Blind Spots

Blind Spots
Title Blind Spots PDF eBook
Author Tim Riddle
Publisher New Growth Press
Pages 104
Release 2019-07-29
Genre Religion
ISBN 1948130602

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We all know blind spots are dangerous when we're changing lanes at 70 mph on an interstate highway. But just as critical are the blind spots that block us from seeing the truth about ourselves and others. No one is immune to either kind. Blind spots are, by definition, invisible to us. No matter how often we're reminded to "check our blind spots," we can't—at least on our own. Our only hope is for God and others to come alongside us and help point them out. Once identified we can start becoming our best and most authentic self. Coauthors Tim Riddle and Fil Anderson help us learn how to recognize and avoid blind spots to become more like Jesus, remembering the Holy Spirit is the revealer and healer. By drawing on stories in Scripture and personal experience, the coauthors invite us to engage in an approachable, logical conversation about what blind spots are, why they exist, how to identify and remove them, how to keep them from returning, and how to point them out in others. In this practical resource full of biblical wisdom, Riddle and Anderson aim to lovingly guide readers toward spiritual growth to live fully and freely as God's dearly loved, completely forgiven, and forever free daughters and sons. Blind Spots helps us find concrete, biblical solutions to the problem of these shortcomings, cultivating a desire for godliness and a greater appreciation for the Spirit's work in our own lives.

Salisbury--from Birth to Bicentennial

Salisbury--from Birth to Bicentennial
Title Salisbury--from Birth to Bicentennial PDF eBook
Author Max P. Petersen
Pages 244
Release 1976
Genre Salisbury (Vt.)

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Teacher's Resource Pack

Teacher's Resource Pack
Title Teacher's Resource Pack PDF eBook
Author Keith Gaines
Publisher Nelson Thornes
Pages 316
Release 2008-05-23
ISBN 0174016034

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Wellington Square is designed to meet the needs of children aged 7-13+ who are having difficulty in learning to read. It provides straightforward progression through all 5 levels of the scheme, from wordless picture books to storybooks with full-text.


Title Union PDF eBook
Author Colin Woodard
Publisher Penguin
Pages 434
Release 2020-06-16
Genre History
ISBN 0525560165

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By the bestselling author of American Nations, the story of how the myth of U.S. national unity was created and fought over in the nineteenth century--a myth that continues to affect us today Union tells the story of the struggle to create a national myth for the United States, one that could hold its rival regional cultures together and forge an American nationhood. On one hand, a small group of individuals--historians, political leaders, and novelists--fashioned and promoted the idea of America as nation that had a God-given mission to lead humanity toward freedom, equality, and self-government. But this emerging narrative was swiftly contested by another set of intellectuals and firebrands who argued that the United States was instead the homeland of the allegedly superior "Anglo-Saxon" race, upon whom divine and Darwinian favor shined. Colin Woodard tells the story of the genesis and epic confrontations between these visions of our nation's path and purpose through the lives of the key figures who created them, a cast of characters whose personal quirks and virtues, gifts and demons shaped the destiny of millions.

The Geography of Mahabharata - Volume 2

The Geography of Mahabharata - Volume 2
Title The Geography of Mahabharata - Volume 2 PDF eBook
Author Jijith Nadumuri Ravi
Publisher Notion Press
Pages 378
Release 2024-02-29
Genre History

