The Dog Fence

The Dog Fence
Title The Dog Fence PDF eBook
Author James Woodford
Publisher Text Publishing
Pages 266
Release 2013-06-18
Genre Nature
ISBN 1920885269

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At 5400 kilometres, the Dog Fence is one of the longest man-made structures on Earth. It slices across Australia's desert heart, dividing the continent to keep dingoes away from livestock. James Woodford embarks on a journey to follow its length, travelling some of the loneliest and harshest country in the world. He begins on a clifftop overlooking the Great Australian Bight and ends in the foothills of Queensland's Bunya Mountains.

The Dog Fence

The Dog Fence
Title The Dog Fence PDF eBook
Author James Woodford
Release 2006
Genre Australia

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James Woodford embarks on a journey to follow Australia's Dog Fence, one of the longest man-made structures on Earth. In his travels, he passes through rocket ranges, nuclear test areas, sacred sites and places where nineteenth-century explorers perished, and meets many remarkable people.

Not Every Dog Has His Day

Not Every Dog Has His Day
Title Not Every Dog Has His Day PDF eBook
Author Jane Duckworth
Publisher Axiom Creative Enterprises
Pages 356
Release 2009
Genre Animal welfare
ISBN 0646514377

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Provides a balanced view on the many issues relating to the treatment and care of Australian dogs.

Vernacular Worlds, Cosmopolitan Imagination

Vernacular Worlds, Cosmopolitan Imagination
Title Vernacular Worlds, Cosmopolitan Imagination PDF eBook
Author Stephanos Stephanides
Publisher BRILL
Pages 258
Release 2015-09-01
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 900430066X

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Vernacular Worlds, Cosmopolitan Imagination brings together essays on literary and artistic practice involving cross-cultural transactions in the post-colonial world. The essays explore broad questions of ethics and aesthetics in the productive tension between language, culture, and the polis.

The Crow Eaters

The Crow Eaters
Title The Crow Eaters PDF eBook
Author Ben Stubbs
Publisher NewSouth Publishing
Pages 292
Release 2019-08-01
Genre Travel
ISBN 1742244564

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‘Ben Stubbs uncovers the sheer delight and surprise of discovering what’s in your own backyard.’ — Bob Byrne, author of Adelaide Remember When and Australia Remember When Outsiders think of South Australia as being different, without really knowing much about it. Combining his own travel across the million-square kilometres of the state with an investigation of its history, Ben Stubbs seeks to find out what South Australia is really like. In the spirit of the best travel writing and literary non-fiction, he lingers in places of quiet beauty and meets some memorable people. Along the way he debunks most of the clichés that plague the state. Travelling to Maralinga, Ceduna, Kangaroo Island, the Flinders Ranges, Coober Pedy, the storied Adelaide suburb of Elizabeth and the once-mighty river that is the Murray, Stubbs brings this diverse state to life. He even addresses head-on the question ‘Is South Australia weird?’ Readers will find it hard to resist the book’s implicit invitation to take a look at places much closer to home, to take the time to drink in dramatic landscapes that are slow, deep and speckled with unforgettable characters. ‘Takes you where the silence is massive and the beauty unexpected.’ — Christopher Kremmer ‘Out beyond the vineyards and the festivals that everyone knows, Ben Stubbs finds tales of South Australia’s beauties and dangers: great white sharks and megafauna fossils, opal mines and limestone caves, nuclear tests and murderous camels, 19th century settler towns and timeless Aboriginal stories.’ — Kerryn Goldsworthy, author ofAdelaide

The Dingo Debate

The Dingo Debate
Title The Dingo Debate PDF eBook
Author Bradley Smith
Pages 336
Release 2015-08-03
Genre Nature
ISBN 1486300308

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The Dingo Debate explores the intriguing and relatively unknown story of Australia’s most controversial animal – the dingo. Throughout its existence, the dingo has been shaped by its interactions with human societies. With this as a central theme, the book traces the story of the dingo from its beginnings as a semi-domesticated wild dog in South-east Asia, to its current status as a wild Australian native animal under threat of extinction. It describes how dingoes made their way to Australia, their subsequent relationship with Indigenous Australians, their successful adaption to the Australian landscape and their constant battle against the agricultural industry. During these events, the dingo has demonstrated an unparalleled intelligence and adaptable nature seen in few species. The book concludes with a discussion of what the future of the dingo in Australia might look like, what we can learn from our past relationship with dingoes and how this can help to allow a peaceful co-existence. The Dingo Debate reveals the real dingo beneath the popular stereotypes, providing an account of the dingo’s behaviour, ecology, impacts and management according to scientific and scholarly evidence rather than hearsay. This book will appeal to anyone with an interest in Australian natural history, wild canids, and the relationship between humans and carnivores.

Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 19

Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 19
Title Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 19 PDF eBook
Author Melanie Nolan
Publisher ANU Press
Pages 970
Release 2021-03-09
Genre Reference
ISBN 1760464139

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Volume 19 of the Australian Dictionary of Biography (ADB) contains concise biographies of individuals who died between 1991 and 1995. The first of two volumes for the 1990s, it presents a colourful montage of late twentieth-century Australian life, containing the biographies of significant and representative Australians. The volume is still in the shadow of World War II with servicemen and women who enlisted young appearing, but these influences are dimming and there are now increasing numbers of non-white, non-male, non-privileged and non-straight subjects. The 680 individuals recorded in volume 19 of the ADB include Wiradjuri midwife and Ngunnawal Elder Violet Bulger; Aboriginal rights activist, poet, playwright and artist Kevin Gilbert; and Torres Strait Islander community leader and land rights campaigner Eddie Mabo. HIV/AIDS child activists Tony Lovegrove and Eve Van Grafhorst have entries, as does conductor Stuart Challender, ‘the first Australian celebrity to go public’ about his HIV/AIDS condition in 1991. The arts are, as always, well-represented, including writers Frank Hardy, Mary Durack and Nene Gare, actors Frank Thring and Leonard Teale and arts patron Ian Potter. We are beginning to see the effects of the steep rise in postwar immigration flow through to the ADB. Artist Joseph Stanislaw Ostoja-Kotkowski was born in Poland. Pilar Moreno de Otaegui, co-founded the Spanish Club of Sydney. Chinese restaurateur and community leader Ming Poon (Dick) Low migrated to Victoria in 1953. Often we have a dearth of information about the domestic lives of our subjects; politician Olive Zakharov, however, bravely disclosed at the Victorian launch of the federal government’s campaign to Stop Violence Against Women in 1993 that she was a survivor of domestic violence in her second marriage. Take a dip into the many fascinating lives of the Australian Dictionary of Biography.