Japanese Lesson Study in Mathematics

Japanese Lesson Study in Mathematics
Title Japanese Lesson Study in Mathematics PDF eBook
Author Masami Isoda
Publisher World Scientific
Pages 280
Release 2007
Genre Mathematics
ISBN 9812704531

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In Before It's Too Late: A Report to the Nation from the National Commission on Mathematics and Science Teaching for the 21st Century (2000) in the US, the authors quote from James Stigler's conclusions from various videotape research studies of mathematics teaching: ?The key to long-term improvement [in teaching] is to figure out how to generate, accumulate, and share professional knowledge?. Japanese Lesson Study has proved to be one successful means.This book supports the growing movement of lesson study to improve the quality of mathematics education from the original viewpoints of Japanese educators who have been engaging in lesson study in mathematics for professional development and curriculum implementation. This book also illustrates several projects related to lesson study in other countries.

Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication
Title Wireless Communication PDF eBook
Author Mainak Chowdhury
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Pages 577
Release 2017-01-16
Genre Technology & Engineering
ISBN 1316628361

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This book provides extensive coverage of fundamental concepts of wireless communication, including coverage of recent developments and applications in wireless systems.

How Lucky is Your Birth Number

How Lucky is Your Birth Number
Title How Lucky is Your Birth Number PDF eBook
Publisher Lulu.com
Pages 212
Release 2017-03-17
Genre Education
ISBN 1365829804

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ABOUT THE BOOK How Lucky Is Your Birth Number Know Your Birth Number is a very interesting book specially written for those who are willing to know about the numbers which play important role and part in your life. Your Birth Numbers deal with science of numbers. It is a cosmic Science, which reveals, the hidden mysteries of numbers. Its origin can be traced to earlier times, when a person first began to identify various causes, in his immediate behavior, environment, and his nature of controlling over his temperament. Research and deep studies done in the past have revealed that every number has a different characteristic and has different occult significance with very specific power.

Double-Digit Growth

Double-Digit Growth
Title Double-Digit Growth PDF eBook
Author Michael Treacy
Publisher Penguin
Pages 244
Release 2004-12-28
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 9781591840664

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In their 1995 blockbuster The Discipline of Market Leaders, Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema explained how great companies dominated their markets by offering superior value propositions. Now Treacy is back with an equally groundbreaking book—revealing how great companies master growth each year and how all businesses can identify and exploit opportunities for increased revenues, gross margins, and profits. Treacy's main point is simple—it really is possible to grow your business by 10 percent or more, year after year, in good times and bad, without cheating. Great companies already know how to do it, and the rest of us can learn their strategies and do the same thing. Using case studies from industry leaders such as Dell Computer, Home Depot, and GE, he shows the five steps that are imperative to ensure growth: • Keep the growth you have already earned • Look for growth where it's likely to be found • Take business from your competitors Treacy believes that any business can grow at a consistent double-digit rate, and with Double-Digit Growth, managers and investors now have the tools to achieve that lofty goal and maintain corporate success. On the web: http://www.michaeltreacy.com

Bond 11+: Bond 11+ Maths Challenge Assessment Papers 10-11 years

Bond 11+: Bond 11+ Maths Challenge Assessment Papers 10-11 years
Title Bond 11+: Bond 11+ Maths Challenge Assessment Papers 10-11 years PDF eBook
Author Paul Broadbent
Publisher Oxford University Press - Children
Pages 92
Release 2021-07-01
ISBN 0192778307

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The Bond 11+ Maths Challenge Assessment Papers for 10-11 years is a new and improved edition of the Bond Maths Stretch Assessment Papers, which now includes new extra tricky questions, as well as fully explained answers in the pull-out centre section of the book. Used with the Maths 11+ Handbook, Challenge Test Paper Packs and other supporting Bond titles, the Challenge Assessment Papers offer rigorous 11+ practice questions to stretch the very brightest minds. Working through the papers helps to prepare children for more difficult questions and competitive exams, and in doing so improves exam skills. Providing challenging practice of Maths skills, these age-ranged, essential study guides really help children to succeed. Bond is the number 1 provider of 11+ practice, helping millions of children pass selective entrance exams. Bond Assessment is the only series of graded practice papers for age 5 to 13 for English and maths, and age 5 to 12 for verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning, the four subjects commonly assessed in entrance examinations.

How the Brain Learns Mathematics

How the Brain Learns Mathematics
Title How the Brain Learns Mathematics PDF eBook
Author David A. Sousa
Publisher Corwin Press
Pages 265
Release 2007-09-17
Genre Education
ISBN 1452294917

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Learn how the brain processes mathematical concepts and why some students develop math anxiety! David A. Sousa discusses the cognitive mechanisms for learning mathematics and the environmental and developmental factors that contribute to mathematics difficulties. This award-winning text examines: Children’s innate number sense and how the brain develops an understanding of number relationships Rationales for modifying lessons to meet the developmental learning stages of young children, preadolescents, and adolescents How to plan lessons in PreK–12 mathematics Implications of current research for planning mathematics lessons, including discoveries about memory systems and lesson timing Methods to help elementary and secondary school teachers detect mathematics difficulties Clear connections to the NCTM standards and curriculum focal points

Basic Concept of Abacus: Part -1

Basic Concept of Abacus: Part -1
Title Basic Concept of Abacus: Part -1 PDF eBook
Author Amar Bara Khatua
Publisher Brahmee Publications
Pages 325
Release 2020-06-05
Genre Mathematics
ISBN 9390261139

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I am happy to present this book to the students who wish to learn abacus and wish to appear in the objective type competitive examination. In such examinations, the students are required to solve the problems in limited time. The conventional method of solving the mathematical problems in not only time consuming but also prone to mistakes because of lengthy methods involved. This book explains the short cut method through abacus and integrating approach of Vedic mathematics method and abacus method of solving the problems in faster way. For the convenience of students and easy understanding, the basic approach of abacus is divided various chapters of learning and each chapters are again divided in to various steps. This book covers basic terminology of abacus, formulae in abacus and their applications in performing the basic operations of mathematics, including additions, subtractions, multiplications and division. Each chapter contains rules, formulae, examples of solution with step by step approach and exercises for practices.