I Hear Some People Just Have Sex

I Hear Some People Just Have Sex
Title I Hear Some People Just Have Sex PDF eBook
Author Sandra L. Vasher
Publisher Mortal Ink Press, LLC
Pages 258
Release 2020-11-23
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1950989127

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Eight and a Half Years Sixteen Infertility Cycles Four Timed Intercourse Cycles Two IUI Cycles Two Egg Retrievals Seven Frozen Embryo Transfers Thousands of Dollars Two Miscarriages Three Pregnancies Live Births ...? That’s my infertility story. Almost a decade of trying, almost $65,000 spent on infertility treatments. So many IVF cycles that I can give myself progesterone shots in the rear. So many transvaginal pelvic ultrasounds that a pap smear no longer impresses me. Changed relationships, changed career goals. A whole list of things no one should ever say to someone going through infertility. And almost a baby. Almost. Because even though I am scheduled for a C-section next week, as I publish this book, I still do not have any guarantees. Infertility is a hell of a life crisis. But also, if you can learn how to navigate these choppy waters—if you can learn how to let go of what you can’t control, how to cope with the hard parts you never saw coming, how to play the world’s longest waiting game—you will build resilience and grit you didn’t think you were capable of. This is not a “how to have a baby” book. It’s not a “how to survive until you have a baby” book. It’s a “how to survive and maybe even thrive while trying to have a baby” book. That’s what I know: how to survive infertility and make the best of it while you’re praying for the miracle of a baby. And I know how to survive this because I’ve done it for nearly a decade. Some people just have sex to get pregnant. Not me. Maybe not you, either. We have infertility battles to fight, and this gets worse before it gets better. But I was made strong enough for this, and so were you. Let me show you how I know.

Grade A Baby Eggs

Grade A Baby Eggs
Title Grade A Baby Eggs PDF eBook
Author Victoria Hopewell
Pages 0
Release 2011-08
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 9781936940134

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An exceedingly honest examination of the reality of infertility and the emotionally traumatic experiences involved. In what is said and left unsaid in Hopewell's memoir, a clear picture emerges of the emotional effects that infertility has on a couple trying to conceive, as well as how it affects their lives in ways they hadn't imagined. From descriptions of treatments and procedures to an insightful look at the community within the world of in vitro fertilization patients, a reader looking to learn about IVF or the process of using a donor egg will find many answers here. Hopewell takes the reader through the ordeal chronologically with chapter titles that humorously depict the stages of a harrowing experience. Her honesty illuminates the stark reality of infertility and the many unappealing procedures required to verify it, as well as unglamorous other means to become pregnant, if the woman so chooses. Parallel to the medical aspects is Hopewell's personal experience: the upsetting conversations with her children about the specifics of adding a new family member and the difficulties she faced in making the decision to use a donor egg. The emotional implications of any pregnancy can be far-reaching--the ostensibly joyous occasion can be colored by any number of complications, as Hopewell frankly describes. Well-written and thoughtful, Hopewell's memoir sheds a sometimes unflattering light on her life en route to an unconventional pregnancy; her bluntness is to be commended because it may be just what some women in similar circumstances need. Readers will gain a new understanding of how infertility affects one's family, social circle, career and self-perception. A candid, valuable look at infertility. Kirkus Indie, Kirkus Media LLC, 6411 Burleson Rd., Austin, TX 78744 [email protected]

Just a Miracle

Just a Miracle
Title Just a Miracle PDF eBook
Author Neena George
Publisher Notion Press
Pages 147
Release 2021-11-01
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 1639575480

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It's a privilege to be a woman. Gifted with the ability to procreate, she stands apart. Being able to carry a child and become a mother is a dream for most women. When dreams don’t become realities, life seems meaningless. Using her own journey, Neena George in her memoir Just a Miracle – My Tryst with Infertility shares the roller-coaster ride she endured. She aims to bridge the literary gap about the associated stigma, societal pressures and emotional trauma which are hardly talked about. The book provides stress relief, support, hope and even encourages the reader to cling on to life, faith and love, especially when you’re at a cross-road and the end seems too far. Her experiences give an insight not only into the strategies to effectively handle infertility, but also any situation in life across the barriers of age, gender and background. The journey would resonate with many, make them understand how fortunate they are and would highlight the importance of being more empathetic and sensitive to others facing challenges. Rising like a phoenix each time she hit a roadblock, forms an integral part of her narrative. The book concludes with many learnings and takeaways. You’re sure to draw inspiration to pursue your dreams with rock-solid determination and faith despite all odds. It’s all about understanding your potential and empowering yourself to handle situations. After all, everything is just a mind game.


