This Side of Freedom

This Side of Freedom
Title This Side of Freedom PDF eBook
Author Anthony Papa
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages 0
Release 2016-04-08
Genre Drug couriers
ISBN 9781530731640

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"This Side of Freedom: Life After Clemency" is a riveting, compelling tale about the life of activist, writer and artist Anthony Papa. He tells firsthand of his experience of returning home after serving 12 years of a 15-to-life sentence for a non-violent drug crime sentenced under the mandatory provisions of the Rockefeller Drug Laws of New York State. In 2016 he received a pardon from Gov. Andrew Cuomo and becomes the first person in NYS history to receive both clemency (Gov. George Pataki 1997) and a pardon. When he was released Papa says that the freedom he fought so hard to get, smacked him swiftly in the face, overpowering him. He struggles with his freedom while fighting to free those he left behind. Papa goes through heart-wrenching trials and tribulations as he seeks to end the war on drugs and save those he left behind. Along the way he meets an array of individuals from famous movie stars to politicians and the very rich, enlisting their help in doing away with mass incarceration and draconian sentencing laws that have destroyed America's criminal justice system. The 2nd Edition published October of 2016 is illustrated with beautiful pen & ink drawings by Papa. This book was recently accepted by Department of Corrections Commissioner Anthony Annucci and placed in all 54 general libraries in NYS prisons as it was deemed to be a useful resource and guide for general population inmates as they contemplate the challenges that lie ahead when they are released to the community.

15 to Life

15 to Life
Title 15 to Life PDF eBook
Author Anthony Papa
Pages 0
Release 2004
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 9781932595062

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One man's struggle with the War on Drugs.

Drug Wars

Drug Wars
Title Drug Wars PDF eBook
Author Claudia Martin
Publisher Cavendish Square Publishing, LLC
Pages 50
Release 2017-12-15
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 1502633280

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The violence that surrounds drug dealing and drug trafficking has decimated whole communities, and, in some cases, reshaped daily life in entire countries. This volume takes a closer look at the people affected by the drug trade and the efforts being made to combat it. The book includes firsthand stories, critical thinking questions, and a summative activity, all with the aim of showing the human toll of the drug economy.

Help Yourself Now

Help Yourself Now
Title Help Yourself Now PDF eBook
Author Jan Yager
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pages 382
Release 2021-03-09
Genre Reference
ISBN 1621536319

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How to Find Help for Any Situation Although we live in the age of information and everyone is bombarded with potential sources of help, sifting through those possibilities can be a chore. This is where Help Yourself comes in! With this useful reference, author Jan Yager provides an overview of the various situations that most people have to navigate, from calling customer service or reporting a crime to finding credible and reliable information about a business, health, or legal concern. Each chapter includes a brief discussion of an issue, potential scenarios, and listings of relevant national and international organizations. Yager also instructs readers on researching state agencies, so they can contact appropriate organizations closer to home. Important topics of discussion include: Health insurance Personal finances Housing assistance Employment services Family planning K–12 education College selection and funding Small business development Legal services Crime victim resources Substance abuse Emergency preparedness And more

Creative Activism

Creative Activism
Title Creative Activism PDF eBook
Author Rachel Lee Rubin
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages 272
Release 2018-05-17
Genre Music
ISBN 1501337238

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This collection brings together interviews with a compelling range of musicians, artists, and activists from around the globe. What does it mean for an artist to be "political†?? Moving away from a narrow idea about politics that is organized around elections, advocacy groups, or concrete manifestos, the subjects of Creative Activism do their work through song, poetry, painting, and other arts. The interviews take us from Oakland to London to Johannesburg and from the Occupy movement to the coal mines of Appalachia to the fantasy worlds created by some of our most fascinating writers of spectacular fiction. Listening to the important "cultural workers†? of our time challenges any idea that some other time was the golden age of political art: Creative Activism gives us a front-row seat to the thrilling artistic activism of our own moment.

A Knock at Midnight

A Knock at Midnight
Title A Knock at Midnight PDF eBook
Author Brittany K. Barnett
Publisher Crown
Pages 351
Release 2021-08-03
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1984825801

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LOS ANGELES TIMES BOOK PRIZE FINALIST • NAACP IMAGE AWARD NOMINEE • A “powerful and devastating” (The Washington Post) call to free those buried alive by America’s legal system, and an inspiring true story about unwavering belief in humanity—from a gifted young lawyer and important new voice in the movement to transform the system. “An essential book for our time . . . Brittany K. Barnett is a star.”—Van Jones, CEO of REFORM Alliance, CNN Host, and New York Times bestselling author Brittany K. Barnett was only a law student when she came across the case that would change her life forever—that of Sharanda Jones, single mother, business owner, and, like Brittany, Black daughter of the rural South. A victim of America’s devastating war on drugs, Sharanda had been torn away from her young daughter and was serving a life sentence without parole—for a first-time drug offense. In Sharanda, Brittany saw haunting echoes of her own life, as the daughter of a formerly incarcerated mother. As she studied this case, a system came into focus in which widespread racial injustice forms the core of America’s addiction to incarceration. Moved by Sharanda’s plight, Brittany set to work to gain her freedom. This had never been the plan. Bright and ambitious, Brittany was a successful accountant on her way to a high-powered future in corporate law. But Sharanda’s case opened the door to a harrowing journey through the criminal justice system. By day she moved billion-dollar deals, and by night she worked pro bono to free clients in near hopeless legal battles. Ultimately, her path transformed her understanding of injustice in the courts, of genius languishing behind bars, and the very definition of freedom itself. Brittany’s riveting memoir is at once a coming-of-age story and a powerful evocation of what it takes to bring hope and justice to a system built to resist them both. NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY KIRKUS REVIEWS

Free Cyntoia

Free Cyntoia
Title Free Cyntoia PDF eBook
Author Cyntoia Brown-Long
Publisher Atria Books
Pages 320
Release 2020-05-05
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1982141115

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NAACP Image Award nominee for Outstanding Biography/Autobiography In her own words, Cyntoia Brown-Long shares the riveting and redemptive story of how she changed her life for the better while in prison, finding hope through faith after a traumatic adolescence of drug addiction, rape, and sex trafficking led to a murder conviction. “Those...years in prison hadn’t just turned me into woman. They transformed me. The girl who desperately wanted to belong, who felt powerless, who clawed, and scratched her way out of every corner she was backed into, was gone.” At the age of sixteen, Cyntoia Brown, a survivor of human trafficking, was arrested for killing a man who had picked her up for sex. Two years later, she was sentenced to life in prison. Brown reflects on the isolation, low self-esteem, and sense of alienation that drove her straight into the hands of a predator. Once in prison, she attempts to build a positive path and honor the values her beloved adoptive mother, Ellenette, taught her, but Cyntoia succumbs to harmful influences that drive her to a cycle of progress and setbacks. Then, a fateful meeting with a prison educator turned mentor offers Cyntoia the opportunity to make the pivotal decision to strive for a better future, even if she’s never freed. In these pages, Cyntoia shares the details of her transformation, including a profound encounter with God, an unlikely romance, an unprecedented outpouring of support from social media advocates and A-list celebrities, and her release from prison. A coming-of-age memoir set against the shocking backdrop of a life behind bars, Free Cyntoia takes you on a spiritual journey as Cyntoia struggles to overcome a lifetime of feeling ostracized and abandoned by society.