Down Girl

Down Girl
Title Down Girl PDF eBook
Author Kate Manne
Publisher Penguin UK
Pages 368
Release 2019-03-01
Genre Social Science
ISBN 0141990732

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'An important and compelling analysis of a phenomenon that's everywhere' Cordelia Fine, Big Issue 'Offers a sharply cut prism through which to view our everyday experience' Afua Hirsch, The TLS A powerful, lucid analysis of the logic of misogyny from a remarkable feminist thinker, Down Girl is essential reading for the #MeToo era. Misogyny is a hot topic, yet it's often misunderstood. What is misogyny, exactly? Who deserves to be called a misogynist? How does misogyny contrast with sexism, and why is it prone to persist - or increase - even when sexist gender roles are waning? In Down Girl moral philosopher Kate Manne argues that misogyny should not be understood primarily in terms of the hatred or hostility some men feel toward all or most women. Rather, it is primarily about controlling, policing, punishing and exiling the "bad" women who challenge male dominance. And it is compatible with rewarding "the good ones" and singling out other women to serve as warnings to those who are out of order.

Summary of Kate Manne's Down Girl

Summary of Kate Manne's Down Girl
Title Summary of Kate Manne's Down Girl PDF eBook
Author Everest Media,
Publisher Everest Media LLC
Pages 43
Release 2022-04-03T22:59:00Z
Genre Social Science
ISBN 1669377121

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Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 The notion of misogyny is becoming more and more prevalent in the media. It is typically defined as a property of individual agents who are prone to feel hatred, hostility, or other similar emotions toward any and all women, simply because they are women. #2 My goal in the first part of the book is to undertake what Sally Haslanger has called an analytical or ameliorative project. I aim to ameliorate the definition of misogyny by highlighting its political dimensions. #3 The Isla Vista killings were a clear example of misogyny in action. Many saw it as a dramatic manifestation of a wider cultural pattern of misogyny that often festers beneath the surface in America today. #4 The #YesAllWomen campaign was launched shortly after the shooting, as a response to the widespread defense of Rodger’s actions as justified. Many women testified to their experiences of male aggression, hostility, and violence.

Netflix' Spain

Netflix' Spain
Title Netflix' Spain PDF eBook
Author Jorge González del Pozo
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Pages 243
Release 2023-10-02
Genre Foreign Language Study
ISBN 1000968588

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This edited collection analyzes the tensions, contradictions, contributions, and new horizons generated and/or imposed by Netflix within Spain’s audiovisual culture. This book provides invaluable insight into how Netflix—first in its role as distributor and then as content creator—has changed the audiovisual landscape in Spain. It discusses how Netflix challenges the traditional method of categorizing film and television output by nationality while also examining how Spain is presented to other countries through the Netflix catalog and questioning what its chosen output—light comedies, mystery/thrillers, narco-fiction, and crime—means for Spain’s national brand. With chapters addressing themes such as reproducibility, pan-Europeanism after Brexit, gender representation, identity, and globalization, this book explores how—under the influence of Netflix—Spain is transitioning from an importer of audiovisual content to a center of export. This book will appeal to students and scholars of Film and Media Studies, Hispanic and Iberian Studies, and Spanish with a specific interest in Spanish film, television, media, and culture, as well as global media industries.

The Misogynistic Backlash Against Women-Strong Films

The Misogynistic Backlash Against Women-Strong Films
Title The Misogynistic Backlash Against Women-Strong Films PDF eBook
Author Dana Schowalter
Publisher Routledge
Pages 206
Release 2021-11-29
Genre Social Science
ISBN 1000469689

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This book is an exploration of the political struggle for visibility engendered by the growing number of women-centered popular films and a critical analysis of the intensifying misogynistic backlash that have accompanied such advances in the depiction of women on screen. The book draws from a variety of theoretical and methodological tools to provide critical cultural analysis and alternative readings of women-strong films and their important role in society. The authors engage with popular culture and the popular press, media studies, and rhetorical criticism examining new modes of communication while providing historical context to help make sense of these oppositional readings. The book includes case studies on Mad Max: Fury Road, Wonder Woman, Atomic Blonde, Star Wars, and Ghostbusters to analyze critical responses, men’s-rights activist boycotting campaigns, online harassment, and the political economy that precede and accompany the creation and presentation of these films. This is an accessible and timely analysis of the rise of feminist-friendly and women-led films and the inevitable counterculture of misogyny. It is suitable for students and researchers in Media and Communication Studies, Gender and Media, and Cultural Studies.

Patience—A Theological Exploration

Patience—A Theological Exploration
Title Patience—A Theological Exploration PDF eBook
Author Paul Dafydd Jones
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Pages 633
Release 2022-11-17
Genre Religion
ISBN 0567694410

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What does it mean to exercise patience? What does it mean to endure, to wait, and to persevere-and, on other occasions, to reject patience in favor of resistance, haste, and disruptive action? And what might it mean to describe God as patient? Might patience play a leading role in a Christian account of God's creative work, God's relationship to ancient Israel, God's governance of history, and God's saving activity? The first instalment of Patience-A Theological Exploration engages these questions in searching, imaginative, and sometimes surprising ways. Following reflections on the biblical witness and the nature of constructive theological inquiry, its interpretative chapters engage landmark works by a number of ancient, medieval, modern, and contemporary authors, disclosing both the promise and peril of talk about patience. Patience stands at the center of this innovative account of God's creative work, God's relationship with ancient Israel, creaturely sin, scripture, and God's broader providential and salvific purposes.

Living Philosophy 4th Edition

Living Philosophy 4th Edition
Title Living Philosophy 4th Edition PDF eBook
Author Vaughn
Publisher Oxford University Press
Pages 537
Release 2023-08-07
ISBN 0197698824

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Women, Power, and Rape Culture

Women, Power, and Rape Culture
Title Women, Power, and Rape Culture PDF eBook
Author Bonnie Stabile
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages 191
Release 2022-09-27
Genre Political Science

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Focusing on how rape, sexual assault, and harassment relate to underrepresentation of women in public authority, this book provides an insightful exploration of the policy context that impedes women's advancement to positions of power. The election of Donald Trump precipitated one of the largest outpourings of political protest on a single day in U.S. history with the 2017 March for Women. The emboldened #MeToo and #TimesUp movements reacted not only to the historical injustice of sexual offenses perpetrated upon women, but women's associated underrepresentation in positions of power and public authority. Women, Power, and Rape Culture examines the principal events, actors, and paradigms in the politics of rape, sexual assault, and harassment since Trump's election. Unlike other studies, it connects these traumatic events to women's underrepresentation in the public sphere. Chapters consider the power of presidential speech, judges, and Congress to create structural barriers to women's representation as well as the stultifying effects of weak college and university responses to sexual violence. Disparities in women's representation in positions of public authority are considered in light of the disproportionate burden imposed on women by a culture that discounts the prevalence of rape and harassment and by the policies that inadequately address them, allowing them to perpetuate.