grew up they faced many more challenges both in love and life in general. Especially Julia, who as a young lady falls in love with a gentleman whom she is not supposed to and brings so much complication, heartache, but much joy in her life at the same time, even though that love in unreachable and unattainable for her, or is it really? As her love obsession grows stronger will she stay true to her Christian convictions, will she do the right thing by God, will she be controlled by her feelings and, but the question is what is the right thing? Only the reader can judge for themselves. Will Julia, who is involved in this love affair and everyone around her, ever see a happy ending for her love? Yes will she ever ride blissfully into the sunset with her beloved soulmate and be wedded together in holy matrimony with him, and even better still with God's eternal blessings please read to find out.

A Finding List of Play-party Games ...

A Finding List of Play-party Games ...
Title A Finding List of Play-party Games ... PDF eBook
Author Altha Lea McLendon
Pages 286
Release 1944
Genre Games

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Dead on Target

Dead on Target
Title Dead on Target PDF eBook
Author M. C. Beaton
Publisher Minotaur Books
Pages 164
Release 2023-09-19
Genre Fiction
ISBN 125089865X

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Beloved New York Times bestseller M. C. Beaton's cranky, crafty Agatha Raisin—the star of her own hit T.V. series—is back on the case again in Dead on Target. A visit to the local village fete for a spot of fun and relaxation turns into a nightmare for Agatha Raisin when she discovers the body of the local landowner in the woods―with an arrow in his chest and trousers round his ankles. Agatha’s old adversary, Detective Chief Inspector Wilkes, declares the death a tragic accident, believing the victim has been hit by a stray arrow from an archery demonstration. Agatha is convinced of foul play, however, and is shocked when Wilkes eventually agrees...with her as his prime murder suspect. Determined to clear her name and find the real killer, Agatha launches her own investigation, quickly becoming involved with a family at war, an unscrupulous gangster―and a killer who is determined to make her the next victim...