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This book, Geography of Mah?bh?rata, spans two volumes. It is the final part of the geochronological trilogy of ?gveda, R?m?ya?a and Mah?bh?rata, connecting them into a single whole like the pearls of a chain! It shows Hanumat, Para?u R?ma, and others mentioned in R?m?ya?a and Mah?bh?rata in a never-imagined new light! It details the geography and chronology of the P???ava Era and analyses the entire 1995 Adhy?yas and 18 Parvas of Mah?bh?rata without missing any events in the life of the P???avas! It covers the sub-narratives of Nala, S?vitr? and a short R?m?ya?a embedded into Mah?bh?rata! It has the realistic age of the P???avas, Bh??ma, Dro?a, Vy?sa, and others and solves numerous puzzles and riddles of Mah?bh?rata. At last, here was a scientist capable of penetrating this jungle of literary data! To the gods belongs the glory of this enlightening development, to Jijith the realisation of the insights involved, and to us, readers fall the fruit of his labour. – Dr Koenraad Elst, Indologist, Belgium. Jijith’s book represents a fresh wave of writing that revisits Bh?rat?ya epics through the lens of historicity. This is a welcome departure from the Orientalist treatment of relegating them to the status of “mythology”. - J. Sai Deepak Iyer, Author, India -Bharat Series; Sr Advocate - Supreme Court of India & High Court of Delhi. This book constitutes a laudable addition to our scholarly discourse, promising enduring reference value. I sincerely wish the author continued success in scholarly endeavours. - Dr Raj Vedam, Visiting Faculty, Hindu University of America, Houston, Texas, USA This book helps establish a credible chronology and is an essential foundation for more detailed future research on specific topics. - Vishal Agarwal, President, Hindu Heritage Foundation of America. Within Jijith's groundbreaking work, 'Geography of Mah?bh?rata,' lies a trove of untapped insights awaiting future scholars. This isn't merely a book; it's a reservoir of wisdom.- Ajay Chaturvedi, Founder KFN, HarVa; Author, The Lost Wisdom of Swastika. Jijith’s colossal work on this subject, presenting a unified Vedic-Aitih?sic geography and chronology in detail of ancient Bh?rat, is eye-opening. Hope this book reaches the masses. - Manoshi Sinha, Author & History Researcher.

The History of Mahabodhi Temple at Bodh Gaya

The History of Mahabodhi Temple at Bodh Gaya
Title The History of Mahabodhi Temple at Bodh Gaya PDF eBook
Author K.T.S. Sarao
Publisher Springer Nature
Pages 213
Release 2020-09-16
Genre Religion
ISBN 9811580677

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This book offers an overview of the emergence of Bodh Gayā as a sacred site within Gayā Dharmakṣetra. It contextualizes the different encounters, incidents, and legends connected to the Buddha’s experiences shortly before and after he attained Bodhi – when, spiritually speaking, he was extremely lonely and was trying to carve a place for himself in the highly competitive Gayā Dharmakṣetra. Further, the book examines the role of various personalities and institutions contributed towards the emergence of Mahābodhi Temple. It incorporates a wealth of research on the role of the Victorian Indologists as well as the colonial administrators, the Giri mahants, and Anagārika Dharmapāla, to understand the material milieu pertaining not only to its identity but also access to spiritual resources as its conservation and development. This book is an indispensable read for students and scholars of history, cultural studies, and art and architecture as well as practitioners of Buddhism and Hinduism.

How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America

How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America
Title How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America PDF eBook
Author Christina Page
Publisher Hachette UK
Pages 256
Release 2008-07-31
Genre History
ISBN 078672224X

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A pithy polemic bolstered by solid research, intellectual heft, and firsthand reporting, this is a book poised to change the debate over reproductive rights in this country wholesale. As activist and writer Cristina Page shows, the gains made by birth-control advocates (historically) and pro-choice organizations (currently) have formed the bedrock of freedoms few Americans would choose to live without. Now, not only is the future of legal abortion far from guaranteed, in many parts of the country ready access to many forms of contraception is in jeopardy as well. And that development, Page argues, should have everyone, regardless of moral or political persuasion, deeply concerned. For these basic freedoms are not just for the freewheeling gals of "Sex and the City," but are central to the lives of working mothers and fathers from Phoenix to Duluth, churchgoers and nonbelievers alike. Page crystallizes the thoughts and attitudes of a generation of women and men whose voices are seldom heard in the political arena. How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America is the first book to address the positive transformation our society has undergone because of our ability to plan when and if to have children. It also exposes the anti-choice movement's far-reaching-and dangerous-agenda. Fresh, bold, and stocked with counterintuitive arguments, this is a book bound to form the basis for heated conversations nationwide.