The Anarchism of Jean Grave

The Anarchism of Jean Grave
Title The Anarchism of Jean Grave PDF eBook
Author Louis Patsouras
Publisher Black Rose Books
Pages 220
Release 2003
Genre Biography & Autobiography

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Jean Grave (1854-1939) was a leading French anarchist whose theoretical works and activity place him alongside such luminaries as Godwin, Proudhon, Bakunin, and Kropotkin. Drawing on various archival and library sources, Louis Patsouras traces the controversies and convictions that shaped the life and career of this extraordinary radical thinker, set within the fascinating socioeconomic context of Grave's time. "A classic piece of historical writing, easy to read and excellently researched."-William Fishman, University of London, UK "A conscientious study of the history of French anarchism in general, and of Jean Grave, in particular."-Le Mouvement Social Louis Patsouras is Professor of History at Kent State University, and author of Simone Weil and the Socialist Tradition, The Crucible of Socialism, and Debating Marx.

Secret Germany

Secret Germany
Title Secret Germany PDF eBook
Author Robert E. Norton
Publisher Cornell University Press
Pages 866
Release 2018-09-05
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1501729241

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Stefan George (1868–1933) was one of the most important and influential poets to have written in German. His work, in its originality and impact, easily ranks with that of Goethe, Holderlin, or Rilke. Yet George's reach extended far beyond the sphere of literature. Particularly during his last three decades, George gathered around himself a group of men who subscribed to his homoerotic and idiosyncratic vision of life and sought to transform that vision into reality. George considered his circle to be the embodiment and defender of the "real" but "secret" Germany, opposed to the false values of contemporary bourgeois society. Some of his disciples, friends, and admirers were themselves historians, philosophers, and poets. Their works profoundly affected the intellectual and cultural attitudes of Germany's elite during the critical postwar years of the Weimar Republic. Essentially conservative in temperament and outlook, George and his circle occupy a central, but problematic, place in the rise of proto-fascism in Germany. Their own surrogate state offered a miniature model of a future German state: enthusiastic followers submitting themselves without question to the figure and will of a charismatic leader believed to be in possession of mysterious, even quasi-divine, powers.When he died several months after the Nazi takeover, George was one of the most famous and revered figures in Germany. Today the importance of George and his circle has largely been forgotten. In this, the first full biography of George to appear in any language, Robert E. Norton traces the poet's life and rise to fame.

Anarchism in France

Anarchism in France
Title Anarchism in France PDF eBook
Author Reg Carr
Publisher Manchester University Press
Pages 216
Release 1977
Genre Anarchism
ISBN 9780719006685

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Children of the Revolution

Children of the Revolution
Title Children of the Revolution PDF eBook
Author Robert Gildea
Publisher Harvard University Press
Pages 588
Release 2008
Genre History
ISBN 9780674032095

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For those who lived in the wake of the French Revolution, its aftermath left a profound wound that no subsequent king, emperor, or president could heal. "Children of the Revolution" follows the ensuing generations who repeatedly tried and failed to come up with a stable regime after the trauma of 1789.

Essays on Socialism

Essays on Socialism
Title Essays on Socialism PDF eBook
Author Louis Patsouras
Publisher Em Texts
Pages 424
Release 1992
Genre Socialism

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This is an anthology not only on representative figures of the major socialist streams, but also on various problems of socialism. It includes sections on anarchism, Marxism, Communism, anddemocratic Socialism.

Art and the French Commune

Art and the French Commune
Title Art and the French Commune PDF eBook
Author Albert Boime
Publisher Princeton University Press
Pages 250
Release 2022-05-10
Genre Art
ISBN 0691239703

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In this bold exploration of the political forces that shaped Impressionism, Albert Boime proposes that at the heart of the modern is a "guilty secret"--the need of the dominant, mainly bourgeois, classes in Paris to expunge from historical memory the haunting nightmare of the Commune and its socialist ideology. The Commune of 1871 emerged after the Prussian war when the Paris militia chased the central government to Versailles, enabling the working class and its allies to seize control of the capital. Eventually violence engulfed the city as traditional liberals and moderates joined forces with reactionaries to restore Paris to "order"--the bourgeois order. Here Boime examines the rise of Impressionism in relation to the efforts of the reinstated conservative government to "rebuild" Paris, to return it to its Haussmannian appearance and erase all reminders of socialist threat. Boime contends that an organized Impressionist movement owed its initiating impulse to its complicity with the state's program. The exuberant street scenes, spaces of leisure and entertainment, sunlit parks and gardens, the entire concourse of movement as filtered through an atmosphere of scintillating light and color all constitute an effort to reclaim Paris visually and symbolically for the bourgeoisie. Amply documented, richly illustrated, and compellingly argued, Boime's thesis serves as a challenge to all cultural historians interested in the rise of modernism.

Cezanne's Graphic Work

Cezanne's Graphic Work
Title Cezanne's Graphic Work PDF eBook
Author Jean Cherpin
Pages 128
Release 1972
Genre Art
ISBN 9780915346875

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