Life Almost Still

Life Almost Still
Title Life Almost Still PDF eBook
Author Carme Riera
Publisher Anthem Press
Pages 254
Release 2016-06-19
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1783084626

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In November 2007, Romain Lannuzel Erasmus, student at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​mysteriously disappeared without a trace. This case remains unsolved, when the novel begins with another mysterious disappearance of Costantinu Iliescu, a Romanian student. His girlfriend and two of his Erasmus colleagues sound the alarm and move heaven and earth to find him, but both police and university officials believe that Iliescu has left voluntarily and refuse to get involved. However, they will soon have to change their minds as the events that occur after the disappearance of the Romanian student reveal that something terrible, dark and macabre is happening at the college.

Almost Nothing: The 20th-Century Art and Life of Józef Czapski

Almost Nothing: The 20th-Century Art and Life of Józef Czapski
Title Almost Nothing: The 20th-Century Art and Life of Józef Czapski PDF eBook
Author Eric Karpeles
Publisher New York Review of Books
Pages 496
Release 2018-11-06
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1681372851

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A compelling biography of the Polish painter and writer Józef Czapski that takes readers to Paris in the Roaring Twenties, to the front lines during WWII, and into the late 20th-century art world. Józef Czapski (1896–1993) lived many lives during his ninety-six years. He was a student in Saint Petersburg during the Russian Revolution and a painter in Paris in the roaring twenties. As a Polish reserve officer fighting against the invading Nazis in the opening weeks of the Second World War, he was taken prisoner by the Soviets. For reasons unknown to this day, he was one of the very few excluded from Stalin’s sanctioned massacres of Polish officers. He never returned to Poland after the war, but worked tirelessly in Paris to keep alive awareness of the plight of his homeland, overrun by totalitarian powers. Czapski was a towering public figure, but painting gave meaning to his life. Eric Karpeles, also a painter, reveals Czapski’s full complexity, pulling together all the threads of this remarkable life.

The Key to (Almost) Everything

The Key to (Almost) Everything
Title The Key to (Almost) Everything PDF eBook
Author James Wright
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Pages 352
Release 2019-04-29
Genre Social Science
ISBN 1538124599

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The Key to (Almost) Everything is an engaging, contemporary and concise approach to sociology written for adults, students and just about anybody who could profit from knowing about the discipline of sociology.

What Almost Killed Me MADE ME

What Almost Killed Me MADE ME
Title What Almost Killed Me MADE ME PDF eBook
Author Raevyn
Publisher AuthorHouse
Pages 164
Release 2014-01-17
Genre Self-Help
ISBN 1491851589

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Are there things in your life that almost killed you? Situations you thought you would never survive? However, you find yourself still alive, this book is for you. God will not allow your pain to be wasted. The tragic events in your life didn’t kill you...they MADE you! Each hurt, heartbreak, disappointment and setback made you stronger, wiser, smarter, even more qualified to help someone else. Raevyn openly shares her life story and testimony to demonstrate the forgiveness and unconditional love of God. Her transparency represents her freedom. Follow the life lessons learned by Raevyn and discover the pain in your life that is intended to push you closer to your purpose. Your past has prepared you for your future. Allow God to propel you into your destiny. If it didn’t kill you, it MADE you!

The Life and Adventures of Bruce, the African Traveller

The Life and Adventures of Bruce, the African Traveller
Title The Life and Adventures of Bruce, the African Traveller PDF eBook
Author Sir Francis Bond Head
Pages 398
Release 1846
Genre Ethiopia

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Almost Hemingway

Almost Hemingway
Title Almost Hemingway PDF eBook
Author Rex Bowman
Publisher University of Virginia Press
Pages 350
Release 2021-08-31
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 0813946689

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Would it surprise you to learn that there was a contemporary of Ernest Hemingway’s who, in his romantic questing and hell-or-high-water pursuit of life and his art, was closer to the Hemingwayesque ideal than Hemingway himself? Almost Hemingway relates the life of Negley Farson, adventurer, iconoclast, best-selling writer, foreign correspondent, and raging alcoholic who died in oblivion. Born only a few years before Hemingway, Farson had a life trajectory that paralleled and intersected Hemingway’s in ways that compelled writers for publications as divergent as the Guardian and Field & Stream to compare them. Unlike Hemingway, however, Farson has been forgotten. This high-flying and literate biography recovers Farson’s life in its multifaceted details, from his time as an arms dealer to Czarist Russia during World War I, to his firsthand reporting on Hitler and Mussolini, to his assignment in India, where he broke the news of Gandhi’s arrest by the British, to his excursion to Kenya a few years before the Mau Mau Uprising. Farson also found the time to publish an autobiography, The Way of a Transgressor, which made him an international publishing sensation in 1936, as well as Going Fishing, one of the most enduring of all outdoors books. F. Scott Fitzgerald, a fellow member of the Lost Generation whose art competed with a public image grander than reality, once confessed that while he had to rely on his imagination, Farson could simply draw from his own event-filled life. Almost Hemingway is the definitive window on that remarkable story.

Almost Catholic

Almost Catholic
Title Almost Catholic PDF eBook
Author Jon Sweeney
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 240
Release 2008-05-23
Genre Religion
ISBN 9780470240991

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Jon Sweeney, a self-described “evolved Protestant” and noted religious writer, has long been fascinated by the Catholic Church. However, it wasn’t until he was a young missionary in the Philippines that he truly began to understand the Church’s traditions, mysteries, and religious beliefs and its hold on those who follow the tradition. As he explains, Catholic spirituality is all about responding to the fundamental mystery of Jesus, the incarnation, and what it all meant in the beginning as well as what it means today. In Almost Catholic, Sweeney offers an appreciation of Catholicism, weaving in the story of his own explorations with those of others who have also been attracted to this tradition. He finds himself drawn to the Church’s ancient and medieval traditions out of a desire to connect with the deepest and widest paths on the way. Two millennia of saints and practices and teachings and mystery form a connection for him to the very beginnings of Christianity.