No Contest

No Contest
Title No Contest PDF eBook
Author Alfie Kohn
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Pages 340
Release 1992
Genre Aggressiveness
ISBN 9780395631256

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Argues that competition is inherently destructive and that competitive behavior is culturally induced, counter-productive, and causes anxiety, selfishness, self-doubt, and poor communication.

Darwinian Fitness in the Global Marketplace

Darwinian Fitness in the Global Marketplace
Title Darwinian Fitness in the Global Marketplace PDF eBook
Author P. Rajagopal
Publisher Springer
Pages 295
Release 2012-11-16
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1137268336

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Reviews theories of competition and existing literature, and examines the attributes of market competition and strategies adhered to by firms in the global marketplace. Provides an in-depth analysis of a broad spectrum of important topics on competitive strategies and tactics.

The New Way to Compete

The New Way to Compete
Title The New Way to Compete PDF eBook
Author Harry A. Olson
Publisher Wellness Institute, Inc.
Pages 256
Release 1998-12
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 9781587410505

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The Competitive Mind

The Competitive Mind
Title The Competitive Mind PDF eBook
Author Gordon Kainer
Pages 201
Release 2012-02-24
Genre Religion
ISBN 1105561607

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Do you have questions about competition? Is anything wrong in having a competitive mind? Why is competition, like competitive sports, so controversial? Is competition only about success or failure? What's the difference between being competitive and engaging in competition? If you'd like to explore answers, this book is for you. Competition is something we take for granted like the ground we walk on, the air we breathe and the food we eat. While ground, air and food are essential, can the same be said of competition? Can we trust that competition's advocates know its pros and cons? Since competition touches everything, isn't it an acceptable part of life? Maybe it's time to challenge these assumptions. Would you be surprised to learn that competition is a common Bible topic? Incidents of competition are generously scattered throughout the Bible. If you desire a sound, authentic perspective on competition, one that zeroes in on its origin, nature, and effects, this book is your guide!

Teaching Cooperative Learning

Teaching Cooperative Learning
Title Teaching Cooperative Learning PDF eBook
Author Elizabeth G. Cohen
Publisher SUNY Press
Pages 250
Release 2004-01-16
Genre Education
ISBN 9780791459690

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Explores cooperative learning practices.

The Other Journal: Sport

The Other Journal: Sport
Title The Other Journal: Sport PDF eBook
Author The Other Journal
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
Pages 140
Release 2016-11-04
Genre Religion
ISBN 1620327031

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FEATURING: Adam Joyce, Lincoln Harvey, Marcia W. Mount Shoop, Margot Starbuck, and Tim Suttle PLUS: Let's Dance: Zumba and the Imago Dei of Beautiful Black Bodies * Commercial Participation: Modern Sports Fandom and Sacramental Ontology * The Work of Play * Lines and Lines Athwart Lines * Singing with Losers --AND MORE . . . The ancient Olympic games were held every four years at the temple of Zeus. They were a major cultural and religious event that doubled as a contest between rivaling nation-states. Certain strands of mythology even suggest that Heracles, the strongest of mortal men, organized the event and built the Olympic stadium in honor of his father, Zeus. Today, few athletes devote their efforts to the honor of Zeus, but there remains a certain religiosity at work in sport's place within Western culture. Fame, fortune, and honor; character and fair play; skill and artistic perfection also remain at stake, just in new ways. As Marcia W. Mount Shoop explains in her interview with Jessica Coblentz, sports still "tap into our most primal existential needs for vitality, for purpose, for creativity, for connection and community, and for work and play," and in this, our twenty-fifth issue of The Other Journal, we dive into these characteristics of sport, starting literally with Jennifer Stewart Fueston's poem "A Swim" and then continuing on to the ancient Greek stadium at Nemea. Our contributors consider the ethics, commodification, and embodiment of particular events, as well as the personal and cultural stories which weave in and out of sport. They do the hard work of conscientious fandom at football games; walk us through baseball liturgies; and take us to the windy courts of Philo, Illinois, where noted author David Foster Wallace was an outdoor tennis savant. They show us how to fly and then how to lose. And they invite us to dance, "to let our bodies taste the salt of our sweat, hear the pant of exhalation, and feel the perspiration on our skin, for it is in these very possibilities," argues John B. White, "that we relate to God, others, and self." The issue features essays and reviews by Jeff Appel, Andrew Arndt, Ben Bishop, Jen Grabarczyk-Turner, Lincoln Harvey, Jonathan Hiskes, Adam Joyce, Lakisha R. Lockhart-Rusch, Benj Petroelje, Justin Randall Phillips, Heather L. Reid, Margot Starbuck, Tim Suttle, and John B. White; an interview by Jessica Coblentz with Marcia W. Mount Shoop; creative nonfiction by Brett Beasley, Meghan Florian, and Katie Karnehm-Esh; poetry by Bethany Bowman, Catherine Thiel Lee, and Jennifer Stewart Fueston; and art by Allen Forrest, Gerald Lopez, and Abigail Platter.

