The Invisible Game

The Invisible Game
Title The Invisible Game PDF eBook
Author Zoltan Andrejkovics
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages 190
Release 2016-05-07
ISBN 9781517457013

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Competitive gaming and eSports among youths became a major theme these days. For an e-Athlete, having the best strategy or belonging to a team with the best skills are sometimes not enough for success. Real life tournaments are tougher than we can imagine. The Invisible Game covers the necessary mental development of eSport players. The book helps to prepare the players' minds for the challenges, both on the map and in real life. Nowadays we overestimate the power of our thoughts, and we forget the potential of our inner wisdom. This book guides you with honest life experiences of an eSport team manager on a journey to find the mental balance for peak performance.

A History of Competitive Gaming

A History of Competitive Gaming
Title A History of Competitive Gaming PDF eBook
Author Lu Zhouxiang
Publisher Routledge
Pages 320
Release 2022-05-13
Genre History
ISBN 100058853X

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Competitive gaming, or esports – referring to competitive tournaments of video games among both casual gamers and professional players – began in the early 1970s with small competitions like the one held at Stanford University in October 1972, where some 20 researchers and students attended. By 2022 the estimated revenue of the global esports industry is in excess of $947 million, with over 200 million viewers worldwide. Regardless of views held about competitive gaming, esports have become a modern economic and cultural phenomenon. This book studies the full history of competitive gaming from the 1970s to the 2010s against the background of the arrival of the electronic and computer age. It investigates how competitive gaming has grown into a new form of entertainment, a sport-like competition, a lucrative business and a unique cultural sensation. It also explores the role of competitive gaming in the development of the video game industry, making a distinctive contribution to our knowledge and understanding of the history of video games. A History of Competitive Gaming will appeal to all those interested in the business and culture of gaming, as well as those studying modern technological culture.

Modern Sports around the World

Modern Sports around the World
Title Modern Sports around the World PDF eBook
Author David Asa Schwartz
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages 406
Release 2021-06-14
Genre Sports & Recreation
ISBN 1440868808

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Modern Sports around the World focuses on the history, geography, sociology, economics, and technological advancements of 50 sports played from India to Ireland. Sports have become an international spectacle that influences nations' foreign policy, world economies, and regional morale. Hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake as governments and multinational corporations rush to make sure they have a place at the table. And yet, sports come from humble beginnings. We are fascinated by who can run the fastest, lift the most weight, jump the highest, swim the farthest, and act with the most precision. The history of sports is the history of the world. Modern Sports around the World examines 50 of the world's most popular sports. Each chapter features one sport and details that sport's origins, global migration, economic forces, media influences, political environment, pop-culture inspirations, scandalous moments, and key individuals. Sports history is a tapestry of sociological variables; Modern Sports around the World weaves them together to create a unique history book that explains not only where humanity has been, but where it might be going.

The Invisible Game

The Invisible Game
Title The Invisible Game PDF eBook
Author Kai-Markus Mueller
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 284
Release 2022-10-24
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1394152981

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Cutting-edge science can make all the difference for salespeople in a time when they are facing a business world in transformation. In The Invisible Game: The Secrets and the Science of Winning Minds and Winning Deals, neuroscientist Kai-Markus Mueller and sales professional Gabriele Rehbock deliver a hands-on guide to the hidden dynamics that influence the outcomes of most business deals. In plain English, the book unpacks recently discovered insights from psychology, behavioural economics, and neuroscience and explains how to apply them to your advantage in real-life business situations. The authors show you how to influence buying decisions and how to successfully respond to challenging business situations in order to put you in control of the levers that drive sales success. You’ll also find Advanced strategies and tactics that offer a lasting edge in negotiations, sales and other business transactions Smart techniques to build rewarding customer relationships The psychology behind gains and losses revealing new keys to profitable pricing Real-life advice on how to counter a buyer’s intimidation tactics: time, uncertainty, fear, and silence An essential, step-by-step playbook for sales professionals, The Invisible Game will also earn a place on the bookshelves of entrepreneurs, business owners, and other independent professionals—like lawyers, accountants, freelancers, consultants, and programmers—who regularly sell their services to other businesses.

Research Anthology on Business Strategies, Health Factors, and Ethical Implications in Sports and eSports

Research Anthology on Business Strategies, Health Factors, and Ethical Implications in Sports and eSports
Title Research Anthology on Business Strategies, Health Factors, and Ethical Implications in Sports and eSports PDF eBook
Author Management Association, Information Resources
Publisher IGI Global
Pages 1008
Release 2020-11-27
Genre Sports & Recreation
ISBN 1799877523

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From issues of racism to the severity of concussions to celebrity endorsements, the sports industry continues to significantly impact society. With the rise of eSports and its projection as the next billion dollar industry, it is vital that a multifaceted approach to sports research be undertaken. On one side, businesses are continually offering new methods for marketing and branding and finding the best ways to enhance consumer engagement and the consumer experience. On the other side, there has been progress and new findings in the physical fitness and training of the athletes themselves along with discussions on their psychology and wellbeing. This two-tiered approach to analyzing sports and eSports from a practical business perspective, along with a lens placed on the athletes themselves, provides a comprehensive view of the current advancements, technologies, and strategies within various aspects of the sports and esports industry. Research Anthology on Business Strategies, Health Factors, and Ethical Implications in Sports and eSports covers the latest findings on all factors of sports: the branding and marketing of sports and eSports, studies on athletes and consumers, a dive into the ethics of sports, and the introduction of eSports to the industry. This wide coverage of all fields of research recently conducted leads this book to be a well-rounded view of how sports are functioning in modern times. Highlighted topics include branding tactics, consumer engagement, eSports history and technologies, ethics and law, and psychological studies of athlete wellness. This book is ideal for sports managers, athletes, trainers, marketers, brand managers, advertisers, practitioners, stakeholders, researchers, academicians, and students interested working in the fields of sports medicine, law, physical education, assistive technologies, marketing, consumer behavior, and psychology.

