The Southpaw

The Southpaw
Title The Southpaw PDF eBook
Publisher U of Nebraska Press
Pages 364
Release 2003-01-01
Genre Fiction
ISBN 9780803273375

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The Southpaw is a story about coming of age in America by way of the baseball diamond. Lefthander Henry Wiggen, six feet three, a hundred ninety-five pounds, and the greatest pitcher going, grows to manhood in a right-handed world. From his small-town beginnings to the top of the game, Henry finds out how hard it is to please his coach, his girl, and the sports page?and himself, too?all at once. Written in Henry?s own words, this exuberant, funny novel follows his eccentric course from bush league to the World Series. Although Mark Harris loves and writes tellingly about the pleasures of baseball, his primary subject has always been the human condition and the shifts of mortal men and women as they try to understand and survive what life has dealt them. ΓΈ This new Bison Books edition celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of The Southpaw. In his introduction to this edition, Mark Harris discusses the genesis of the novel in his own life experience. Also available in Bison Books editions are The Southpaw, It Looked Like For Ever, and A Ticket for a Seamstitch, the other three volumes in the Henry Wiggen series.

The Lineup

The Lineup
Title The Lineup PDF eBook
Author Paul Aron
Publisher McFarland
Pages 238
Release 2022-07-12
Genre Sports & Recreation
ISBN 1476646929

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Focusing on the ten most influential baseball books of all time, this volume explores how these landmark works changed the game itself and made waves in American society at large. Satchel Paige's Pitchin' Man informed the dialog surrounding integration. Ring Lardner's You Know Me Al changed the way Americans viewed their baseball heroes and influenced the work of Hemingway and Fitzgerald. Bill James's Baseball Abstract transformed the way managers--including those in fields other than baseball--analyzed numbers. Pete Rose's My Story and My Prison Without Bars exposed and deepened a cultural divide that paved the way for Donald Trump.


Title Sequels PDF eBook
Author Janet G. Husband
Publisher American Library Association
Pages 793
Release 2009-07-30
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 0838909671

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A guide to series fiction lists popular series, identifies novels by character, and offers guidance on the order in which to read unnumbered series.

Imagining Baseball

Imagining Baseball
Title Imagining Baseball PDF eBook
Author David McGimpsey
Publisher Indiana University Press
Pages 222
Release 2000
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 9780253336965

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"... McGimpsey displays erudition, clever insights and a knack for the wickedly funny wisecrack (several of which are aimed at his beloved, and beleaguered, Montreal Expos). Literary baseball may be a drastically over-analyzed subject, but, like an overachieving rookie, McGrimpsey produces a far better book on it than one would have ever thought possible." --Louis Jacobson, Washington Post "This is the most important critical book on baseball literature in many years." --Murray Sperber, author of Onward to Victory From Field of Dreams to The Natural, from baseball cards to highbrow fiction, this book explores the place of baseball in American popular culture.

Sport in American Culture

Sport in American Culture
Title Sport in American Culture PDF eBook
Author Joyce D. Duncan
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages 495
Release 2004-11-19
Genre Sports & Recreation
ISBN 1851095594

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A unique and timely exploration of the cultural impact of sport on American society, including lifestyles, language, and thinking. Sport in American Culture is the first and only reference work to provide an in-depth and up-to-date exploration of sport and its impact on American culture. Essays from more than 200 scholars, professionals, and sports enthusiasts address how sport has changed our lifestyles, language, and thinking. Arranged alphabetically, the work introduces key sport figures and national icons, with a focus on their cultural impact, examines individual sports and how they have influenced society, and discusses such phenomena as the billion-dollar athletic apparel industry, sport as big business, and the effect of sport on gender, racial views, pride, and nationalism. In addition to expected topics, the work also includes less studied areas such as myths, audience rituals, Wheaties, comic books, the hula hoop, and religion.

Women Characters in Baseball Literature

Women Characters in Baseball Literature
Title Women Characters in Baseball Literature PDF eBook
Author Kathleen Sullivan
Publisher McFarland
Pages 207
Release 2005-05-25
Genre Social Science
ISBN 0786421703

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Since the early 20th century, American writers have both recorded and fictionalized the real-life activities of great athletes, as well as created original characters for sports stories. How have women fared in this literature? Women Characters in Baseball Literature is the first comprehensive evaluation of the women characters of baseball literature, including women's crucial roles on and off the field of play. Applying several feminist theories and examining the works in the context of both myth and psychology, the author discusses baseball fiction written by both men and women. Among the topics discussed are the literary implications of motherhood; how patterns of behavior in women characters often recall Greek goddesses; and how women characters and the feminist imagination enrich the literature of this apparently masculinized sport. Authors covered include Bernard Malamud, Mark Harris, August Wilson, Lamar Herrin, Nancy Willard, Silvia Tennenbaum, Karen Joy Fowler, and others.

Home Games

Home Games
Title Home Games PDF eBook
Author John A. Lauricella
Pages 264
Release 1999
Genre American fiction

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These essays explore the use and significance of baseball in American prose fiction, primarily the American novel. The author understands that the classical narrative structure of exile and homecoming is reenacted in the movement of the game itself. He recalls certain episodes of baseball history as a way of recreating the contexts of baseball fictions. Two commentaries of baseball--one literary and the other real--are interwoven in each chapter. Part One addresses allusions to baseball in canonical works of American fiction, including The Great Gatsby, The Sound and the Fury and The Old Man and the Sea, and illustrates how baseball engages signature themes of American literature: versions of the American Dream, ethnic prejudice, city work and pastoral play, cultural identity, and father-son relationships, among others. Part Two interprets the four baseball novels--You Know Me Al, The Natural, The Southpaw and The Universal Baseball Association, Inc., J. Henry Waugh, Prop.--that inaugurated the baseball fiction genre and then staked its claim to artistic legitimacy. The theme that unifies the work is the prospect of home or coming home, and how these fictions depict the difficult passage and its conflicted resolution.