Liberation Day

Liberation Day
Title Liberation Day PDF eBook
Author Eric Martin
Pages 408
Release 2017-12-28
ISBN 9780692048092

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Liberation Day-it's a title suited to a story of a nation at war and a people held captive. In this case, the invader is not some foreign enemy. It is the government at war with the nation it governs. And the Liberation Day this book speaks of is the day we take our nation back-back from a federal government that has long defied the constitutional restraints that guarantee our freedom. In Liberation Day, Eric Martin shows us how our Constitution can and must be used to make us and the states in which we live prosperous, powerful, and free as they were meant to be. Martin lays out a rationally innovative plan that radically downsizes or completely dissolves more than 250 federal entities that wield power both unconscionable and unconstitutional. With its unconstitutional burdens rightfully jettisoned, our federal government will align at last with the Founding Law that makes us and our states truly free. The framers of the Constitution understood only too well that government is by its nature a beast, of use if properly restrained, but oppressive and even lethal if allowed out of bounds. By reapplying to government the well-wrought chains of our Constitution, we will liberate ourselves. Sam Adams said it best nearly two and a half centuries ago: "It does not take a majority to prevail ... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." Here is the match. Now is the time to strike it. Included in the book are 23 proposed Executive Orders that a president can implement in a single day and the complete text of the Constitution.

The Federalist Papers

The Federalist Papers
Title The Federalist Papers PDF eBook
Author Alexander Hamilton
Publisher Read Books Ltd
Pages 455
Release 2018-08-20
Genre History
ISBN 1528785878

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Classic Books Library presents this brand new edition of “The Federalist Papers”, a collection of separate essays and articles compiled in 1788 by Alexander Hamilton. Following the United States Declaration of Independence in 1776, the governing doctrines and policies of the States lacked cohesion. “The Federalist”, as it was previously known, was constructed by American statesman Alexander Hamilton, and was intended to catalyse the ratification of the United States Constitution. Hamilton recruited fellow statesmen James Madison Jr., and John Jay to write papers for the compendium, and the three are known as some of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Alexander Hamilton (c. 1755–1804) was an American lawyer, journalist and highly influential government official. He also served as a Senior Officer in the Army between 1799-1800 and founded the Federalist Party, the system that governed the nation’s finances. His contributions to the Constitution and leadership made a significant and lasting impact on the early development of the nation of the United States.

The Freedom to Read

The Freedom to Read
Title The Freedom to Read PDF eBook
Author American Library Association
Pages 16
Release 1953
Genre Libraries

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We the People

We the People
Title We the People PDF eBook
Author Erwin Chemerinsky
Publisher Picador
Pages 319
Release 2018-11-13
Genre Law
ISBN 1250166004

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A primer on recognizing the power and promise of the Preamble and the Constitution during this conservative assault on our founding text “Over the course of American history, there have been great gains in individual freedom and enormous advances in equality for racial minorities, women, and gays and lesbians, though obviously much remains to be done. Now we are at a moment with a president who is not committed to these values and face the reality of a Supreme Court that will likely be more hostile to them for the foreseeable future.” --From the Preface Worried about what a super conservative majority on the Supreme Court means for the future of civil liberties? From gun control to reproductive health, a conservative court will reshape the lives of all Americans for decades to come. The time to develop and defend a progressive vision of the U.S. Constitution that protects the rights of all people is now. University of California Berkeley Dean and respected legal scholar Erwin Chemerinsky expertly exposes how conservatives are using the Constitution to advance their own agenda that favors business over consumers and employees, and government power over individual rights. But exposure is not enough. Progressives have spent too much of the last forty-five years trying to preserve the legacy of the Warren Court’s most important rulings and reacting to the Republican-dominated Supreme Courts by criticizing their erosion of rights—but have not yet developed a progressive vision for the Constitution itself. Yet, if we just look to the promise of the Preamble—liberty and justice for all—and take seriously its vision, a progressive reading of the Constitution can lead us forward as we continue our fight ensuring democratic rule, effective government, justice, liberty, and equality. Includes the Complete Constitution and Amendments of the United States of America

A More Perfect Constitution

A More Perfect Constitution
Title A More Perfect Constitution PDF eBook
Author Larry J. Sabato
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages 353
Release 2010-07-23
Genre History
ISBN 0802777562

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"The reader can't help but hold out hope that maybe someday, some of these sweeping changes could actually bring the nation's government out of its intellectual quagmire...his lively, conversational tone and compelling examples make the reader a more than willing student for this updated civics lesson." --The Hill The political book of the year, from the acclaimed founder and director of the Center for politics at the University of Virginia. A More Perfect Constitution presents creative and dynamic proposals from one of the most visionary and fertile political minds of our time to reinvigorate our Constitution and American governance at a time when such change is urgently needed, given the growing dysfunction and unfairness of our political system . Combining idealism and pragmatism, and with full respect for the original document, Larry Sabato's thought-provoking ideas range from the length of the president's term in office and the number and terms of Supreme Court justices to the vagaries of the antiquated Electoral College, and a compelling call for universal national service-all laced through with the history behind each proposal and the potential impact on the lives of ordinary people. Aware that such changes won't happen easily, but that the original Framers fully expected the Constitution to be regularly revised, Sabato urges us to engage in the debate and discussion his ideas will surely engender. During an election year, no book is more relevant or significant than this.

The Second Founding: How the Civil War and Reconstruction Remade the Constitution

The Second Founding: How the Civil War and Reconstruction Remade the Constitution
Title The Second Founding: How the Civil War and Reconstruction Remade the Constitution PDF eBook
Author Eric Foner
Publisher W. W. Norton & Company
Pages 288
Release 2019-09-17
Genre History
ISBN 0393652580

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From the Pulitzer Prize–winning scholar, a timely history of the constitutional changes that built equality into the nation’s foundation and how those guarantees have been shaken over time. The Declaration of Independence announced equality as an American ideal, but it took the Civil War and the subsequent adoption of three constitutional amendments to establish that ideal as American law. The Reconstruction amendments abolished slavery, guaranteed all persons due process and equal protection of the law, and equipped black men with the right to vote. They established the principle of birthright citizenship and guaranteed the privileges and immunities of all citizens. The federal government, not the states, was charged with enforcement, reversing the priority of the original Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In grafting the principle of equality onto the Constitution, these revolutionary changes marked the second founding of the United States. Eric Foner’s compact, insightful history traces the arc of these pivotal amendments from their dramatic origins in pre–Civil War mass meetings of African-American “colored citizens” and in Republican party politics to their virtual nullification in the late nineteenth century. A series of momentous decisions by the Supreme Court narrowed the rights guaranteed in the amendments, while the states actively undermined them. The Jim Crow system was the result. Again today there are serious political challenges to birthright citizenship, voting rights, due process, and equal protection of the law. Like all great works of history, this one informs our understanding of the present as well as the past: knowledge and vigilance are always necessary to secure our basic rights.

Learn about the United States

Learn about the United States
Title Learn about the United States PDF eBook
Author U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Publisher Government Printing Office
Pages 36
Release 2009
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 9780160831188

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"Learn About the United States" is intended to help permanent residents gain a deeper understanding of U.S. history and government as they prepare to become citizens. The product presents 96 short lessons, based on the sample questions from which the civics portion of the naturalization test is drawn. An audio CD that allows students to listen to the questions, answers, and civics lessons read aloud is also included. For immigrants preparing to naturalize, the chance to learn more about the history and government of the United States will make their journey toward citizenship a more meaningful one.