Expletive Deleted

Expletive Deleted
Title Expletive Deleted PDF eBook
Author Ruth Wajnryb
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pages 305
Release 2005-07-13
Genre Reference
ISBN 0743287576

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Have we always "sworn like sailors"? Has creative cursing developed because we can't just slug people when they make us angry? And if such verbal aggression is universal, why is it that some languages (Japanese, for instance) supposedly do not contain any nasty words? Throughout the twentieth century there seems to have been a dramatic escalation in the use and acceptance of offensive language in English, both verbally and in print. Today it seems almost commonplace to hear the "f" word in casual conversation, and even on television. Just how have we become such a bunch of cursers and what does it tell us about our language and ourselves? In Expletive Deleted, linguist Ruth Wajnryb offers an entertaining yet thoroughly researched, lighthearted look at this development, seeking to reveal the etymologies of various terms and discover how what was once considered unfit-for-company argot has become standard fare. Wajnryb steps outside the confines of English in her search for answers, exploring whether offensive words in English are mirrored in other languages and examining cultural differences in the usage of dirty words. For instance, why is it that in some languages you can get away with intimating that a person and his camel are more than just good friends, while pouring scorn on a mother's morals guarantees you a seat on the next flight out? An amusing and idiosyncratic look at the power of words to shock, offend, insult, amuse, exaggerate, let off steam, establish relationships, and communicate deep-felt emotions, Expletive Deleted is a must-read for anyone who loves language -- or has ever stubbed a toe.

Sport, Philosophy, and Good Lives

Sport, Philosophy, and Good Lives
Title Sport, Philosophy, and Good Lives PDF eBook
Author Randolph Feezell
Publisher U of Nebraska Press
Pages 292
Release 2020-04-01
Genre Philosophy
ISBN 1496211480

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There's more to sports than the ethos of competition, entertainment, and commercialism expressed in popular media and discourse. Sport, Philosophy, and Good Lives discusses sport in the context of several traditional philosophical questions, including: What is a good human life and how does sport factor into it? To whom do we look for ethical guidance? What makes human activities or projects meaningful? Randolph Feezell examines these questions along with other relevant topics in the philosophy of sport such as the contribution of play to a meaningful life, the various reasons for pessimistic views of sport, the various claims that celebrated athletes are role models, and the seldom-questioned view that coaches are in a position to offer advice to athletes on how to live or on leadership skills. He also discusses the way that non-Western attitudes found in Buddhism, Taoism, and the Bhagavad Gita might be used to address the vulnerabilities of sports participants. Feezell draws from current sports issues, popular literature, and contemporary sports figures to shed light on the attraction and value of sports and examine the accompanying ethical issues.

Offensive Language

Offensive Language
Title Offensive Language PDF eBook
Author Jim O’Driscoll
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Pages 215
Release 2020-11-12
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 1350169692

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Why do people take offence at things that are said? What is it exactly about an offending utterance which causes this negative reaction? How well motivated is the response to the offence? Offensive Language addresses these questions by applying an array of concepts from linguistic pragmatics and sociolinguistics to a wide range of examples, from TV to Twitter and from Mel Gibson to Donald Trump. Establishing a sharp distinction between potential offence and actual offence, Jim O'Driscoll then examines a series of case studies where offence has been caused, assessing the nature and degree of both the offence and the documented response to it. Through close linguistic analysis, this book explores the fine line between free speech and criminal activity, searching for a principled way to distinguish the merely embarrassing from the reprehensible and the censurable. In this way, a new approach to offensive language emerges, involving both how we study it and how it might be handled in public life.

An Anatomy of Chinese Offensive Words

An Anatomy of Chinese Offensive Words
Title An Anatomy of Chinese Offensive Words PDF eBook
Author Adrian Tien
Publisher Springer Nature
Pages 243
Release 2021-05-26
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 3030634752

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This book offers a precise and rigorous analysis of the meanings of offensive words in Chinese. Adopting a semantic and cultural approach, the authors demonstrate how offensive words can and should be systematically researched, documented and accounted for as a valid aspect of any language. The book will be of interest to academics, practitioners and students of sociolinguistics, language and culture, linguistic taboo, Chinese studies and Chinese linguistics.

The Challenge of Subtitling Offensive and Taboo Language into Spanish

The Challenge of Subtitling Offensive and Taboo Language into Spanish
Title The Challenge of Subtitling Offensive and Taboo Language into Spanish PDF eBook
Author José Javier Ávila-Cabrera
Publisher Channel View Publications
Pages 133
Release 2023-01-27
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 1800414889

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This book provides readers, students and teachers with a clear and concise guide to understanding the concepts of offensive and taboo language and how this type of language can be subtitled into Spanish used in Spain. It combines theoretical and practical approaches and covers technical matters, as well as those of censorship, (ideological) manipulation, translation strategies and techniques, the treatment of offensive and taboo language and how to conduct research in this field. It includes an array of examples from recent films and TV series to present the reader with real samples of subtitles broadcast on digital platforms today. In addition, each chapter includes exercises with which the reader can put theory into practice, as well as possible solutions in the form of answer keys. It will be of use not only to researchers and students, but also to future audiovisual translators seeking to acquire further knowledge in the transfer of offensive and taboo language.

Advances in Discourse Approaches

Advances in Discourse Approaches
Title Advances in Discourse Approaches PDF eBook
Author Marta Dynel
Publisher Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Pages 399
Release 2009-03-26
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 1443808296

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Taboo words, Quentin Tarantino’s films, humorous dialogues from “Sex and the City”, witty advertising slogans, the Bible, Barack Obama’s speeches, or legal discourse are only a few of the topics addressed in the volume. The study of discourse is a diversified and fast-developing field of language research, embracing methodological proposals, discourse analyses, comparative research, translation studies and teaching perspectives. Within each of the approaches, theoretical frameworks and postulates abound. The list of research topics is inexhaustible, especially that each year brings new real-life material subject to analysis and issues to elaborate. Each chapter is devoted to a different topic and deploys a separate theoretical framework. The diversity of research data, methodologies and theoretical viewpoints guarantees the volume’s being a representative sample of multifarious developments in discourse approaches. The book should thus be an interesting resource for enterprising researchers and students of linguistics.

Magic Search

Magic Search
Title Magic Search PDF eBook
Author Rebecca S. Kornegay
Publisher American Library Association
Pages 168
Release 2009
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 0838909906

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Presents the 467 best-performing LCSH subdivisions that speak to the kinds of research questions librarians handle every day. The quick-reference format, along with a handy index, makes this a useful tool to keep close at hand.