The Lifelong Learner

The Lifelong Learner
Title The Lifelong Learner PDF eBook
Author Peter Hollins
Publisher PKCS Media
Pages 202
Release 2023-01-04
Genre Education

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Most of the learning in our lives happens outside of the classroom. This book prepares you for a lifetime of learning. In the classroom, a syllabus is provided and a structure is given. We know what the outcome should be. But in developing yourself and leveling up in any aspect, we are both the teacher and the student. Learn how. Science-backed tips for directing your own learning journey, no matter the pursuit. The Lifelong Learner is about accomplishing your goals. The skill of learning is so valuable in life because without it, you are stuck in place, exactly where you are right now. No growth, no development, and nothing accomplished. This book is how to become a self-sufficient learner that is capable of creating their own syllabus, directing their learning journey, retaining information, and applying it to real-life situations -- all without the pressure of a teacher or tests. Master the key skill that you can use at any age, in any field. Peter Hollins has studied psychology and peak human performance for over a dozen years and is a bestselling author. He has worked with a multitude of individuals to unlock their potential and path towards success. His writing draws on his academic, coaching, and research experience. Outpace others, beat the competition, and get where you want to go in record time. - The best way to set learning goals and STICK to them - How specific questions can accelerate your learning by 10x - How to cram more reading and information absorption into your busy days - Understanding personal knowledge management and how it helps your brain make connections - Making your own learning syllabus complete with resources - Keeping yourself motivated with clever gamification techniques

Adult Competencies for Lifelong Learning

Adult Competencies for Lifelong Learning
Title Adult Competencies for Lifelong Learning PDF eBook
Author Zheng Qinhua
Publisher River Publishers
Pages 242
Release 2016-02-29
Genre Education
ISBN 8793379234

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Beijing Institute for the Learning Society (BILS) was inaugurated in October 2011 through the joint efforts of Beijing Leading Group Office for Construction of Learning City and Beijing Normal University. The main focus of BILS lies within the education discipline. The Institute is building a platform that integrates intellectual resources of universities in Beijing to serve the learning city's construction, to explore the constructing mode for Beijing learning city, to enrich and develop the theory of building a learning society with Chinese characteristics, to assist the government in public policies, and to guide the practice of learning city's construction. At present, two years since it was established, together with Beijing City and related research institutions, the Institute has participated in numerous research studies, including "An International Comparative Study on Modes of Learning City Construction in the World", "Research and study on Beijing Lifelong Learning Competence", and "Study on Legislation of Beijing Lifelong Learning". Oriented towards the practice of the construction of Beijing learning city, the Institute integrates universities in Beijing and related research organizations in China and abroad to keep pace with international developments, research practical problems, explore innovative approaches, promote exchanges and cooperation, train professionals, and lead the development of the practice. It is striving to build a high-end open research platform with international influence that integrates academic researches, policy advisories, talent training, and training services. This book summarizes the goals set by BILS, and what has been achieved thus far.

The Oxford Handbook of Lifelong Learning

The Oxford Handbook of Lifelong Learning
Title The Oxford Handbook of Lifelong Learning PDF eBook
Author Manuel London
Publisher Oxford University Press
Pages 813
Release 2021
Genre Education
ISBN 0197506704

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"This second edition of the Handbook provides a comprehensive examination of lifelong learning. With 38 chapters (12 new and 23 updated), the approach is interdisciplinary, spanning human resources development, adult learning (educational perspective), psychology, career and vocational learning, management and executive development, cultural anthropology, the humanities, and gerontology. It covers trends that contribute to the need for continuous learning, considers psychological characteristics that relate to the drive to learn and the personal and professional value of learning throughout life, reviews existing theory and research on adult learning, describes training methods and learning technologies for instructional design, and explores current and future challenges to support continuous learning. Chapters examine individual differences in learning motivation, styles of learning, and learning at different stages of adult life. They also account for situational conditions that stimulate, facilitate, or pose barriers to learning"--

Foucault and Lifelong Learning

Foucault and Lifelong Learning
Title Foucault and Lifelong Learning PDF eBook
Author Andreas Fejes
Publisher Routledge
Pages 239
Release 2008-01-14
Genre Education
ISBN 1134097131

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Over the last twenty years there has been increasing interest in the work of Michel Foucault in the social sciences and in particular with relation to education. This, the first book to draw on his work to consider lifelong learning, explores the significance of policies and practices of lifelong learning to the wider societies of which they are a part. With a breadth of international contributors and sites of analysis, this book offers insights into such questions as: What are the effects of lifelong learning policies within socio-political systems of governance? What does lifelong learning do to our understanding of ourselves as citizens? How does lifelong learning act in the regulation and re-ordering of what people do? The book suggests that understanding of lifelong learning as contributory to the knowledge economy, globalisation or the new work order may need to be revised if we are to understand its impact more fully. It therefore makes a significant contribution to the study of lifelong learning.

Philosophical Perspectives on Lifelong Learning

Philosophical Perspectives on Lifelong Learning
Title Philosophical Perspectives on Lifelong Learning PDF eBook
Author David N. Aspin
Publisher Springer Science & Business Media
Pages 334
Release 2007-08-18
Genre Education
ISBN 1402061935

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This book provides an easily accessible, practical yet scholarly source of information about the international concern for the philosophy, theory, categories and concepts of lifelong learning. Written in a straightforward understandable manner, the book examines in depth the range of philosophical perspectives in the field of lifelong learning theory, policy, practice and applied scholarship.

Improving Scientific Communication for Lifelong Learners

Improving Scientific Communication for Lifelong Learners
Title Improving Scientific Communication for Lifelong Learners PDF eBook
Author Kurubacak-Meric, Gulsun
Publisher IGI Global
Pages 288
Release 2021-02-19
Genre Education
ISBN 1799845354

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Scientific communication (Sci-Com) is a part of information science and the sociology of science that studies researchers' use of formal and informal information channels as well as their communicative roles. It also covers the utilization of the formal publication system and similar issues. Within the scientific community, much attention has focused on improving communications between scientists, policymakers, and the public. Sci-Com is an important area of research in meeting these needs. The use of communication methods to portray information clearly, concisely, and effectively, whether that be through presentations, writing, or other approaches, is an essential area of interest within the community. Improving Scientific Communication for Lifelong Learners seeks to improve scientific writing and speaking skills for lifelong learning researchers by developing an adaptive and responsive open and distance application according to universal design principles. The book will focus on the efforts that are centered on improving the content, substantiality, accessibility, and delivery of scientific communications, and to convey clear information to an audience, so its members can understand, use, and build on the information portrayed. The chapters highlight specific areas such as design thinking, distance learning, educational technologies, student success and motivation, and the design of educational environments and learning communities. This book is a valuable reference tool for teachers, academics, communication specialists, students, researchers, developers, and R&D professionals from various fields such as distance learning, online learning, accreditation, qualitative and quantitative research, transhumanism and learning, computer engineering, sociology, and more.


Author Dr Rajkumar Suresh Singh
Pages 198
ISBN 1365478874