One Action: Towards Women's Dreams and Ambitions

One Action: Towards Women's Dreams and Ambitions
Title One Action: Towards Women's Dreams and Ambitions PDF eBook
Author Sanya Khurana
Publisher Independently Published
Pages 116
Release 2019-03-08
Genre Drama
ISBN 9781091560253

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As a teenager, Sanya Khurana had very low self-esteem and was disgusted at not being 'fit' enough for the world. She sought acceptance in this patriarchal world, even at the cost of her passions and ambitions. In 2014, her father gifted her a book by Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. After reading it, she started a Lean In Circle. As she began leading a circle, she started leading her life, and observed a significant change in her confidence and self-esteem, and was on the path of discovering herself, spreading awareness and making a change in small ways. In this book, Sanya refers to patriarchy as a bug in human minds, which grows with age. She talks about how the Indian media, film industry, rituals and customs strengthen the bug; the effects of 'Log Kya Kahenge' Syndrome on gender roles; and how unsafe cities become a psychological barrier for women. The book aims to encourage women in every part of the country to come together and fight gender inequality. Lean In India is an independent organization, affiliated with Lean In. Org, which works closely with Lean In. Org to further its mission, and is licensed by LeanIn. Org to use the 'Lean In' name.

The Ambitious Woman

The Ambitious Woman
Title The Ambitious Woman PDF eBook
Author Esther Spina
Pages 0
Release 2014
Genre Achievement motivation in women
ISBN 9781629039015

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The Ambitious Woman illustrates how ambitious women embody characteristics such as inspiration, empowerment, and motivation to help others accomplish their goals, and create win-win relationships in all areas of life. When you think of the word 'ambitious', what comes to mind? Power hungry? Getting ahead no matter what it takes? Someone who runs over others to accomplish their goals? While many people may have a negative view of what it means to be ambitious, author, motivational speaker and women's movement leader, Esther Spina, is not one of them. In fact, in The Ambitious Woman, Esther shows that Ambitious Women are found in all walks of life - the famous and the not-so-famous. They embody characteristics such as inspiration, empowerment and motivation to help people accomplish their goals. Ambitious Women can be humble and loyal; they are disciplined and have a never-give-up attitude. Real and genuine ambitious people care about others; they are not self-centered. They are "ambitious" about seeing others succeed, and creating win-win relationships in all areas of life. Using profiles of people such as Diana Nyad and Barbara Walters, The Ambitious Woman offers contemporary illustrations of people who have lived ambitious lives and what we can learn from them. The book also profiles ambitious people who are close to the author, people who live with passion, confidence and consistency in their everyday lives. Women from all walks of life will find ambitious characteristics to strive for, ones that will improve their lives, their relationships, and who they are deep down. When you become an Ambitious Woman, you, too, can help others change their lives!

Echoes of Aspirations – JNU To IAS : Love, Dream & The Mussoorie Odyssey

Echoes of Aspirations – JNU To IAS : Love, Dream & The Mussoorie Odyssey
Title Echoes of Aspirations – JNU To IAS : Love, Dream & The Mussoorie Odyssey PDF eBook
Author Asif Jalal
Publisher Prabhat Prakashan
Pages 214
Release 2023-08-24
Genre Study Aids
ISBN 935521832X

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A 19-year-old, young man comes to the capital of India from a violence-ravaged district of Bihar, thinking that in Delhi, the rules of the game will be different, climbing up will be easy, opportunities will be, too many, and the journey will be exciting and pleasant. He aimed high and thought there was nothing that he could not achieve. It was just a matter of time before success and medals would be at his feet. As he steps into the capital, he realises that the path is tough. He thinks hard work, studying and courage are enough to take on the world. Constant efforts to improve oneself, and hunger for recognition will change everything in his life. It would get him money, status, fame, and everything that he aspired for. But he has no resources, no precedent, no money in his pocket, average talent, a sick body, and alluring distractions. Difficulties, failures, deprivation and despair weaken the flame of his ambition. However, he stands in the arena and continues with his efforts. He extracts maximum return from every passing moment, enriches himself with the best books, decodes the secrets of success, and finally one day he wins. The character Hameed Akhtar gives an account of this difficult and painful journey in the first person.

