The Holy Bible through Stories

The Holy Bible through Stories
Title The Holy Bible through Stories PDF eBook
Author The Divine Edits
Publisher by Mocktime Publication
Pages 37
Genre Religion

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The Holy Bible through Stories

Politico-ideological Mobilisation and Violence in the Arab World

Politico-ideological Mobilisation and Violence in the Arab World
Title Politico-ideological Mobilisation and Violence in the Arab World PDF eBook
Author Ahmed Ajil
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Pages 239
Release 2022-09-06
Genre Political Science
ISBN 1000642933

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This book presents a study of politico-ideological mobilisation and violence by focusing on the life stories, trajectories and narratives of individuals who mobilised for causes and conflicts in the Arab World. It provides a greater understanding of the biographical, sociological, political and historic factors pertinent for their radicalisation processes. What makes individuals identify with suffering and injustice, often of others and elsewhere? Why do individuals feel the need to stand up in the first place and how does violent action become a justifiable or necessary course of action? Why and how do they disengage from violence? This book, based on interviews conducted in Lebanon, Switzerland, and Canada, answers these questions. It presents new theoretical insights about politico-ideological mobilisation and violence. By focusing on grievances and grounding analysis in the empirical reality as it is shared and narratively constructed by those who are at the heart of the phenomenon, it moves beyond the moralistic and politicised debates that characterise the field. Interviewees include non-violent and violent engagement for causes and conflicts related to the Arab World, such as sympathisers or members of groups and causes from a variety of ideological orientations, including Shiite militias, Salafi-jihadist groups, radical left-wing groups, Palestine-specific, Kurdish groups, and others such as right-wing or unspecified affiliations. By choosing individuals with different forms of political engagement, both non-violent and violent, and different ideological orientations, it helps readers to get a better grasp of how similar grievances may lead to different outcomes. In focusing on three markedly different geopolitical contexts, the book also provides a crosscontextual understanding of mobilisation for political and violent action. The interviewees also include experts and peripheral actors such as professionals, researchers, policymakers, friends, or family members. Their perspectives complement and enrich some of the findings by providing external yet in-depth ‘expert knowledge’. Politico-ideological Mobilisation and Violence in the Arab World will be of great interest to criminologists, political scientists, sociologists, and other scholars interested in the study of terrorism, radicalisation and extremism. It will also appeal to journalists, policymakers, practitioners working in the field. The Open Access version of this book, available at, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license.

Sheer Abandon

Sheer Abandon
Title Sheer Abandon PDF eBook
Author Penny Vincenzi
Publisher Hachette UK
Pages 729
Release 2008-09-04
Genre Fiction
ISBN 075535155X

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An abandoned baby girl, a secret, the story of survival - Penny Vincenzi's SHEER ABANDON is the story of one desperate act, and the consequences that follow... 'Like a glass of champagne: bubbly, moreish and you don't want it to end' Daily Express Perfect for readers of Elizabeth Buchan, Jilly Cooper or Santa Montefiore One night in 1986 an abandoned baby girl is found in a cupboard at Heathrow airport. A year earlier Martha, Clio and Jocasta had met by chance, at the start of a backpacking adventure: they travelled together briefly and then went their own ways, swearing to meet again when they return home. But it would be a long time until they met again: not until Kate, the foundling, is a teenager, and all three are leading successful lives. Martha is a single, highly paid lawyer, Clio a doctor, locked in an unhappy marriage, and Jocasta a reporter, in love with a charming commitment-phobe. Which of them is Kate's mother? Why was she desperate enough to do such a thing, and how did she survive it?