Title If PDF eBook
Author Sheila Alexander
Pages 64
Release 2019-03-13
Genre Comics & Graphic Novels
ISBN 9781480875388

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Sheila Alexander remembers the days she was afraid she would get pregnant before she was ready. But when she and her husband were ready to have a baby, the process did not go as smoothly as they hoped. After more than one year of trying to have a baby, the couple decided it was time to try invitro fertilization treatments. While she was trapped in her world of pins, needles, and doctor's appointments, her social media newsfeed was plagued by pregnant bellies and happy children. In If: A Memoir of Infertility Treatment, Alexander shares her story about the lonely road to pregnancy. With a humorous outlook, she tells about the emotional roller coaster of feelings, the physical issues endured, and the joy she felt at finally becoming pregnant. Alexander offers insight into her experiences to let other women know they are not alone in their quest to become pregnant and be a mother.

A Little Pregnant

A Little Pregnant
Title A Little Pregnant PDF eBook
Author Linda Carbone
Publisher Atlantic Monthly Press
Pages 246
Release 2001
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 9780802137456

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A Little Pregnant is a poignant and refreshingly honest account of a husband and wife struggling over the course of a decade to have a child. Linda Carbone and Ed Decker offer a moving appraisal of their wrenching, confusing, frustrating, and sometimes comic ordeal. She feels ambivalent about having children; he has an urgent need to have them, at all costs. In alternating chapters, husband and wife present their own powerful versions of their descent into medical and marital turmoil -- as well as their story's unexpected happy ending.

What's a Lemon Squeezer Doing in My Vagina?

What's a Lemon Squeezer Doing in My Vagina?
Title What's a Lemon Squeezer Doing in My Vagina? PDF eBook
Author Rohini S. Rajagopal
Publisher Ebury Press
Pages 288
Release 2021-08
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 9780143452003

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When you are denied something, its value is grossly overestimated in your mind. I rejected all the gifts in our life and dwelled on its single deficiency. Pregnancy was an exclusive club and I wanted to break in. When Rohini married Ranjith and moved to the 'big city', they had already planned the next five years of their life: job, home, and then child. After three years of marriage and amidst increasing pressure from family, they decided to seek medical help to conceive. But they weren't prepared for what came next-not only in terms of the invasive, gruelling and deeply uncomfortable nature of infertility treatment but also the financial and emotional strain it would put on their marriage, and the gnawing shame and feeling of inadequacy that she would experience as a woman unable to bear a child. What's a Lemon Squeezer Doing in My Vagina? is a witty, moving and intensely personal retelling of Rohini's five-year-long battle with infertility, capturing the indignities of medical procedures, the sting of prying questions from friends and strangers, the disproportionate burden of treatment on the woman, the everyday anxieties about wayward hormones, follicles and embryos and the overarching anxiety about the outcome of the treatment. It offers a no-holds-barred view of her circuitous and highly bumpy road to motherhood.

Infertility Memoirs

Infertility Memoirs
Title Infertility Memoirs PDF eBook
Author Hilda Sabota
Pages 96
Release 2021-05-13

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For those who are having trouble conceiving or have few miscarriages, this Infertility memoir is for you! Infertility Memoirs follows the real-life experiences and struggles of David and his wife Traci as they embark on the difficult journey of trying to start a family when modern doctors and medicine tell them that pregnancy and parenthood aren't an option for them. A story full of courage, determination, and hope, David documents their path as they move through the stages of their relationship from preventing pregnancy to saying "yes" to beginning a family, to the disappointment and frustration of being unable to get pregnant to, finally, discovering that there is the better and more natural way for them. After much research, the Johnsons created their plan that included pursuing a healthier lifestyle, dedicated self-care, and alternative medicine like acupuncture. Resulting in exceptional success - three beautiful girls - Infertility Memoirs is a heartwarming story about the power of hope, determination, and love.