True Competition

True Competition
Title True Competition PDF eBook
Author David Light Shields
Publisher Human Kinetics
Pages 299
Release 2009-02-04
Genre Sports & Recreation
ISBN 1492583316

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The e-book for True Competition: A Guide to Pursuing Excellence in Sport and Society is available at a reduced price and allows students to highlight and take notes throughout the text. When purchased through the Human Kinetics site, access to the e-book is immediately granted when the order is received. True Competition: A Guide to Pursuing Excellence in Sport and Society offers a blueprint for maximizing the potential of competition to foster excellence and enjoyment. It provides a novel perspective on competition that challenges traditional beliefs through a research-backed defense that—up until now—has been lacking. With this text, readers will learn the differences between positive and negative competition, and they will discover how to implement change in their organizations, teams, and individual practices. The authors of this groundbreaking book, who are leading experts in sport psychology, redefine what competition is and should be. Unlike the more typical and often socially destructive form of competition—which they call decompetition—true competition brings out excellence in participants, fosters positive character development, and leads to lasting enjoyment. This socially and psychologically positive perspective on competition challenges Alfie Kohn's No Contest: The Case Against Competition, which has been called the definitive critique of competition. The authors propose that competition itself is not problematic; rather, they question how competition is sometimes envisioned, interpreted, and implemented. They provide suggestions for achieving positive outcomes from competition, including creating challenging yet supportive environments in sport programs and teams, fostering the well-being of athletes, and encouraging athletes to handle various situations. The research-based text uses a field-guide approach, in which the components of true competition are presented in chapter 3 and then detailed in the following chapters. This approach helps readers understand competition and how it is being used in their own lives. While the book relies heavily on the arena of sports, it also provides many examples of applying this revised understanding of competition in business, education, politics, and other nonsport environments. To enhance the learning experience, True Competition offers the following features: -A scholarly analysis of competition is presented in a clear and engaging writing style, making the provocative concepts easily accessible to any reader. -Engaging sidebars give examples of how true competition has been created in various environments to shorten the implementation curve for readers. -Q&A sidebars pose practical questions to ponder—just as a parent, coach, or official would—and prepares readers for issues they will confront in the field. By applying the information presented in this text, students, professionals, and athletes will learn how to maximize the benefits of competition by avoiding decompetition. Not only will they understand how to recognize and respond to positive and negative forms of competition, but they also will gain the tools they need in order to promote true competition in their own worlds. Instructions for downloading and accessing the e-book will be provided once the order is complete. Adobe Digital Editions® System Requirements Windows -Microsoft® Windows® 2000 with Service Pack 4, Windows XP with Service Pack 2, or Windows Vista® (Home Basic 32-bit and Business 64-bit editions supported) -Intel® Pentium® 500MHz processor -128MB of RAM -800x600 monitor resolutionMac PowerPC -Mac OS X v10.4.10 or v10.5 -PowerPC® G4 or G5 500MHz processor -128MB of RAM Intel® -Mac OS X v10.4.10 or v10.5 -500MHz processor -128MB of RAM Supported browsers and Adobe Flash versions Windows -Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or 7, Mozilla Firefox 2 -Adobe Flash® Player 7, 8, or 9 (Windows Vista requires Flash 9.0.28 to address a known bug)Mac -Apple Safari 2.0.4, Mozilla Firefox 2 -Adobe Flash Player 8 or 9 Supported devices -Sony® Reader PRS-505 Language versions -English -French -German