Creating Consensus

Creating Consensus
Title Creating Consensus PDF eBook
Author Geetanjali Mukherjee
Publisher Geetanjali Mukherjee
Pages 236
Release 2014-09-22
Genre Political Science
ISBN 1537863088

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This book analyses the events leading up to the cluster munitions ban, the provisions of the treaty, as well as assesses the progress made in the years since towards a world without the presence of cluster munitions. Cluster bombs are weapons that are small but deadly. They often look like small metal canisters, and some of them are painted, giving them the innocuous appearance of a soda can. The unexploded submunitions that are scattered on the ground, in effect, act as landmines, that can kill or severely injure anyone who comes across them, sometimes even years and decades later. It has been reported that 98% of all casualties of cluster munitions are civilians, of which one-third are children. Cluster munitions have been used in numerous conflicts since the Second World War, and it has been estimated that at least 1 billion submunitions were stockpiled globally. The campaign to ban cluster munitions faced a monumental and nearly impossible task – to convince governments to agree to stop using a valuable weapon that they stockpiled by the hundreds of thousands, in a political climate where the interests of national security and state sovereignty outweighed humanitarian concerns in almost every instance. However, where many international agreements failed and diplomatic processes stalled, the campaign to ban cluster munitions succeeded. Despite strong opposition from many countries, 107 countries met in Dublin in May 2008 to negotiate and adopt a treaty prohibiting the use, production, transfer and stockpiling of cluster munitions. The outcome of the Oslo Process was a ray of hope among the usual cynicism and disenchantment of similar international processes. This book explores this question: how was this accomplished, and are there any wider lessons to be learned from it?


Title Faith PDF eBook
Author Khomotjo Peter Mashita
Publisher Khomotjo Peter Mashita
Pages 192
Release 2023-07-15
Genre Young Adult Nonfiction

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This compelling book delves into the depths of faith, inviting you to shatter the barriers that confine you and step into a life of boundless possibilities. Drawing from biblical Christian principles and supported by gripping testimonies, Mashita weaves a tapestry of inspiration and guidance. Each chapter unveils the secrets of faith, illuminating how it has the remarkable ability to transcend the limitations of the seen world. Through captivating stories and powerful examples, you will witness the triumph of faith in the face of adversity. Explore the faith-filled exploits of ordinary individuals who have experienced extraordinary breakthroughs, encountering divine intervention, and witnessing miraculous transformations. Mashita expertly guides you through biblical narratives, highlighting the faith of heroes like Abraham, David, and Daniel, drawing invaluable lessons and insights for your own faith journey. Discover how faith empowers you to overcome fear, doubt, and the most daunting challenges, propelling you toward a life of purpose, abundance, and divine fulfillment. Unveiling the secrets of faith healing, this book unveils the astonishing possibilities that lie beyond the natural realm. Dive into the invisible realm of faith, where mountains are moved, impossibilities are turned into realities, and dreams become tangible. Whether you are seeking spiritual renewal, guidance in navigating life's obstacles, or a deeper connection with God, "Faith: Breaking the Limitations" offers a roadmap to transcend your limitations and embrace a life marked by unwavering faith, extraordinary miracles, and divine encounters. Step into a new dimension of faith, unleash your true potential, and embark on a transformational journey that will leave you inspired, empowered, and forever changed.

24 Hours at Agincourt

24 Hours at Agincourt
Title 24 Hours at Agincourt PDF eBook
Author Michael Jones
Publisher Random House
Pages 352
Release 2015-09-24
Genre History
ISBN 0753550490

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Agincourt was an astonishing clash of arms, a pivotal moment in the Hundred Years War and the history of warfare in general. King Henry V’s exhausted troops were preparing for certain defeat as they faced a far larger French army. What was to take place in the following 24 hours, it seemed only the miraculous intervention of God could explain. Interlacing eyewitness accounts, background chronicle and documentary sources with a new interpretation of the battle’s onset, acclaimed military historian Michael Jones takes the reader into the heart of this extraordinary feat of arms.

Insights into Uganda

Insights into Uganda
Title Insights into Uganda PDF eBook
Author Kevin OConnor
Publisher African Books Collective
Pages 424
Release 2016-06-13
Genre Travel
ISBN 997063741X

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Insights into Uganda is a selection of newspaper articles written by columnist Kevin OConnor for the Sunday Monitor, drawn almost entirely from 2007 to 2015. Divided into 13 chapters ranging from sex to religion and from inequality to the environment, the 193 articles are always thoughtful, often provocative and sometimes humorous. The text is further enlivened by Moses Balagaddes cartoons. Kevin provides a multitude of insights into Ugandan society, which amply reflect both the title of his column, Roving Eye, and his catchphrase, For the observer of human behaviour every scene has its interest.