Nobody Likes a Goblin

Nobody Likes a Goblin
Title Nobody Likes a Goblin PDF eBook
Author Ben Hatke
Publisher First Second
Pages 40
Release 2016-06-07
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 1626728054

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Goblin, a cheerful little homebody, lives in a cosy, rat-infested dungeon, with his only friend, Skeleton. Every day, Goblin and Skeleton play with the treasure in their dungeon. But one day, a gang of "heroic" adventurers bursts in. These marauders trash the place, steal all the treasure, and make off with Skeleton—leaving Goblin all alone! It's up to Goblin to save the day. But first he's going to have to leave the dungeon and find out how the rest of the world feels about goblins.

Dragon's Extraordinary Egg

Dragon's Extraordinary Egg
Title Dragon's Extraordinary Egg PDF eBook
Author Debi Gliori
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages 38
Release 2014-10-14
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 0802737595

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A dragon finds an abandoned egg and lovingly raises the hatchling as her own, although Little One is very different from the baby dragons, and when disaster strikes it is the small, feathered hatchling that saves the day.

Lore & Legends

Lore & Legends
Title Lore & Legends PDF eBook
Author Michael Witwer
Publisher Ten Speed Press
Pages 417
Release 2023-10-03
Genre Games & Activities
ISBN 1984859684

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An illustrated guide to Dungeons & Dragons’ beloved fifth edition told through interviews, artwork, and visual ephemera from the designers, storytellers, and artists who bring it to life. When the reimagined fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons debuted in the summer of 2014, the game was on the brink of obsolescence. But within a few short years, D&D found greater success than it had ever enjoyed before, even surpassing its 1980s golden age. How did an analog game nearly a half century old become a star in a digital world? For the first time, Lore & Legends reveals the incredible ongoing story of Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition from the perspective of the designers, artists, and players who bring it to life. This comprehensive visual guide illuminates contemporary D&D—its development, evolution, cultural relevance, and popularity—through exclusive interviews and more than 900 pieces of artwork, photography, and advertising curated and analyzed by the authors of the bestselling and Hugo Award–nominated Dungeons & Dragons Art & Arcana.

My First Book of Tracing

My First Book of Tracing
Title My First Book of Tracing PDF eBook
Author Kumon
Publisher Kumon Publishing North America
Pages 0
Release 2004
Genre Children
ISBN 9784774307077

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Kumon Basic Skills Workbooks ensure that children master pencil-control skills with ease so that they love learning independently. Everything in our Basic Skills Workbooksfrom the sturdy paper to the engaging contentis designed with the best interests of your child in mind.


Release 2020
ISBN 9780786967063

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Here There Be Dragons

Here There Be Dragons
Title Here There Be Dragons PDF eBook
Author Roger Zelazny
Pages 24
Release 2016-08
ISBN 9781880418826

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Roger Zelazny was born in Cleveland, Ohio, where he graduated from Case Western Reserve, later earning his Masters Degree from Columbia University. Following several years of government service, Roger turned to writing full-time in 1969. During the years since, he produced more than 40 outstanding books. Perhaps best known for Lord of Light, Eye of Cat, Doorways in the Sand, and hisfamous Amber series, he is the winner of six Hugo awards and three Nebula awards. Among his many associations with the writing community, he was a member of the Advisory Council for Creative Writing at the College of Santa Fe, of the Writers Digest Advisory Board, of the Editorial Board of The Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts and a long time member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Roger died in 1996.


Title Kindergarten PDF eBook
Author School Zone Interactive Staff
Pages 328
Release 2002-10-03
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 9781589478527

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