Our Kids

Our Kids
Title Our Kids PDF eBook
Author Robert D. Putnam
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pages 400
Release 2016-03-29
Genre History
ISBN 1476769907

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"The bestselling author of Bowling Alone offers [an] ... examination of the American Dream in crisis--how and why opportunities for upward mobility are diminishing, jeopardizing the prospects of an ever larger segment of Americans"--

Journal of Moral Theology, Volume 5, Number 1

Journal of Moral Theology, Volume 5, Number 1
Title Journal of Moral Theology, Volume 5, Number 1 PDF eBook
Author David M. McCarthy
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
Pages 198
Release 2016-03-11
Genre Religion
ISBN 1498294448

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Grace and Peace in the Earthly City Volume 5, Number 1, January 2016 Edited by David M. McCarthy Catholic Moral Traditions and Energy Ethics For the Twenty-First Century Erin Lothes Biviano, David Cloutier, Elaine Padilla, Christiana Z. Peppard, and Jame Schaefer Human Capacities and the Problem of Universally Equal Dignity: Two Philosophical Test Cases and a Theistic Response Matthew Petrusek A Case Study of Scholasticism: Peter Abelard and Peter Lombard on Penance Lucas Briola An Analysis of GSUSA's Policy of Serving Transgender Youth: Implications for Catholic Practice John Grabowski and Christopher Gross "For He is our Peace:" Thomas Aquinas on Christ As Cause of Peace in the City of Saints Matthew A. Tapie Infused Virtue and "22-Carat"Morally Right ACTS Angela Knobel Natural Law: New Directions In Thomistic Theological Ethics Charles R. Pinches Review Essay on the Social Problem of Family Homes for Conviviality David Matzko McCarthy

All Our Children

All Our Children
Title All Our Children PDF eBook
Author Lallie B. Lloyd
Publisher Church Publishing, Inc.
Pages 177
Release 2017-04
Genre Education
ISBN 0819233471

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- Creates a moral imperative for faith-based social justice groups to make dismantling racism an explicit part of their mission through childhood education - Answers General Convention's call for conversation on Children, Poverty & Public Education

Power from the Margins

Power from the Margins
Title Power from the Margins PDF eBook
Author Ramirez, Bishop Ricardo
Publisher Orbis Books
Release 2016-09-15
Genre Religion
ISBN 1608336603

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Journal of Moral Theology, Volume 7, Number 1

Journal of Moral Theology, Volume 7, Number 1
Title Journal of Moral Theology, Volume 7, Number 1 PDF eBook
Author Mary Doyle Roche
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
Pages 180
Release 2018-01-23
Genre Religion
ISBN 1532648383

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Children and Youth: Forming the Moral Life Edited by Mary M. Doyle Roche Children and Youth: Forming the Moral Life Mary M. Doyle Roche The Vice of “Virtue”: Teaching Consumer Practice in an Unjust World Cristina L.H. Traina Families in Crisis and the Need for Mercy Marcus Mescher Transgender Bodies, Catholic Schools, and a Queer Natural Law Theology of Exploration Craig A. Ford, Jr. Hooking Up, Contraception Scripts, and Catholic Social Teaching Kari-Shane Davis Zimmerman and Jason King Youth, Leisure, and Discernment in an Overscheduled Age Timothy P. Muldoon and Suzanne M. Muldoon Children’s Right to Play Mary M. Doyle Roche Review Essay Exclusion, Fragmentation, and Theft: A Survey and Synthesis of Moral Approaches to Economic Inequality David Cloutier


Title Them PDF eBook
Author Ben Sasse
Publisher St. Martin's Press
Pages 286
Release 2018-10-16
Genre Political Science
ISBN 1250193672

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* AN INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER * From the New York Times bestselling author of The Vanishing American Adult, an intimate and urgent assessment of the existential crisis facing our nation. Something is wrong. We all know it. American life expectancy is declining for a third straight year. Birth rates are dropping. Nearly half of us think the other political party isn’t just wrong; they’re evil. We’re the richest country in history, but we’ve never been more pessimistic. What’s causing the despair? In Them, bestselling author and U.S. senator Ben Sasse argues that, contrary to conventional wisdom, our crisis isn’t really about politics. It’s that we’re so lonely we can’t see straight—and it bubbles out as anger. Local communities are collapsing. Across the nation, little leagues are disappearing, Rotary clubs are dwindling, and in all likelihood, we don’t know the neighbor two doors down. Work isn’t what we’d hoped: less certainty, few lifelong coworkers, shallow purpose. Stable families and enduring friendships—life’s fundamental pillars—are in statistical freefall. As traditional tribes of place evaporate, we rally against common enemies so we can feel part of a team. No institutions command widespread public trust, enabling foreign intelligence agencies to use technology to pick the scabs on our toxic divisions. We’re in danger of half of us believing different facts than the other half, and the digital revolution throws gas on the fire. There’s a path forward—but reversing our decline requires something radical: a rediscovery of real places and human-to-human relationships. Even as technology nudges us to become rootless, Sasse shows how only a recovery of rootedness can heal our lonely souls. America wants you to be happy, but more urgently, America needs you to love your neighbor and connect with your community. Fixing what's wrong with the country depends on it.

Created Freedom under the Sign of the Cross

Created Freedom under the Sign of the Cross
Title Created Freedom under the Sign of the Cross PDF eBook
Author David E. DeCosse
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
Pages 190
Release 2022-06-08
Genre Religion
ISBN 1666711101

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The United States is in a crisis of freedom. Influenced by neoliberal economics, the concept of freedom has become identified with an abstract, radical individualism disdainful of responsibility to others and to the past. Signs of this crisis crop up everywhere. Some invoke freedom as justification for refusing to wear a mask in a pandemic. Others argue that freedom is an empty word if it’s celebrated apart from an honest engagement with the country’s history of racism. Created Freedom under the Sign of the Cross offers a Catholic theological response to this crisis of freedom. Catholic social ethics may be better known for its emphasis on social principles like the common good and solidarity. But developments in Catholic theologies of freedom in the last decades provide fertile ground from which to develop a bold, creative response to this American crisis of freedom. In this book, theologian David DeCosse draws on thinkers ranging from philosopher Amartya Sen to Black Catholic theologian Shawn Copeland to twentieth-century theological giant Karl Rahner in order to reimagine American freedom in light of classic Catholic emphases on embodiment, relationship, history, the good, and God. The result is a Catholic public theology that provides a redemptive path forward in an age of crisis.