Gender on Campus

Gender on Campus
Title Gender on Campus PDF eBook
Author Sharon Gmelch
Publisher Rutgers University Press
Pages 326
Release 1998
Genre Education
ISBN 9780813525228

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Gender on Campus is the first book to combine solid analyses of the broad range of gender issues for women in college with realistic approaches to heighten awareness and alleviate problems. Written for students, the book first clarifies the concept of feminism and then examines gender dynamics in a variety of settings and contexts-from the classroom to the sports field and from language to social life. Sharon Gmelch probes sexism, racism, and homophobia on campus and surveys the special issues facing diverse women students. The book also addresses issues relating to body image and sexuality. Its final chapters analyze the role gender continues to play after college-in the media, workplace, and politics. After a thorough discussion of a topic, each chapter concludes with possibilities for action ("What You Can Do") as well as a selected bibliography of books, videos, and organizations that students can consult. Gender on Campus is an invaluable resource for students, parents, and administrators, as well as an excellent text for women's studies courses.

Gender and Higher Education

Gender and Higher Education
Title Gender and Higher Education PDF eBook
Author Barbara J. Bank
Publisher JHU Press
Pages 451
Release 2011-03
Genre Education
ISBN 0801897823

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Encyclopedic review about gender and its impact on American higher education across historical and cultural contexts. The contributors describe the ways in which gender is embedded in the educational practices, curriculum, institutional structures and governance of colleges and universities. Topics included are: institutional diversity; academic majors and programs; extracurricular organizations such as sororities, fraternities and women's centers; affirmative action and other higher educational policies; and theories that have been used to analyze and explain the ways in which gender in academe is constructed.

University and College Women’s and Gender Equity Centers

University and College Women’s and Gender Equity Centers
Title University and College Women’s and Gender Equity Centers PDF eBook
Author Brenda Bethman
Publisher Routledge
Pages 295
Release 2018-10-03
Genre Social Science
ISBN 1351174681

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University and College Women’s and Gender Equity Centers examines the new institutional contexts surrounding women’s centers. It looks at the possibilities for, as well as the challenges to, advocating for gender equity in higher education, and the ways in which women’s and gender equity centers contribute to and lead that work. The book first describes the landscape of women’s centers in higher education and explores the structures within which the centers are situated. In doing so, the book shows the ways in which many women’s centers have expanded their work to include working with athletics, Greek life, men, transgender students, international students, student parents, veterans, etc. Contributions then delve into the profession of women’s center work itself, and ask how women’s center work has become "professionalized?" Threats and challenges to women’s and gender equity centers are also explored, as contributions look at how their expansion has helped or complicated the role of centers? The collection concludes by highlighting current successes and forward-thinking approaches in women’s centers and asking how gender equity centers can best prepare for the future? Through narratives, case studies, and by offering strategies and best practice, University and College Women’s and Gender Equity Centers will engage emerging and existing equity centre professionals and women’s and gender studies faculty and students and help them to move the work of gender equity forward in the next decade.

College Men and Masculinities

College Men and Masculinities
Title College Men and Masculinities PDF eBook
Author Shaun R. Harper
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 618
Release 2010-03-08
Genre Education
ISBN 0470448423

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COLLEGE MEN AND MASCULINITIES is a comprehensive handbook that offers a compilation of the best classic and contemporary research on male students in higher education. The editors, Shaun R. Harper and Frank Harris III—two experts in the field of men and masculinities—frame each of the six sections of the book with a summary of issues and implications for educational practice. Each section also includes a wealth of forward-thinking strategies and suggestions that faculty and institutional leaders can creatively employ on their campuses to reverse problematic trends and outcomes among male undergraduates. With contributions from leading scholars in education, sociology, psychology, and other disciplines, College Men and Masculinities explores the following issues in depth: Identity development and gender socialization Sexualities and sexual orientations Destructive behaviors (judicial offenses, alcohol abuse, and violence) Health and wellness College men of color College men and sports This vital resource will help educators and administrators address the alarming trends and issues that arise from identity-related challenges among boys and college men. "What a valuable resource! This book includes some of the most influential research and theory on all aspects of collegiate masculinity—from sports to spirituality, hazing to hook-ups, and alcohol to assault. Always sensitive to how different groups of men experience college life, Harper and Harris's book will surely become the touchstone text for those who work with or study college men." —Michael Kimmel, author of Manhood in America and professor of sociology, Stony Brook University "Essential reading for all who care about gender equity, this book advances the conversation about men in college at the critical nexus of identity development, culture, and relationship, enabling faculty and student affairs administrators to build more thoughtful and challenging educational environments for men from diverse populations." —Susan Marine, Women's Center director and assistant dean for student life, Harvard University This book offers educators and administrators much-needed guidance for understanding and effectively meeting the developmental, academic, and social needs of undergraduate men." —Chauncey Smith, undergraduate student leader, Morehouse College

Gender and University Teaching

Gender and University Teaching
Title Gender and University Teaching PDF eBook
Author Anne Statham
Publisher State University of New York Press
Pages 224
Release 1991-09-10
Genre Social Science
ISBN 143842101X

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This book examines university teaching from several perspectives: What male and female professors do in the classroom, their perceptions and feelings about teaching, and how students respond. Data were gathered by observing professors in their classrooms, doing selected unstructured interviews, and soliciting evaluations/feedback from their students. This triangulation of data provides a richness of information and insight into the process of university teaching. In addition to providing useful feedback to professors and administrators, this study integrates several social psychological approaches to gender with more recent feminist formulations. The findings support recently developed perspectives which argue that gender is a constantly created social phenomenon, not one cast securely in the concrete of social structure.

Intersectionality and Higher Education

Intersectionality and Higher Education
Title Intersectionality and Higher Education PDF eBook
Author W. Carson Byrd
Publisher Rutgers University Press
Pages 307
Release 2019-05-03
Genre Education
ISBN 0813597684

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Though colleges and universities are arguably paying more attention to diversity and inclusion than ever before, to what extent do their efforts result in more socially just campuses? Intersectionality and Higher Education examines how race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, sexual orientation, age, disability, nationality, and other identities connect to produce intersected campus experiences. Contributors look at both the individual and institutional perspectives on issues like campus climate, race, class, and gender disparities, LGBTQ student experiences, undergraduate versus graduate students, faculty and staff from varying socioeconomic backgrounds, students with disabilities, undocumented students, and the intersections of two or more of these topics. Taken together, this volume presents an evidence-backed vision of how the twenty-first century higher education landscape should evolve in order to meaningfully support all participants, reduce marginalization, and reach for equity and equality.

Gender Equity or Bust!

Gender Equity or Bust!
Title Gender Equity or Bust! PDF eBook
Author Mary Dee Wenniger
Publisher Jossey-Bass
Pages 336
Release 2002-03-14
Genre Education
ISBN 0787959987

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Gender battles still rage on most college and university campuses today. For eight years, Women in Higher Education has reported women's strategic advances in the academy. Its goal is to enlighten, encourage, empower, and enrage women administrators, faculty, and students in higher education.This book is a compendium of lively, hard-hitting articles from the successful newsletter. Its thematic sections blend serious commentary, research results, and practical advice with wry humor. Readers will find a broad view of recent progress as well as effective strategies from women who have changed the academy. Topics include women's leadership and management styles and strategies, valuing the self, sex and sexuality, playing politics, and much more. Filled with wisdom drawn from real-world experience, Gender Equity or Bust! illuminates what women can do to transform the culture of higher education into one that honors their values and contributions.