Title Resilience PDF eBook
Author Eric Greitens
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Pages 319
Release 2015
Genre Self-Help
ISBN 054432398X

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The Navy SEAL, humanitarian and best-selling author of The Heart and the Fist draws on ancient wisdom and personal experience to counsel readers on how to promote personal resilience and overcome obstacles through positive action. 100,000 first printing.

The Unofficial Workbook For: Eric Greitens Navy SEAL's Resilience

The Unofficial Workbook For: Eric Greitens Navy SEAL's Resilience
Title The Unofficial Workbook For: Eric Greitens Navy SEAL's Resilience PDF eBook
Author Jan Bananberg
Pages 56
Release 2015-03-17
ISBN 9781508899211

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PLEASE NOTE: This unofficial workbook was created by Jan O. Bananberg to be used as a compliment to Eric Greitens Navy SEAL's book: Resilience. Imagine 2 scenarios. In the first one you have just finished reading Resilience. It was a great book and you remember that it mentioned a lot of smart things. But you can't remember much of it now as you close the book. In the second scenario you have just finished the same book. The difference now is that you have a plan for how to implement this new knowledge to improve your life. Most people will find themselves in scenario one. We believe that reading is an investment. You spend time with a book because you hope that it will make you happier, healthier, wealthier or smarter. But simply just reading a great book is not enough. You have to take action! In this workbook Jan O Bananberg will help you make real changes from what you have read by turning that knowledge into lasting habits.

Wisdom for Heaven on Earth

Wisdom for Heaven on Earth
Title Wisdom for Heaven on Earth PDF eBook
Author John E. Wade II
Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Pages 255
Release 2020-02-28
Genre Religion
ISBN 1796087173

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This book summarizes and elaborates on my prayers and thought processes behind the destiny -- Heaven on Earth, or Heaven -- that God has intended for humanity all along. While my prayer is for everyone to go to Heaven, or Heaven on Earth, the subject of this book is Heaven on Earth, as evidenced by the past, present, and predictions about the future of Earth. What are my qualifications for making a bold declaration such as this? To be less than modest, I will say that I am honest to a fault, quite ambitious, logical, and I "think big."

Pi of Life

Pi of Life
Title Pi of Life PDF eBook
Author Sunil Singh
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Pages 174
Release 2017-08-08
Genre Education
ISBN 1475833776

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Blending classic wisdom with over 100 pop culture references, Singh whimsically switches the lens in this book from the traditional society teaching math to a new and bold math teaching society. With charming buoyancy and intimacy, he takes us on an emotional and surprising journey through the deepest goldmine of mathematics—our personal happiness.


Author Mel Shipman
Pages 127
Release 2018-11-14
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 0359217958

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Walk On: The Road to Resilience" captures how resilience of the human spirit is developed through the micro decisions we make when we face trials of any kind. No matter the level of difficulty, the challenges of life provide us with the opportunity to triumph when we operate from our place of victory. The ability to rise up lies within all of us and is recorded time and time again through the development of our resilience. In this book, Mel Shipman uncovers bravery and courage in its rawest form through different kinds of challenges and setbacks. With featured stories of her father on escaping war, her friend's triumph over sexual and emotional trauma, and her own story of reclaiming her peace, she ends with a call to action for the reader to discover their own resilience. Whether you have survived extreme physical and emotional turmoil or are struggling to make ends meet, this book will help you see how you can take any circumstance to garner the strength and resolve you need to overcome and move forward.

Resilience in Healthcare Leadership

Resilience in Healthcare Leadership
Title Resilience in Healthcare Leadership PDF eBook
Author Alan Belasen, PhD
Publisher CRC Press
Pages 208
Release 2022-01-20
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1000520633

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The COVID-19 Pandemic has been an ultimate challenge for leadership resiliency. Resilient leaders are thoughtful and deliberate. They balance logic and emotion, ego and humility. They lead through compassionate empathy by focusing on the ‘how’, not only the ‘what’. They use their influence to drive positive change, diversity and inclusion, and create an equitable community. Most books on resilient leadership appear to focus on spirituality and tools to grow an “unshakable core of calm, strength, and happiness” or “bounce back without getting stuck in the toxic emotions of guilt, false guilt, anger, and bitterness”. These books are very similar to handbooks focusing on mental toughness and providing guides for overcoming adversity and managing negative emotions. This book, however, defines resilience as a critical competency of high-performing leaders. Leaders must cultivate resilience in themselves and foster it throughout their organizations and multidisciplinary teams in order to adapt and succeed. Resilience in Healthcare Leadership is differentiated by offering practical strategies and self-assessment instruments for identifying strengths and weaknesses and for developing and sustaining the performance of resilient leaders. The book will also focus on best practices to help build a talent pipeline and develop resilient care team leaders to effectively manage the challenges of disruptive environments. Whether senior or mid-level manager the reader will learn to apply knowledge and skills to initiate cultural change, assess strengths and weaknesses, align leadership roles with organizational goals, and position themselves to become a resilient leader. The reader will also learn how to identify message strategies consistent with stakeholders’ needs, resolve conflicts, lead multidisciplinary teams, and realize the impact of resilient leadership in influencing outcomes. Takeaways and tools are included to guide progressive learning and leadership development and build a strong succession pipeline, to help organizations become more prepared to respond to challenges facing healthcare leaders in the future.

The Resilience Dynamic

The Resilience Dynamic
Title The Resilience Dynamic PDF eBook
Author Jenny Campbell
Publisher Practical Inspiration Publishing
Pages 195
Release 2019-09-26
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1788601076

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As a leader, do you feel you face a straight choice between high performance versus wellbeing? Strategic resilience allows you to achieve both, without compromise. At The Resilience Engine, we believe that everyone deserves to perform well without compromising their wellbeing. We know our approach works because it’s backed up by ten years of research and experience with thousands of clients in over 75 organisations. The Resilience Dynamic® illustrates, with practical tools, how to develop resilience as a buffer to stress and how it can transform how you lead change and increase performance in a complex and uncertain world.