The Seven Mysteries of Life

The Seven Mysteries of Life
Title The Seven Mysteries of Life PDF eBook
Author Guy Murchie
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Pages 708
Release 1999
Genre Fiction
ISBN 9780395957912

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"All life in all worlds" -this was the object of the author's seventeen-year quest for knowledge and discovery, culminating in this book. In a manner unmistakably his own, Murchie delves into the interconnectedness of all life on the planet and of such fields as biology, geology, sociology, mathematics, and physics. He offers us what the poet May Sarton has called "a good book to take to a desert island as sole companion, so rich is it in knowledge and insight."

The Seven Mysteries of Life

The Seven Mysteries of Life
Title The Seven Mysteries of Life PDF eBook
Author Guy Murchie
Pages 690
Release 1981
Genre Cosmology

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A Wilder Life

A Wilder Life
Title A Wilder Life PDF eBook
Author Joan Louwrens
Publisher Jonathan Ball Publishers
Pages 257
Release 2020-10-01
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1776190610

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Joan Louwrens has always been drawn to wild places, which are balm to her soul. When her husband died, leaving her alone with two small daughters to raise, she threw herself wholeheartedly into 'adventure medicine', seeking out the world's most remote corners – on land and at sea – to practise healing, both her own and others'. Working in wild places from the Kruger Park to the Australian Outback, the Atlantic Ocean islands, and both the Arctic and Antarctic, 'Doctor Joan' has dealt with a vast range of medical challenges, from rabies to deep-vein thrombosis, childbirth to wisdom-tooth extraction, catatonia to depression. Showing an eagerness to learn and a humility that aren't always a given in her profession, and with a wry eye and a sympathetic outlook, Joan Louwrens has written a memoir that's a poignant and often funny story of a life lived to the full.

The Island of Knowledge

The Island of Knowledge
Title The Island of Knowledge PDF eBook
Author Marcelo Gleiser
Publisher Civitas Books
Pages 370
Release 2014-06-03
Genre Philosophy
ISBN 0465031714

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Why discovering the limits to science may be the most powerful discovery of allHow much can we know about the world? In this book, physicist Marcelo Gleiser traces our search for answers to the most fundamental questions of existence, the origin of the universe, the nature of reality, and the limits of knowledge. In so doing, he reaches a provocative conclusion: science, like religion, is fundamentally limited as a tool for understanding the world. As science and its philosophical interpretations advance, we face the unsettling recognition of how much we don't know. Gleiser shows that by aband.

Paradigms Regained

Paradigms Regained
Title Paradigms Regained PDF eBook
Author J. L. Casti
Publisher Harper Collins
Pages 303
Release 2001-05-08
Genre Mathematics
ISBN 0380731711

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John L. Casti's Paradigms Lost framed each Big Question as a mock jury trial with prosecution, defense, and verdict rendered. Now Paradigms Regained reexamines each of these questions as an appellate brief and decides whether or not the previous verdict still holds based on a decade's worth of new evidence from the scientific world's top minds. In Paradigms Regained, noted mathematician and researcher John Casti boldly tackles the Big Questions of science and sets our sights on a thrilling new millennium of discovery. Exploring the extraordinary "what ifs" of the natural world -- the origins of Life, the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence, our genetic destiny, the roots of Language and Learning, the limits of knowtedge -- he debates, with penetrating insight, the diverse and competing theories that exist today. Brilliant, accessible, and totally engrossing, Paradigms Regained offers important new insight into contemporary scientific thought.

The Things That Nobody Knows

The Things That Nobody Knows
Title The Things That Nobody Knows PDF eBook
Author William Hartston
Publisher Atlantic Books
Pages 406
Release 2013-04-01
Genre Science
ISBN 0857897160

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A playful and diverting, yet always scientifically rigorous look at those simple mysteries that are yet to be solved Why are so many giraffes gay? Has human evolution stopped? Where did our alphabet come from? Can robots become self-aware? Can lobsters recognize other lobsters by sight? What goes on inside a black hole? Are cell phones bad for us? Why can't we remember anything from our earliest years? Full of the mysteries of life, the universe, and everything, this is a fascinating and unputdownable exploration of the limits of human knowledge of our planet, its history and culture, and the universe beyond.

Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness
Title Heart of Darkness PDF eBook
Author Jeremiah P. Ostriker
Publisher Princeton University Press
Pages 328
Release 2024-04-30
Genre Science
ISBN 0691258945

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Humanity's ongoing quest to unlock the secrets of dark matter and dark energy Heart of Darkness describes the incredible saga of humankind's quest to unravel the deepest secrets of the universe. Over the past forty years, scientists have learned that two little-understood components—dark matter and dark energy—comprise most of the known cosmos, explain the growth of all cosmic structure, and hold the key to the universe's fate. The story of how evidence for the so-called "Lambda-Cold Dark Matter" model of cosmology has been gathered by generations of scientists throughout the world is told here by one of the pioneers of the field, Jeremiah Ostriker, and his coauthor Simon Mitton. From humankind's early attempts to comprehend Earth's place in the solar system, to astronomers' exploration of the Milky Way galaxy and the realm of the nebulae beyond, to the detection of the primordial fluctuations of energy from which all subsequent structure developed, this book explains the physics and the history of how the current model of our universe arose and has passed every test hurled at it by the skeptics. Throughout this rich story, an essential theme is emphasized: how three aspects of rational inquiry—the application of direct measurement and observation, the introduction of mathematical modeling, and the requirement that hypotheses should be testable and verifiable—guide scientific progress and underpin our modern cosmological paradigm. This monumental puzzle is far from complete, however, as scientists confront the mysteries of the ultimate causes of cosmic structure formation and the real nature and origin of dark matter and dark energy.