The Five

The Five
Title The Five PDF eBook
Author Hallie Rubenhold
Publisher Houghton Mifflin
Pages 359
Release 2019
Genre Murder victims
ISBN 1328663817

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Miscast in the media for nearly 130 years, the victims of Jack the Ripper finally get their full stories told in this eye-opening and chilling reminder that life for middle-class women in Victorian London could be full of social pitfalls and peril.

The Hidden Lives of Jack the Ripper's Victims

The Hidden Lives of Jack the Ripper's Victims
Title The Hidden Lives of Jack the Ripper's Victims PDF eBook
Author Robert Hume
Publisher Pen and Sword
Pages 206
Release 2019-12-19
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1526738619

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An in-depth look at the lives of the women murdered by the infamous, 19th-century London serial killer. Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Jane Kelly are inextricably linked in history. Their names might not be instantly recognizable, and the identity of their murderer may have eluded detectives and historians throughout the years, but there is no mistaking the infamy of Jack the Ripper. For nine weeks during the autumn of 1888, the Whitechapel Murderer brought terror to London’s East End, slashing women’s throats and disemboweling them. London’s most famous serial killer has been pored over time and again, yet his victims have been sorely neglected, reduced to the simple label: prostitute. The lives of these five women are rags-to-riches-to-rags stories of the most tragic kind. There was a time in each of their lives when these poor women had a job, money, a home and a family. Hardworking, determined, and fiercely independent individuals, it was bad luck or a wrong turn here or there that left them wretched and destitute. Ignored by the press and overlooked by historians, it is time their stories were told. “Hume presents us with clear and concise biographies of the Ripper’s victims, and while it is tempting to think of them as all being prostitutes . . . their backgrounds, gone into in this much detail, shows them as something completely different. You will have to, you must read this brilliant book, it puts a whole new perspective into the canon of literature about the most infamous murderer of the last two centuries.” —Books Monthly

The Ripper Inside Us

The Ripper Inside Us
Title The Ripper Inside Us PDF eBook
Author Rebecca Frost
Publisher McFarland
Pages 209
Release 2024-04-10
Genre True Crime
ISBN 1476692726

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The story of Jack the Ripper has had continual interest since he stalked the streets of Whitechapel during the Autumn of Terror in 1888. During this time, the murders of the Canonical Five made headlines all over the world while in the modern day, the Ripper story continues to permeate all forms of media on the page, screen, in podcasts, and in fiction. We continue to search for something we will likely never, and perhaps do not even wish to discover: Jack's true name. This book looks at the lasting intrigue of Jack the Ripper and how his story, and the stories of the Canonical Five victims, are brought back to life through modern lenses. As psychological approaches and scientific techniques advance, the Ripper's narrative evolves, opening a more diverse means of storytelling and storytellers. How these storytellers attempt to construct a full tale around the facts, including the burning questions of motive and identity, says more about us than the Ripper.

Media and the Murderer

Media and the Murderer
Title Media and the Murderer PDF eBook
Author Rebecca Frost
Publisher McFarland
Pages 202
Release 2020-08-18
Genre True Crime
ISBN 147668152X

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Some criminals become household names, while others--even those who seek recognition through their crimes--are forgotten. The criminal's actions are only a part of every famous true crime story. Other factors, such as the setting and circumstances of the crimes and the ways in which others take control of the narrative, ultimately drive their notoriety. Through a comparison of the tellings and retellings of two famous cases more than a century apart--the Jack the Ripper killings in 1888, and the murder trials of Steven Avery as documented in Making a Murderer--this book examines the complicated dynamics of criminal celebrity.

Myth, Monster, Murderer

Myth, Monster, Murderer
Title Myth, Monster, Murderer PDF eBook
Author Jackie Anderson
Publisher Book Guild Publishing
Pages 197
Release 2022-02-28
Genre Social Science
ISBN 191512297X

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Who were the victims of Jack the Ripper? And what was the impact of his killings on women at the time, and over the last 150 years?

KS3 History 4th Edition: Revolution, Industry and Empire: Britain 1558-1901 eBook 2

KS3 History 4th Edition: Revolution, Industry and Empire: Britain 1558-1901 eBook 2
Title KS3 History 4th Edition: Revolution, Industry and Empire: Britain 1558-1901 eBook 2 PDF eBook
Author Aaron Wilkes
Publisher Oxford University Press - Children
Pages 260
Release 2021-10-07
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 1382033877

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The new fourth eBook edition of Revolution, Industry and Empire is Book 2 of the best-selling Oxford KS3 History by Aaron Wilkes series. It covers British history during the Tudor, Stuart, Georgian and Victorian periods, including social and cultural history, the Civil War and Cromwell, the Restoration, the Industrial Revolution, public health, slave trade, and the rise of the British Empire. This e-textbook introduces the history content and skills needed to support a coherent knowledge-rich curriculum, prepares students for success in Key Stage 3 History, and builds solid foundations for GCSE study: - Carefully designed content and assessments support student progression throughout the textbook series - Historical sources and interpretations are presented with clear provenances - Over to you activities for every lesson check students' knowledge and understanding, and are ramped in difficulty to build confidence - Step-by-step guidance on key History skills provides scaffolding to introduce students to the skills needed for further study - Literacy focus feature helps improve students' essay writing skills and grammar - Complete assessment support, including quick knowledge quizzes and exam-style assessments - This book retains Aaron Wilkes' unique and engaging style, shown in recent research to inspire and motivate young historians - Revolution, Industry and Empire Kerboodle: Lessons, Resources, Assessment offers a digital subscription packed full of customisable interactives, worksheets, animations and automarked assessments.

Encyclopedia of London's East End

Encyclopedia of London's East End
Title Encyclopedia of London's East End PDF eBook
Author Kevin A. Morrison
Publisher McFarland
Pages 292
Release 2023-03-03
Genre History
ISBN 1476648379

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The East End is an iconic area of London, from the transient street art of Banksy and Pablo Delgado to the exhibitions of Doreen Fletcher and Gilbert and George. Located east of the Tower of London and north of the River Thames, it has experienced a number of developmental stages in its four-hundred-year history. Originating as a series of scattered villages, the area has been home to Europe's worst slums and served as an affluent nodal point of the British Empire. Through its evolution, the East End has been the birthplace of radical political and social movements and the social center for a variety of diasporic communities. This reference work, with its alphabetically organized cross-referenced entries and its original and historical photography, serves as a comprehensive guide to the social and cultural history of this global hub.