Darwin's Ghosts

Darwin's Ghosts
Title Darwin's Ghosts PDF eBook
Author Rebecca Stott
Publisher Random House Digital, Inc.
Pages 418
Release 2012
Genre Science
ISBN 1400069378

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Citing an 1859 letter that accused Charles Darwin of failing to acknowledge his scientific predecessors, a chronicle of the collective history of evolution dedicates each chapter to an evolutionary thinker, from Aristotle and da Vinci to Denis Diderot to the naturalists of the Jardin de Plantes. 20,000 first printing.

Darwin's Ghost

Darwin's Ghost
Title Darwin's Ghost PDF eBook
Author Steve Jones
Publisher Ballantine Books
Pages 418
Release 2001-04-03
Genre Science

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A modern geneticist revisits Darwin's classic work to offer contemporary examples and modern research that confirm the book's conclusions on evolution.

Ghost Stories for Darwin

Ghost Stories for Darwin
Title Ghost Stories for Darwin PDF eBook
Author Banu Subramaniam
Publisher University of Illinois Press
Pages 297
Release 2014-10-15
Genre Social Science
ISBN 0252096592

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In a stimulating interchange between feminist studies and biology, Banu Subramaniam explores how her dissertation on flower color variation in morning glories launched her on an intellectual odyssey that engaged the feminist studies of sciences in the experimental practices of science by tracing the central and critical idea of variation in biology. Subramaniam reveals the histories of eugenics and genetics and their impact on the metaphorical understandings of difference and diversity that permeate common understandings of differences among people exist in contexts that seem distant from the so-called objective hard sciences. Journeying into interdisciplinary areas that range from the social history of plants to speculative fiction, Subramaniam uncovers key relationships between the life sciences, women's studies, evolutionary and invasive biology, and the history of ecology, and how ideas of diversity and difference emerged and persist in each field.

The Book That Changed America

The Book That Changed America
Title The Book That Changed America PDF eBook
Author Randall Fuller
Publisher Penguin
Pages 314
Release 2018-01-02
Genre History
ISBN 0143130099

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A compelling portrait of a unique moment in American history when the ideas of Charles Darwin reshaped American notions about nature, religion, science and race “A lively and informative history.” – The New York Times Book Review Throughout its history America has been torn in two by debates over ideals and beliefs. Randall Fuller takes us back to one of those turning points, in 1860, with the story of the influence of Charles Darwin’s just-published On the Origin of Species on five American intellectuals, including Bronson Alcott, Henry David Thoreau, the child welfare reformer Charles Loring Brace, and the abolitionist Franklin Sanborn. Each of these figures seized on the book’s assertion of a common ancestry for all creatures as a powerful argument against slavery, one that helped provide scientific credibility to the cause of abolition. Darwin’s depiction of constant struggle and endless competition described America on the brink of civil war. But some had difficulty aligning the new theory to their religious convictions and their faith in a higher power. Thoreau, perhaps the most profoundly affected all, absorbed Darwin’s views into his mysterious final work on species migration and the interconnectedness of all living things. Creating a rich tableau of nineteenth-century American intellectual culture, as well as providing a fascinating biography of perhaps the single most important idea of that time, The Book That Changed America is also an account of issues and concerns still with us today, including racism and the enduring conflict between science and religion.

Darwin's Spectre

Darwin's Spectre
Title Darwin's Spectre PDF eBook
Author Michael R. Rose
Publisher Princeton University Press
Pages 242
Release 2000-01-31
Genre Science
ISBN 1400822637

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Extending the human life-span past 120 years. The "green" revolution. Evolution and human psychology. These subjects make today's newspaper headlines. Yet much of the science underlying these topics stems from a book published nearly 140 years ago--Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species. Far from an antique idea restricted to the nineteenth century, the theory of evolution is one of the most potent concepts in all of modern science. In Darwin's Spectre, Michael Rose provides the general reader with an introduction to the theory of evolution: its beginning with Darwin, its key concepts, and how it may affect us in the future. First comes a brief biographical sketch of Darwin. Next, Rose gives a primer on the three most important concepts in evolutionary theory--variation, selection, and adaptation. With a firm grasp of these concepts, the reader is ready to look at modern applications of evolutionary theory. Discussing agriculture, Rose shows how even before Darwin farmers and ranchers unknowingly experimented with evolution. Medical research, however, has ignored Darwin's lessons until recently, with potentially grave consequences. Finally, evolution supplies important new vantage points on human nature. If humans weren't created by deities, then our nature may be determined more by evolution than we have understood. Or it may not be. In this question, as in many others, the Darwinian perspective is one of the most important for understanding human affairs in the modern world. Darwin's Spectre explains how evolutionary biology has been used to support both valuable applied research, particularly in agriculture, and truly frightening objectives, such as Nazi eugenics. Darwin's legacy has been a comfort and a scourge. But it has never been irrelevant.

Dear Mr. Darwin

Dear Mr. Darwin
Title Dear Mr. Darwin PDF eBook
Author Gabriel A. Dover
Publisher Univ of California Press
Pages 292
Release 2000
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 9780520227903

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Imagined correspondence of the author with Charles Darwin.

Darwin and the Barnacle

Darwin and the Barnacle
Title Darwin and the Barnacle PDF eBook
Author Rebecca Stott
Publisher W. W. Norton & Company
Pages 344
Release 2003
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 9780393057454

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Tells the story of the part played by Darwin's eight-year study of barnacles and how the examination of this tiny marine organism contributed to the development of his theory of evolution.