One Goal

One Goal
Title One Goal PDF eBook
Author Bill Beswick
Publisher Human Kinetics
Pages 232
Release 2015-10-01
Genre Sports & Recreation
ISBN 1492585769

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In soccer, perhaps more than any other sport, success hinges on team performance rather than individual play. As coaches are well aware, inspiring a group of players to perform as a finely tuned, coordinated unit is an on-going challenge. While several factors interfere with cohesion and flow of a soccer team, no published work has specifically addressed how to prevent and conquer such problems . . . until now. In One Goal: The Mindset of Winning Soccer Teams, internationally renowned performance psychologist and author of the best-selling Focused for Soccer, Bill Beswick, delivers an unrivaled guide to developing a winning team mindset. One Goal is arranged sequentially, providing invaluable insights on the various challenges facing coaches when pursuing a winning team mindset. You’ll find techniques, tools and suggestions to implement when addressing both common and unique challenges throughout the season. Specific contexts such as cup finals and tournaments are featured as well. Recognizing team mindset as a factor distinguishing success from failure, One Goal features proven strategies from one of soccer’s top performance psychologists. It’s a soon-to-be classic that you will turn to again and again.

The Soccer Mindset

The Soccer Mindset
Title The Soccer Mindset PDF eBook
Author Devynne A. Healy
Pages 139
Release 2023-07-10
ISBN 177684808X

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"A healthy mind and body are the best teammates a soccer player can have." Discover the secret to superior performance on the soccer field with "The Soccer Mindset: Mental Toughness and Winning Habits on the Field". This enlightening guidebook uncovers the integral role that mindset plays in every corner kick, every pass, every goal, and every win. It's designed not only to help players enhance their game but to also equip coaches with the necessary knowledge to cultivate a winning mentality in their teams. Starting with a detailed exploration of the mental demands of soccer, the book provides a deep understanding of the psychology of the sport. It lays out effective strategies for developing mental toughness, setting and achieving ambitious goals, and honing winning habits. Readers will learn powerful visualization techniques to prepare for game day and actionable strategies to handle pressure situations. The book takes a deep dive into overcoming performance anxiety, handling mistakes, improving on-field communication, and developing pre-game routines. It further delves into maintaining motivation throughout the soccer season and the importance of mental and physical health in soccer performance. Coaches aren't left out either. It shares effective coaching techniques for developing a winning mindset and a positive team culture, and strengthening mental toughness in players. The final chapters connect the dots between soccer mindset and everyday life, demonstrating how the discipline, resilience, and mental toughness nurtured on the soccer field can be applied in personal growth and life skills. "The Soccer Mindset" serves as an invaluable resource for everyone who plays, coaches, or simply loves the game of soccer. It's time to elevate your game and your life to the next level. Get your copy today and develop a winning mindset both on and off the field.Table of contents: Introduction The importance of mindset in soccer Benefits of developing a winning mindset The Psychology of Soccer Understanding the mental demands of soccer The role of mindset in soccer performance The impact of mindset on team dynamics Building Mental Toughness Developing resilience Improving focus and concentration Overcoming mental blocks Setting and Achieving Goals Importance of goal setting in soccer Setting specific and measurable goals Strategies for achieving goals Visualization Techniques for Soccer The power of visualization in soccer Techniques for effective visualization Using visualization for game-day preparation Developing Winning Habits Consistency in training and preparation Creating a positive team culture Building a winning mentality Overcoming Performance Anxiety Understanding performance anxiety in soccer Techniques for managing anxiety Building confidence and reducing anxiety Handling Pressure Situations Strategies for managing pressure in soccer Developing mental toughness for high-pressure situations Staying focused under pressure Dealing with Mistakes and Failure Understanding the impact of mistakes and failure in soccer Techniques for coping with mistakes and failure Learning from mistakes and failure Improving Communication on the Field Importance of communication in soccer Techniques for effective communication Building teamwork through communication Developing a Pre-Game Routine Importance of pre-game routines in soccer Strategies for creating a pre-game routine Staying focused and relaxed before games Staying Motivated Throughout the Season Strategies for staying motivated in a long soccer season Keeping goals in mind Managing fatigue and burnout Maintaining a Healthy Mind and Body Importance of mental and physical health in soccer Techniques for maintaining mental and physical health Building a healthy lifestyle The Role of Coaches in Developing Soccer Mindset Coaching techniques for developing a winning mindset Building a positive team culture Strengthening mental toughness in players The Intersection of Soccer Mindset and Life Transferring soccer mindset to everyday life Building life skills through soccer The impact of soccer on personal growth Conclusion Recap of key takeaways Encouragement to develop a winning mindset on and off the field ISBN: 9781776848089