Know About "Betty Friedan"

Know About
Title Know About "Betty Friedan" PDF eBook
Author Saurabh Singh Chauhan
Publisher Saurabh Singh Chauhan
Pages 163
Release 2023-03-25
Genre Biography & Autobiography

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Betty Friedan, a name synonymous with the feminist movement of the 20th century, was a trailblazing writer, activist, and co-founder of the National Organization for Women (NOW). Her groundbreaking work, The Feminine Mystique, ignited a national conversation about the plight of women in post-war America, exposing the "problem that no one had a name for" – the dissatisfaction and unfulfilled aspirations of countless women trapped within the confines of domesticity. Born Bettye Naomi Goldstein on February 4, 1921, in Peoria, Illinois, Friedan was a bright and ambitious young woman who excelled in her studies. She graduated from Smith College in 1942 with a degree in psychology, harboring dreams of a fulfilling career. However, the societal expectations of the time steered her towards a more conventional path, leading her to marry Carl Friedan in 1947 and settle into suburban life. As a young mother, Friedan began to notice the stirrings of discontent among her peers – women who, despite their educational achievements and personal aspirations, felt confined and unfulfilled by the limited roles society had prescribed for them. This observation sparked a deep-seated curiosity within Friedan, prompting her to embark on a journey to uncover the root of this widespread discontent. In the late 1950s, Friedan began surveying her Smith College classmates, inquiring about their lives and aspirations. The responses she received were overwhelmingly similar, revealing a pervasive sense of emptiness and frustration among women who had been conditioned to believe that their primary purpose was to serve as wives and mothers. These women, despite their innate talents and ambitions, were trapped within the confines of domesticity, their dreams and aspirations relegated to the margins of their existence. Friedan's research findings fueled her determination to shed light on this pervasive issue. She spent the next several years meticulously gathering data, conducting interviews, and analyzing the societal forces that had shaped women's roles and expectations. In 1963, her seminal work, The Feminine Mystique, was published, marking a turning point in the history of feminism. The Feminine Mystique, with its powerful prose and incisive analysis, resonated deeply with women across America. Friedan's articulation of the "problem that no one had a name for" gave voice to the frustrations and aspirations of countless women who had long felt silenced and misunderstood. The book became an instant bestseller, sparking a national dialogue about women's roles in society and igniting the second wave of the feminist movement. Friedan's work served as a catalyst for action, inspiring women to challenge the status quo and demand equal rights and opportunities. In 1966, she co-founded NOW, a pivotal organization dedicated to achieving equality for all women. NOW's bold vision and unwavering commitment to social justice played a crucial role in advancing women's rights in the years that followed. Throughout her life, Friedan remained a tireless advocate for women's rights, using her platform to challenge gender discrimination, advocate for reproductive rights, and promote equal opportunities in all spheres of life. Her legacy extends far beyond her groundbreaking book, as she played a pivotal role in shaping the feminist movement and transforming the lives of countless women worldwide.

We Should All Be Feminists

We Should All Be Feminists
Title We Should All Be Feminists PDF eBook
Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Publisher Vintage
Pages 65
Release 2015-02-03
Genre Social Science
ISBN 110191176X

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The highly acclaimed, provocative essay on feminism and sexual politics—from the award-winning author of Americanah In this personal, eloquently-argued essay—adapted from the much-admired TEDx talk of the same name—Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie offers readers a unique definition of feminism for the twenty-first century. Drawing extensively on her own experiences and her deep understanding of the often masked realities of sexual politics, here is one remarkable author’s exploration of what it means to be a woman now—and an of-the-moment rallying cry for why we should all be feminists.

The Caregiving Ambition

The Caregiving Ambition
Title The Caregiving Ambition PDF eBook
Author Julia B. Bear
Publisher Oxford University Press
Pages 257
Release 2022
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 0197512410

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"Whom would you call "ambitious" or, for that matter, a "big success"? Someone who starts her career in a good mid-level job and, over the years, works her way up to CEO and a seven-figure salary? An actor who keeps plugging away with bit parts in commercials and local theater but eventually becomes an A-list Hollywood star with a luxurious Hollywood lifestyle?"--

Ambitious Girl

Ambitious Girl
Title Ambitious Girl PDF eBook
Author Tasha Strong
Pages 40
Release 2021-01-12
ISBN 9780316229692

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"A girl is inspired by an ambitious woman to ponder the word and claim it for herself as well"--