Reclaim Your Life From Hoarding

Reclaim Your Life From Hoarding
Title Reclaim Your Life From Hoarding PDF eBook
Author Eileen Dacey
Publisher Rockridge Press
Pages 0
Release 2020-07-07
Genre Self-Help
ISBN 9781646112098

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Declutter your life, create space, and find peace with your belongings Our possessions can be a fun window into the past, who we are, and what we hold dear—but sometimes all that stuff can get in the way of everyday life. If you identify as a clutterbug or are feeling a little overwhelmed with all your stuff, the straightforward guidance in this book will help you get organized and feel more in control of your home—and your life. This easy-to-follow hoarding workbook gives you strategies for decluttering, prioritizing your goals, and building a support team before walking you through the process room by room. With advice on both how to sort through your items and change the way you acquire things, you’ll gain the confidence you need to succeed. Inside this standout among hoarding books you’ll find: Real talk—Read stories about how other people who struggle with clutter have found ways to cope and reduce their belongings. Self-care strategies—Each chapter has a tip to help you focus on taking care of yourself with thoughtful, stress-relieving suggestions. Action plan—Simple but productive exercises will help you make lasting changes through manageable steps and everyday actions. Take control of the possessions in your life with this book’s gentle guidance.


Title Lightly PDF eBook
Author Francine Jay
Publisher Hachette UK
Pages 222
Release 2019-03-14
Genre Self-Help
ISBN 1529400805

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Do you ever feel like everything is weighing you down? Make 'lightly' your new mantra, and transform your life. There's no shortage of decluttering books on the market, but Lightly is different. It goes beyond decluttering - far beyond - to uplift your thoughts, your actions, every moment and aspect of your life. When you declutter and call it a day, it's easy to backslide. But when your entire life is aligned to a guiding principle - to live lightly - you'll find a new sense of purpose and fulfilment. This book is a minimalist manual for everyone - whether you want to strip down your stuff to the essentials or simply free some space in your coat closet. Whether you want to overhaul your schedule or just gain an hour or two in the evening. Whether you want to change your entire outlook on life or just get rid of a nagging guilt. You will learn to: lighten your stuff: declutter what's weighing you down lighten your spirit: release your worries and emotional baggage lighten your stress: reclaim your time and strive not to get more done, but to have less to do lighten your step: reduce your consumption and make the planet as beautiful and clutter-free as your home A concise and coherent philosophy of life, Lightly gives you all the techniques to start small and go slowly, while working your way up to bigger challenges. Crucially, it helps you decide what to keep, rather than what to get rid of. The end result is a well-edited collection of your favourite things, carefully curated items that make your everyday easier or happier. A powerful conduit for self-reflection, Lightly ensures that you end up with things and a frame of mind that tell the story of the life you want to live.

Clutter Clearing Choices

Clutter Clearing Choices
Title Clutter Clearing Choices PDF eBook
Author Barbara Tako
Publisher John Hunt Publishing
Pages 301
Release 2010-05-11
Genre Self-Help
ISBN 184694628X

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In uncertain times, clutter clearing frees time for life priorities and provides opportunities to share our "extras" to help others as we create a comfortable home for our family.

Unstuff Your Life!

Unstuff Your Life!
Title Unstuff Your Life! PDF eBook
Author Andrew J. Mellen
Publisher Penguin
Pages 400
Release 2010-08-03
Genre Self-Help
ISBN 1101188952

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A professional organizer and life coach shows readers how to kick the clutter habit with his complete how-to guide to total organization Arguably the most organized man in America, sought-after coach Andrew J. Mellen has created unique, lasting techniques for streamlined living, bringing order out of chaos for the chronically overwhelmed everywhere. Acknowledging that it's often the "stuff behind the stuff" that holds people back, Mellen offers a surprisingly simple, yet effective solution in his step-by-step guide, guaranteed to help achieve organizational bliss for everyone from perpetual key-misplacers to hard-core hoarders. From basement to bedroom, kitchen to car, and into every corner of life, Mellen’s system yields lasting results. Discover how to: Never lose your keys or wallet again Stop mail, magazine, and paper pileups for good Feel empowered to tackle bills and budgets Reclaim space and time once dominated by clutter Built on the principle that we must distinguish ourselves from our possessions, Unstuff Your Life! starts with truly achievable goals and works toward the nightmare projects everyone tries hard to avoid. With humor, honesty, tough love, and foolproof advice, Mellen makes it easy to finally let go and embrace the decluttered life.

Put Your House on a Diet

Put Your House on a Diet
Title Put Your House on a Diet PDF eBook
Author Sheree Byofsky
Publisher Rodale
Pages 390
Release 2005-09-03
Genre House & Home
ISBN 9781594861031

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Presents strategies on how to overcome home clutter challenges in a room-by-room format, sharing dozens of inexpensive, easy-to-implement suggestions on how to eliminate unwanted items and change clutter-accumulating behaviors. Original.

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About(TM): Fibromyalgia Fatigue

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About(TM): Fibromyalgia Fatigue
Title What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About(TM): Fibromyalgia Fatigue PDF eBook
Author R. Paul St. Amand
Publisher Hachette UK
Pages 242
Release 2003-10-01
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 0759508267

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The authors of the successful "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia" present a revolutionary new guide to help sufferers relieve their chronic fatigue.

Change Your Space

Change Your Space
Title Change Your Space PDF eBook
Author Dilly Carter
Publisher Hachette UK
Pages 208
Release 2023-03-16
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 1801292868

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As seen on TV Have you fallen out of love with your home? Has it stayed the same while your life has moved on? Are you ready to live with less stuff and more calm? If your answer's yes to any of these questions, this book is for you. Join Dilly Carter, professional organiser and TV's decluttering supremo, as she shows you how to clear, re-organise and fall back in love with your space, whatever your situation. Changing your space is a process that requires a shift in mindset. However, the good news is you'll start noticing results with even the smallest changes; and with dedication and commitment you can reclaim your home, your time and your mind. Learn how to conduct a 'space audit', follow Dilly's 6 golden rules of decluttering and use her quick-and-easy 15-minute Dolly Dashes to be well on the road to a calmer, happier home. With a seasonal planner and a 7-day challenge alongside Dilly's Top Tidy Tips, you will learn how to adapt, share, change and accept your space so that you can fully enjoy it once again. DILLY CARTER is the founder of Declutter Dollies (@declutterdollies) an organising and home-styling service. She regularly appears on TV providing advice on how to clear your space.