The Harlot By The Side Of The Road

The Harlot By The Side Of The Road
Title The Harlot By The Side Of The Road PDF eBook
Author Jonathan Kirsch
Publisher Random House
Pages 400
Release 2010-11-30
Genre Religion
ISBN 1407080857

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The Harlot by the Side of the Road is the first book to shed light on strange biblical passages which have largely been ignored by ministers, priests and rabbies because they semed too awkward to examine. Johnathan Kirsch retells these `forbidden' stories in con-temporary English, alongside thr original text, and demonstrates that the people in biblical times were as vulnerable, confused and prone to weakness of the flesh and failure of the spirit as any character in Homer, Shakespere or Dostoevsky, and wrestled with the same problems of the heart and mind hat still confront us today. He also explains how each story found its way into the Bible, why it was originally suppressed-and examines the rituals, customs and politics that bring these extraordinary tales alive for the contempoary reader.

The Harlot by the Side of the Road

The Harlot by the Side of the Road
Title The Harlot by the Side of the Road PDF eBook
Author Jonathan Kirsch
Publisher Ballantine Books
Release 1997-04-16
ISBN 9780345420008

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Sex. Violence. Scandal. These are words we rarely associate with the sacred text of the Bible. Yet in this brilliant new book, Jonathan Kirsch shows that the Old Testament is filled with some of the most startling and explicit stories in all of Western literature. These tales of seduction and rape, voyeurism and exhibitionism, intermarriage and illegitimacy, assassination and murder have been suppressed by religious authorities throughout history precisely because they are so shocking. "You mean that's in the Bible?" is the common reaction of the contemporary reader to the stories that Kirsch retells and explores. In The Harlot by the Side of the Road, Kirsch recounts these suppressed and mistranslated tales in the grand storytelling tradition. Here is the tale of Dinah, the young Israelite daughter raped by a princely suitor. The price for her hand in marriage? The circumcision of every man in his kingdom. Here, too, is the story of Lot's daughters, who, when faced with the possibility that they are the last survivors on earth, must copulate with their drunken father to continue their race. And the story of Tamar, the harlot by the side of the road, who must disguise herself as a prostitute and seduce her father-in-law in order to bear the child who has been promised her. Kirsch places each story within the political and social context of its time, and delves into the latest biblical scholarship to explain why each story was originally censored. He also brings to light when and where each story was first written down, and how it found its way into the Bible. And he shows how these stories have something important to say to contemporary readers who might never pick up a Bible. Kirsch reveals that the Bible's real power lies in its unflinching lessons in human nature. And he illuminates the surprising modernity of the Bible's characters: these were, like us, people delicately balanced between their destructive and generous natures. Certain to excite controversy and ignite intellectual debate, The Harlot by the Side of the Road will undoubtedly be one of the year's most talked-about books.

Goddess Wisdom Made Easy

Goddess Wisdom Made Easy
Title Goddess Wisdom Made Easy PDF eBook
Author Tanishka
Publisher Hay House, Inc
Release 2019-01-08
Genre Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN 1788172779

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Learn about the ancient goddess traditions and reconnect with your femininity, your natural cycles and your intuition. Ancient civilizations once worshipped female deities and women were the leaders, counsellors and healers of their communities. Through the ages, the wisdom of the Goddess was then forgotten, and people around the world lost their connection to ancient feminine wisdom. In this practical guide, Tanishka, a leading teacher and author of women's wisdom traditions, introduces the main Goddess cultures and explains how their teachings and practices can empower and transform your life today. You will learn: * the history, philosophy and practices of ancient Goddess traditions * the seven Goddess archetypes and their corresponding chakras * the life stages of the feminine journey and how to transition through each one * rituals to reconnect with your inner goddess * insight and tools to understand and align with the cycles of nature This book was previously published under the title Goddess Wisdom (Hay House Basics series).

