Convergence of Desire

Convergence of Desire
Title Convergence of Desire PDF eBook
Author Felicity Niven
Pages 0
Release 2022-09
ISBN 9781958917015

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An insatiable rake falls for an eccentric genius. Too bad she's his innocent bride, and he has vowed never to touch her.Harriet "Harry" Lovelock lives a life of the mind, and she knows she can prove a theorem that has baffled male mathematicians for two centuries. But her stepmother wants her married and the swirl of the Season saps Harry's energy and distracts her from her work. She has to put an end to the tedium of balls. Now. Full stop.The Earl Thomas Drake devotes himself to the pleasures of the flesh, even as he wrestles with his own demons and intractable problems. He needs to marry wealth, but could he ever be satisfied by just one woman?She can spend all her time on her proof. He can have any woman he wants, except her. Their marriage of convenience could prove to be the perfect partnership-as long as love never enters the equation.Convergence of Desire is book one of the steamy Regency romance series The Lovelocks of London from author Felicity Niven. However, it can be enjoyed as a stand-alone book. It has a happily-ever-after ending, a marriage of convenience, a slow burn, a neurodivergent heroine, and no cliffhanger.