More Than the Madness

More Than the Madness
Title More Than the Madness PDF eBook
Author John Kaniecki
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages 270
Release 2016-10-31
ISBN 9781539430131

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This book gives readers a glimpse into the life of someone living with bipolar disorder. It's not a clinical book filled with facts and figures, but a book of humanity. Spanning childhood to early adult, through stories of abuse, being bullied, experimentation with drugs and alcohol, inpatient stays on psych wards, a night in jail, his college days in the fraternity, hitchhiking across America, and his time in a third world country, John gives the reader a personal and up-close look into his life as a manic depressive. The stories are sad, shocking, and at times funny as he shares his antics while at his most manic and delusional. Throughout his journey, John also struggles with his faith in God. More than the Madness is a testament of one man's journey to grow closer to God while gaining a better understanding of himself. John wrote his story to help educate others on mental illness and remove some of the stigma associated with it. It is his hope that readers will get to know the person behind the diagnosis; take away the labels and meet someone's son, friend, and husband. See that there is More Than the Madness.

More Than Bipolar

More Than Bipolar
Title More Than Bipolar PDF eBook
Author Lizabeth D. Schuch
Publisher iUniverse
Pages 212
Release 2012-11-01
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 9781475949834

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A valuable book, fresh with insights. Pete Earley, author of Crazy: A Fathers Search Through Americas Mental Health Madness Until she experienced her first manic episode at the age of seventeen, author Lizabeth D. Schuch had little knowledge of mental illness. From that point on, her life would never be the same. In her memoir, More Than Bipolar, she discusses her twenty-five years of experience with bipolar disorder, sharing the wisdom attained to break the hold of stigma, shame, and fear surrounding this illness. Schuch reveals the full reality of what living with this illness looks like. She shares the truth, from its manic and depressive extremes to the life lessons of understanding and maturity necessary to live well in recovery. More Than Bipolar also provides information about the importance of getting a proper diagnosis, working with the medical providers, trusting your own instincts about your care, and having the insight to know when the warning signs are leading you in the wrong direction. More Than Bipolar focuses on knowledge gained and strength restored on the path of a complete bipolar journey. It shows that living well with bipolar disorder is possible and may indeed be a part of the diagnostic picture.


Title Nola PDF eBook
Author Robin Hemley
Publisher University of Iowa Press
Pages 364
Release 2013-04-01
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1609381807

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The evidence at hand: an autobiography—complete with their mother’s edits—written by his brilliant and disturbingly religious sister; a story featuring actual childhood events, but published by his mother as fiction; the transcript of a hypnotherapy session from his adolescence; and perjured court documents hidden in a drawer for decades. These are the clues Robin Hemley gathers when he sets out to reconstruct the life of his older sister Nola, who died at the age of twenty-five after several years of treatment for schizophrenia. Armed with these types of clues, Hemley quickly discovers that finding the truth in any life—even one’s own—is a fragmented and complex task. Nola: A Memoir of Faith, Art, and Madness is much more than a remembrance of a young woman who was consumed her entire life by a passion for finding and understanding God; it is also a quest to understand what people choose to reveal and conceal, and an examination of the enormous toll mental illness takes on a family. Finally, it is a revelation of the alchemy that creates a writer: confidence in the unknowable, distrust of the proven, tortuous devotion to the fine print in life, and sacrifice to writing itself as it plays the roles of confessor, scourge, and creator. Upon its first release in 1998, Nola won ForeWord’s Book of the Year Award for biography/memoir, the Washington State Book Award for biography/memoir, and the Independent Press Book Award for autobiography/memoir.


Title Neurorhetorics PDF eBook
Author Jordynn Jack
Publisher Routledge
Pages 143
Release 2013-09-13
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 1135709645

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In academia, as well as in popular culture, the prefix "neuro-" now occurs with startling frequency. Scholars now publish research in the fields of neuroeconomics, neurophilosophy, neuromarketing, neuropolitics, and neuroeducation. Consumers are targeted with enhanced products and services, such as brain-based training exercises, and babies are kept on a strict regimen of brain music, brain videos, and brain games. The chapters in this book investigate the rhetorical appeal, effects, and implications of this prefix, neuro-, and carefully consider the potential collaborative work between rhetoricians and neuroscientists. Drawing on the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of rhetorical study, Neurorhetorics questions how discourses about the brain construct neurological differences, such as mental illness or intelligence measures. Working at the nexus of rhetoric and neuroscience, the authors explore how to operationalize rhetorical inquiry into neuroscience in meaningful ways. They account for the production, dissemination, and appeal of neuroscience research findings, revealing what rhetorics about the brain mean for contemporary public discourse. This book was originally published as a special issue of Rhetoric Society Quarterly.

Proceedings, American Philosophical Society (vol. 97, no. 4)

Proceedings, American Philosophical Society (vol. 97, no. 4)
Title Proceedings, American Philosophical Society (vol. 97, no. 4) PDF eBook
Publisher American Philosophical Society
Pages 320
ISBN 9781422381854

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Rain on a Strange Roof

Rain on a Strange Roof
Title Rain on a Strange Roof PDF eBook
Author Jan Whitt
Publisher Hamilton Books
Pages 184
Release 2012-03-22
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 076185830X

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A scholar of Southern literature and culture, Jan Whitt has written a personal narrative about adoption, childhood abuse, and fifty years of searching for her family in rural Appalachia. This book unflinchingly explores death and loss at the same time that it celebrates the transformative power of love and literature.

«Remov'd from human eyes»: Madness and Poetry 1676-1774

«Remov'd from human eyes»: Madness and Poetry 1676-1774
Title «Remov'd from human eyes»: Madness and Poetry 1676-1774 PDF eBook
Author Natali, Ilaria
Publisher Firenze University Press
Pages 275
Release 2016-08-30
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 8864533192

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The years 1676 and 1774 marked two turning points in the social and legal treatment of madness in England. In 1676, London’s Bethlehem Hospital expanded in grand new premises, and in 1774 the Madhouses Act attempted to limit confinement of the insane. This study explores almost a century of the English history of madness through the texts of five poets who were considered mentally troubled according to contemporary standards: James Carkesse, Anne Finch, William Collins, Christopher Smart and William Cowper were hospitalized, sequestered or exiled from society. Their works cope with representations of insanity, medical definitions or practices, imputed illness, and the judging eye of the ‘sane other’, shedding new light on the dis/continuities in the notion of madness of this period.