Roads to Dystopia, Sociological Essay on the Post Modern Condition (c)

Roads to Dystopia, Sociological Essay on the Post Modern Condition (c)
Title Roads to Dystopia, Sociological Essay on the Post Modern Condition (c) PDF eBook
Author Stanford M. Lyman
Publisher University of Arkansas Press
Pages 460
Release 2001
Genre Postmodernism
ISBN 9781610753500

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Politics in the Bible

Politics in the Bible
Title Politics in the Bible PDF eBook
Author Paul Abramson
Publisher Routledge
Pages 328
Release 2017-09-08
Genre Political Science
ISBN 1351498304

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The Bible is fundamental to Western culture. Political philosophers from Hobbes, Locke, Montesquieu, and Rousseau to modern political theorists such as George H. Sabine, Leo Strauss, and Sheldon S. Wolin have drawn upon biblical examples. American political leaders, such as Thomas Paine, Abraham Lincoln, and William Jennings Bryan all drew heavily upon the Bible. Today, most contemporary politicians display less familiarity with Scripture although many proudly proclaim themselves to be born-again Christians. Politics in the Bible has a simple goal: to help readers to think critically about how the Bible illuminates understanding of justice, leadership, and politics. For a political scientist, there are great advantages to studying the Bible. Students of the Bible have short texts to analyze, but they have a history of two thousand years of Jewish and Christian scholarly discussion. In that tradition, Paul R. Abramson analyzes stories drawn from eighteen of the thirty-nine books of the Hebrew Bible and fifteen of the twenty-seven books of the New Testament. Abramson argues that the Bible is a book that should be read even by those who do not believe it has any transcendent significance. One can choose to read it as the revealed word of God, as a source of Western morality, as a compilation of interesting stories, poetry, and history, or as a work of great literature. Although this book discusses selected stories that have political implications, it also considers parts that have literary merit. This unusual volume may stimulate new thinking about the Bible as a source of insight into political ideas.

Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible

Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible
Title Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible PDF eBook
Author Liz Curtis Higgs
Publisher WaterBrook
Pages 290
Release 2008-05-20
Genre Religion
ISBN 0307446182

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Good Women Behaving Badly A spiteful boss, a defiant employee, a manipulative mother, a desperate housewife, an envious sister…honey, we know these women. We’ve lived with them, worked with them, or caught a glimpse of them in our mirrors. Now let’s take a look at their ancient counterparts in Scripture: Sarah mistreated her maidservant, Hagar despised her mistress, Rebekah manipulated her son, Leah claimed her sister’s husband, and Rachel envied her fertile sister. They were far from evil, but hardly perfect. Mostly good, yet slightly bad. In other words, these matriarchal mamas look a lot like us. “A Slightly Bad Girl is simply this: a woman unwilling to fully submit to God. We love him, serve him, and worship him, yet we find it difficult to trust him completely, to accept his plan for our lives, to rest in his sovereignty.” —from Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible

The Natural History of the Bible

The Natural History of the Bible
Title The Natural History of the Bible PDF eBook
Author Daniel Hillel
Publisher Columbia University Press
Pages 378
Release 2006
Genre Bible
ISBN 0231133634

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Traversing river valleys, steppes, deserts, rain-fed forests, farmlands, and seacoasts, the early Israelites experienced all the contrasting ecological domains of the ancient Near East. As they grew from a nomadic clan to become a nation-state in Canaan, they interacted with indigenous societies of the region, absorbed selective elements of their cultures, and integrated them into a radically new culture of their own. Daniel Hillel reveals the interplay between the culture of the Israelites and the environments within which it evolved. More than just affecting their material existence, the region's ecology influenced their views of creation and the creator, their conception of humanity's role on Earth, their own distinctive identity and destiny, and their ethics. In The Natural History of the Bible, Hillel shows how the eclectic experiences of the Israelites shaped their perception of the overarching unity governing nature's varied manifestations. Where other societies idolized disparate and capricious forces of nature, the Israelites discerned essential harmony and higher moral purpose. Inspired by visionary prophets, they looked to a singular, omnipresent, omnipotent force of nature mandating justice and compassion in human affairs. Monotheism was promoted as state policy and centralized in the Temple of Jerusalem. After it was destroyed and the people were exiled, a collection of scrolls distilling the nation's memories and spiritual quest served as the focus of faith in its stead. A prominent environmental scientist who surveyed Israel's land and water resources and has worked on agricultural development projects throughout the region, Daniel Hillel is a uniquely qualified expert on the natural history of the lands of the Bible. Combining his scientific work with a passionate, life-long study of the Bible, Hillel offers new perspectives on biblical views of the environment and the origin of ethical monotheism as an outgrowth of the Israelites' internalized experiences.